Sherry Annette Winegarner Ferguson

6 August, 194428 October, 2015
Obituary of Sherry Annette Winegarner Ferguson
Sherry Annette (Winegarner) Ferguson, 71, loving mother, sister, grandmother, great-grandmother and care giver to many entered eternal rest on Wednesday, October 28, 2015. Preceded in death by her son Christopher Allen Ferguson, sisters Marie Ann Johnson, Sally A. Dodson, brother Darrel Winegarner and Louis A. Winegarner, Jr. Sherry worked for Harmon as a machinist, Superior Building and Mainece as a Forman, for the downtown library as a book binder and co-owner of Ferguson Tree Trimming Service. Survived by her husband Eric, sister Joyce Fellers, children Eric S. Ferguson Jr., Mary T. Laytham, David S. Ferguson, Joan M. Frazier and husband Kenneth, Gregory L. Ferguson, Lucy A. Ferguson, Barbara E. Ferguson Finny and husband Jeffrey, 13 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. Rosary, 5pm, Sunday, Nov. 1, 2015, Memorial Mass, 9am, Monday, Nov. 2 both at Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception with burial to follow at White Chapel Memorial Gardens. Memorials may be given in memory of Sherry to Project Independence,310 S. Ida St, Wichita, KS 67211. Love was always the first thing on her mind when it came to her family.-Dad (Eric Sr.) Mama called me Baby Roo. When I was little she would rock me and sing her own little made up songs. I loved that about her. The wells of Mama's kindness, sweetness and love were completely bottomless. She was the most selfless person I've ever known. She would always go without if she had the chance to help someone in need. I will always love and miss her.- Barbara (Daughter) Mom was kind hearted to everyone she met. Mom thought me compassion toward other people, to help one another. Mom's kind words helped me through a lot of hard times. Mom will be missed by a lot of people. Mom will be forever in my heart.- David (Son) My sister was my strength and my comforter. She was always my pal and my very best friend. We as youngsters could almost read each others minds. We had our special ways of getting even with our other family siblings when they were thorns in our sides Ha! Ha! Ha! Most of all my favorite memories of her will be her love of Jesus above all others, and all the times she would sing her favorite hymns as she rocked her babies and only God will know how much I will truly miss her and the rest of my immediate family as I am the last one standing. God's speed dear Sherry.-Joyce (Daughter) Mom, thank you for being a warm, loving mother. You kept me safe, often coming between me and harms way, and sometime bearing the brunt. I 'm so sorry you had to endure so much, and so much for your children's sake. We were poor but you did what you could to make life a bit better everyday. Fond Memories: Playing chinese checkers when we lived on Pennsylvania. Going across the street to the restaurant for hamburgers when we lived in Lyndon, KS. You made all of us kids Halloween costumes when we lived on Clifton. You would ask me to sing for you. You loved to here me sing. You made sure we were ready to trek to school in the snow, sometimes it was hard to move. You came to my rescue when some of the neighborhood kids ganged uo on me in a fight. You pulled me right out of there. You supported me when I had the opportunity to go to St. Henry's Seminory High School even though it was hard to le me go. It was the best thing that ever happended to me. You thought I might be gay after reading something that came in the mail. You aske me, though I was shocked, I trusted you. You told me that you loved me with all your heart and that nothing will change our relationship. You accepeted me for who I am. You supported my decision to enlist in the Air Force. You have always supportive and encouraging. I visited during the holidays when you lived on Haskel. I made frozen margarits's. You had one or two more then you should have. We had a great time. There are many more, I will always keep the memory of your warm smiles and hugs close to my heart.- Eric Jr. (Son) My favorite memory of mom and I was when everyone was in school. I'd go to Ruben's and Julius Rib Cage and buy lunch for me and mom. We always loved the time we shared back then. Love you mom.-Greg L. (Son) Always giving and loving, forgave anybody. Didn't Keep grudges and loved unconditional. I loved going to the park with her. When she walked us home from school she brought snacks. I loved sitting on her lap when I was little. Mom told us we could call her anytime day or night. She said it didn't matter, that she wanted to be there for us always. -Lucy (Daughter) My Momma! My dear dear Momma! You will be missed! Your smile, your words of encouragement. You were so proud of me and I knew it. Thank you, so much for your unconditional love. Thank you fro teaching me about good morals and values. Thank you fro teaching me how to be a "little Momma" to Lucy and Barbara, it helped me be a good momma to my daughters. I remembered how you lifted your eyes toward heaven asking God to help you. Your faith and love for God was a good example for me. Thank you for the sacrifices you made me. Thank you for all the hugs and kissed and for sharing your Coca-Cola with me. I still feel you with me momma. I love you forever and promise to be good and say my prayers. I'll be seeing you in heaven. MWAH!- Joan (Daughter) Mom loved to sing songs with me. She liked to let me help her make biscuits. When she was sad or I was sad we would sit and hold hands for a long time. My most favorite memory was taking us to the store to buy snacks to go to the park. Mom told us she never ran a red light! She ran 2 more that day. I love you very much and will miss you so much.-Mary (Daughter) I will always love my grandma, her big heart and love for everyone has inspired me in my life and has made me the person I am inside today. Katherine Frazier (Granddaughter)

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