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Chen-Lin Chou

8 October , 194331 May , 2019
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Chen-Lin Chou was born on October 8, 1943, in Jiangsu Province, China, the eldest son of 8 children. He journeyed from Shanghai to Taiwan with his family when he was just 5 years old. He graduated with a degree in Geology from National Taiwan University in 1965 and then traveled to the United States of America. While a graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh, he met Susan Wen and they were married on June 14, 1970. He received many honors over the course of his graduate studies, but the crowning achievement was the coveted Nininger Meteorite Award for his original paper entitled, "Gallium and Germanium in the Metal and Silicate Phases of L- and LL- Chondrites: Implications for the Thermal History of the Chondrites." In 1971, he not only received his PhD in Geochemistry, but his daughter Cynthia was born. The young family drove across the country for him to start his academic career at the University of California Los Angeles, and drove again across the country in 1975 to Toronto, Canada, where his son Peter was born in 1976. He was busy with research and teaching at California State University, Fullerton, University of Toronto, and McMaster University. Four years later he settled in Champaign, IL, where he was a Geologist in the Illinois State Geological Survey studying the geochemistry and coal geology of the Illinois Basin until his retirement in 2002. By then he had already been around the world many times, but in 2002 his travels came full circle. He returned to the small town of JiangYin to visit his birthplace in China, and was so moved to see that the house in which he was born was still standing.

He began his collaborative research with colleagues in East Asia in 1993 when he accepted a visiting professorship at the National Central University in Taiwan. He held academic appointments at the China University of Mining and Technology, University of Science and Technology of China, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology, China University of Geosciences, Anhui University of Science and Technology, Suzhou University, and Western Kentucky University. He was elected Fellow to the Geological Society of America in 1997. He was consultant to the Exploration and Development Research Institute of Taiwan, and served on the editorial board for the Journal of Palaeogeography and the International Journal of Coal Geology.

Over the years Chen-Lin's research interests have spanned meteorites, elemental and isotopic geochemistry, and ore deposit geochemistry, as well as the vast environmental impact of human usage of coal as a energy source, and the often negative impact of mining on the health of the local population. He authored over 130 publications, taught university courses, and was invited to lecture and chair scientific meetings, including delivering the keynote address at international symposiums held in China. He was also the first to organize a series of scientific meetings called the Cross-Straits Conference on Resources and Environmental Geochemistry, bringing together scientists from China and Taiwan for the first time in history.

Chen-Lin was a deeply philosophical man who devoted his life to his family and his scientific pursuits. In 2009, Chen-Lin and Susan moved to Wilmette, IL, in order to be closer to their grandchildren, Matthew and Anna Lorenz, and to O'Hare airport where they could catch an easy flight to California to visit their other 2 grandchildren, Ryan and Andrew Chou. To Chen-Lin, his wife, children, and grandchildren were the shining light of his life. In their hearts, as well as the hearts of all others who knew him, he will live on forever.


  • Visitation Thursday, 6 June , 2019
  • Funeral Service Friday, 7 June , 2019
  • Graveside Service Friday, 7 June , 2019
  • Luncheon Friday, 7 June , 2019


Chen-Lin Chou

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Mrs. Lolita Chuang

10 June 2019



數度提筆, 不知如何表達心中的不捨與悲傷,

此刻但願能展翅飛抵芝加哥, 與妳抱頭同哭一場!!

回憶數十年香檳的聚餐, 在加州的庭園飲酒歡聚,

去年十月與你們漫步伊大校園, 誠林談笑風生,

分享含飴弄孫的喜樂, 不料竟是最後一次見面.




退休後不遺餘力, 回饋母國,

四處講學, 舉辦國際會議.

他對親情兒孫的重視, 他歸鄉時,







他是科學家, 也是哲人.




他以如此的慈悲, 無微細膩地體貼妳,



他誠懇正直的品格, 正如影片中茂密挺拔的林樹,



斯如好友, 我們與你們家人同悲!!



Shen and Tina Jen

6 June 2019

To us, Chen Lin is special. He married my college best friend and bunkmate. We both graduated from National Taiwan University's Department of Geology with him four years ahead of me. On top of all this, SsuJu and my husband were briefly classmates in the grade school. We have since been long distance, life long friends.

I remembered so well the time SsuJu pulled a surprised party for his 70th birthday. We flew up to stay at their house for the special occasion. The whole time we were at his house, he had no inkling of what was going on. He protested why he had to dress up to go to dinner until his relatives and friends shouted “SURPRISE”. That was a happy day for him.

One time they came to visit us in Dallas. Cynthia and Peter were teenagers then. I remember Chen Lin told the story of his missing shirt at home. The next thing he realized Cynthia was wearing his shirt. A trendy thing to do during that time for teenager girls wearing big long shirt. He chuckled the whole time telling the story with a big grin on his face. Obviously he loved it.

We will forever treasured the time we went to Sodona, Arizona together. We roamed the breathtaking red rock country and soaked in the spirit of the vortex. We hiked the beautiful 7 mile West Fork Trail which runs along the West Fort Creek. The trail crosses the stream back and forth thirteen times. We crossed the stream by negotiating a few strategically placed stepping stones in the shallow water. SsuJu was afraid to lose her balance and end up in the water. Chen Lin, forever the loving husband, held SsuJu’s hand at every step of the crossings. That picture of Chen Lin in the front holding the hand of SsuJu in the back on the stepping stones, the quiet display of unspoken love, is forever etched in my memory.

Chen Lin, we'll miss you. You left us way too soon. We take comfort knowing those whom we love, they never die. You'll forever live in our hearts. .

Kue mei Chen

5 June 2019


Kai Liu

5 June 2019

I was shocked and saddened by the loss of my Uncle Chen-Lin. Uncle Chen-Lin and my father were cousins. I still remember the time when he and Cynthia visited our home in Shanghai over 27 years ago. When I moved to Canada in 2000, Uncle Chen-Lin introduced his local friend Uncle Shen Lin to me. I received very helpful advice from Uncle Shen Lin during my initial settlement in a new country.
My father shared me many photos of Uncle Chen-Lin. Now these pictures have become great memories. I did not know my phone call with him during Chinese New Year was going to be the last one. I will miss Uncle Chen-Lin dearly.
May Uncle Chen-Lin rest in peace!

Ruby Chou

4 June 2019

I know Chen-Lin and Susan since I married to my husband, Lii-Chan,
32 years ago.
We occasionally met at birthday or wedding parties, but the opportunity
to really get close wasn't there.
Until Lii-Chan and I came to visit the winter of 2017 for my husband's older brother Lii-Ming's 80th birthday.
They opened their cozy, beautiful home to us and treated us like royalty!
The second occasion where I got to know them was more recent and
surrounded my late husband's funeral service. Chen-Lin and Susan flew all the way to Sacramento, California to be there for us. They did that inspite of the long, uncomfortable flight.
That's who they are!
Two sweet, warm hearts!
Good bye, brother Chen-Lin, I will miss you, and miss the loving, caring look you had toward your beautiful wife Susan.

Patricia (Pei Pei) Chou

4 June 2019

Chou Buo Buo is my uncle. Chou Ma Ma's mother and my Nai Nai (father's mother) were blood sisters and our families are very close. It wasn't until I was older did I realize our family connection was not related to having the same last name! That just means Chou Ma Ma married the perfect person! I remember visiting Chou Buo Buo, Chou Ma Ma, and my cousins, Cynthia and Peter in Champaign, IL many times when we cousins were very little. Our families also shared many meals together when we were in college at University of Illinois. We shared even more meals together during so many weddings and especially when Chou Buo Buo and Chou Ma Ma moved to the Chicago suburbs. We enjoyed more meals together when our kids were born and celebrating birthdays at houses, restaurants and on a cruise ship. I feel so blessed that just last month, we had the opportunity for deep, extended conversation over numerous meals together in Sacramento and with my parents. I've always known Chou Buo Buo to be such an intelligent, smart and deeply kind hearted man and will miss him dearly.

Milton Feng

4 June 2019

In 1991, I returned to University of Illinois as ECE faculty. We began our friendship through Chinese Organization. One day, we got invited to their home for dinner with a lot local eminent Chinese leading scholars. Chen Lin and Susan are so humble and polite that I have a great feeling they are very special. Despite his scholastic accomplishment, he always stay as low profile honest and respectful. In contrary, I was a quite arrogant person since I was related to famous family tree of Bardeen and Holonyak. Family Life goes up and down, I begin to learn from Chen Lin and Susan that their long lasting life is build on humble, humanity and peace! Despite technical competitive, there are other human behaviors that are important to be respectful! We enjoy Dr. Lin 80th Birthday in April 2019 and joking each other on life is good. It is so shocking that you left us suddenly! You change my prospective of life ! Thank you so much to leave us so much great memory ! May you rest peacefully, smile at heaven and life is great!

Michael Wen

4 June 2019

Dear Uncle,

It seemed only yesterday we were playing Go chess at your home in Illinois some twenty years ago. You were so good at it you beat me many times in a row. You excel at thinking deeply and have a contemplative mind. Not only that, you always show concern and respect for others. You are truly a gentleman on my mind.

Another thing that came to my mind is one time when our family and we were together we were wondering where to go for dinner. You pointed at aunt Susan saying "She is a fan of gourmet food." (她喜歡吃好的) while it's obvious to me you wanted to treat us to something nice. Your kindness and generosity is very much appreciated and we all thank you for it. I hope you have gone to a much better place because you deserve to be happy whenever and wherever you are.


John Wen

3 June 2019

Uncle, I can still remember the scrambled eggs sprinkled with black pepper you made for my breakfast. Delicious. We were just talking on the phone three weeks ago and everything seemed fine as usual. Then, suddenly... I hope you are in a better, happier place now. You will always have a place in my heart.