Joshua Terence "J.T." Rousseau

19 July , 19911 January , 2019
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As a result of a tragic accident, we are deeply heartbroken to announce Josh's passing on Tuesday, January 1, 2019, at the young age of 27. Beloved and cherished son of Terence "Terry" and Patricia Rousseau. Best friend and loving brother of Tricia and Aaron Jacob. Josh is survived by the light of his life, his god-daughter Alexa Rose Jacob. Loving grandson of Patricia "Mimi" Desjardins, the late Bernard "Pipi" Desjardins, the late Gabrielle Rousseau, and the late Lionel Rousseau. Josh will be terribly missed by his second family; Paul, Charlotte, Tiffany (Greg), and P.J. Desjardins. Josh leaves behind a large and loving family of aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. He will also be missed by his feline "boys"; Che and Kismit as well as his canine buddy Zoey. Josh has been reunited with his unborn son and his uncle, Kit Rousseau, who have gone on before him.

Josh had an eclectic grouping of hobbies and interests including, but not limited to, working on cars (especially with his dad Terry), art, tattoos, Native heritage, interesting hair do's, music, Star Wars, and history; and dreamt of one day becoming a blacksmith. Josh left a smile on the face of everyone he met. He marched to the beat of his own drum. But most importantly, he lived his best life, on his own terms.

Family and friends will be received on Tuesday, January 8, 2019 from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. at Anderson Funeral Home & Cremation Centre, 895 Ouelette Ave. A Funeral Service will be held in the Chapel on Wednesday, January 9, 2019 at 12 noon. Cremation will follow. In memory of Josh, it would have meant so much to him and would mean so much to his family if in his honour you do something nice for another person, in whatever capacity is within your means. You don't need to have a lot to be a good person, do a good deed or make someone's day. This will be the legacy Josh leaves behind.


  • Afternoon Visitation Tuesday, 8 January , 2019
  • Evening Visitation Tuesday, 8 January , 2019
  • Funeral Service Wednesday, 9 January , 2019

Joshua Terence "J.T." Rousseau

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Adria M

28 March 2019

Josh had one of the biggest hearts i've ever known. He was a tough exterior with so many wonderful emotions underneath. He had an infectious smile and the weirdest sense of humour that could make anyone laugh. I will always remember Josh as someone who opened my eyes to so many things. From Star Wars, to wittling, to the art of making the perfect peanut butter on toast with just the right amount of sugar. Through Josh I met so many friends that have become so close to my heart. He attracted the best kind of people, just like he was. He was obsessive about his interests and if you had no idea what obscure folk music he was interested in at the moment you would leave your time together having a new favourite band. He would make sure of it. He was stubborn and lead every choice he made with his heart. I am so grateful for our relationship, that taught me so much about who I am and what real kindness looks like. Josh will always have a spot in my heart and I will always remember him so fondly.

Renee McLeod

14 March 2019

... See, I told you I wouldn't have enough room!
(Part 2)
Thank you for being a part of not only mine... But Logan's life also. He looked forward to all the days he would see you, and loved that you shared in his passions with him. He looked up to you, and why wouldn't he? The days he would randomly ask if we could go visit you, reminded me just how great your impact on others truly is. It always has been, and it will forever continue to be.
Please stay with your family, and help them through this heartbreaking time. They need your strength, now more than ever. You are their angel.
Logan and I miss you greatly. There will always be a part of my heart; and my every single day that is dull, dark and empty now.
I will forever love you, and miss you 💙
May you rest in the sweetest peace, and keep that handsome smile on your face in Valhalla.

Renee McLeod

14 March 2019


No words will ever describe the feeling of my broken heart... Or even come close to it. No amount of space for me to write about you, would be enough to talk about all the positive things you are, you did, you shared, you accomplished etc.
I will never forget the first day I laid my eyes on you. You stuck out to me immediately, and that never changed. Seeing you everyday, was the highlight of my every day; you made each day brighter, and if I didn't get to see you, my day was incomplete.
It took me no time at all to realize the person you were; unique, passionate, caring, loving, giving, selfless, creative, empathetic... I could literally go on to fill the page with your amazing qualities. There will never be a human being quite like you, and that is so unfortunate; I have always told you the world needs more of you.
I will forever treasure each and every time you would make me smile and make me burst out laughing (which happened numerous times in a day). I will forever treasure every time you've ever broken out into song, showed me your talents on numerous instruments, proudly displayed your jewelry that you made out of unlikely items, started dancing randomly with the biggest smile on your face.
You always lit up the room; you always knew how to make everyone happy, you always knew just the right things to say, and exactly how and when to say them.
The world has lost one of the most amazing people to walk on it; and for this, I will forever be broken.
I love that I could share your passion of working on cars with you; we made such a great team. Thank you for all the valuable life lessons you have taught me, thank you for always making me smile and laugh, thank you for always being there for me, no matter what. Thank you for messaging me every single day and reminding me that you miss me. Thank you for lighting up my life. Thank you for being the kind and genuine person you were.
(Part 1)

Paul Desjardins

5 March 2019

Josh You have touched so many people in ways that only a angel could. You seemed to make it your goal to help everyone try to be happy as possible, and it was easy for you because you made people happy just with your charm and that beautiful smile. I know you are still helping people now and forever, because that's what angels do
Miss you buddy Love uncle Paul

TJ LeBlanc

4 March 2019

I will never forget the moment when Josh said to me some years ago. He said “ TJ I’ve always looked up to you and wanted to be like you” and at the time in my life I wasn’t at my best that’s for sure, but to hear that from him made me feel so great and this is something I will hold dear to my heart for the rest of my life. Although we weren’t super close I had very tight special bond with your dad Terry. Terry was like a father figure to me for many years back on Erie street, he taught me so much about life and cars and I’ll never forget that and I cherish and miss those times. My heart breaks for you Terry and Pat. I could never imagine losing my child. It’s something no parent should ever have to deal with. I know Josh would want you to be happy and continue to live your lives but I know that’s easier said then done, stay strong and know I’m thinking about you guys always. And Josh, Say Hi to the rest of family up there For us. You will always be in thoughts and prayers. Until we meet again my little cuz. ❤️ Rest Easy. RIP

Jay and Bree Harris

4 March 2019

When I think of Josh, I think of a funny, cute, little boy with a toothless grin!! He had a great sense of humor, even as a small boy and was always making everyone laugh. His smile lit up the room!!! I didn't have the close bond with Josh that a lot of others had, but I know what an amazing person he was, and how much is sorely missed.
Watch over your family, especially your Mom and Dad, they need your strength to move forward!
Until we meet again Cousin Josh,
Love Cousin Bree

Alanna & Tom Perreault

4 March 2019

Josh, the outpouring of love for you was overwhelming as is my love for you always. A smile that made all feel warm and welcome, such a loving boy then man! Please watch over your Mom and Dad and help them through their pain and sorrow. Always in my thoughts and heart. The Lord truly got a good one with you! Love you forever!❤️💗💖😍

Tiffany Desjardins

3 March 2019

Joshy... there is not enough room for me to possibly write all the memories that I cherish. We grew up together, quite close... myself, you, PJ and Trishy. The 4 of us did a lot together from living next door to camping seasonal together every summer. The multiple times Trishy babysat us on Matthew Brady and we would joke around and play for hours. You coming to hangout here with me and being terrified of my haunted room.. Lol. I honestly believe you visit me all the time, I mean you said you would. I feel your energy all of the time, and I talk to you often.. but you know that. I miss you more than I can explain. No one really knew how much we talked, but we had some deep conversations that I thank you for. You were always so understanding but would be completely honest. You truly helped so many people in this world and I see that more now than ever. I promise to carry your memory on for as long as I live and I will meet you afterwards, and I know you will greet me with that handsome smile. You were like my big brother and I am so fortunate to been able to grow up with you and have you in my life. I wish you were not gone Joshy but I know you are and I know you are smiling up in Vahalla.

Keep visiting me.. I love you.

Love, Tiff.. your little sis..your chewbacca ❤

Cassi Austin

3 March 2019

We spent almost every single day together for over a year. We have shared many memories, life lessons, bad decisions, laughs, tears, everything. One of my favourite days was our first date. We went to point pelee, it was winter and everything was frozen. The look on your face, I'll never forget, you lit up. It was beautiful. You started climbing rocks, and becoming one with the ice covered foliage without disturbing its beauty. Dart in one hand, my hand in the other we spent hours taking in the sights, dispite how we hated the cold. We shared many more nature walks, we would frequent ojibway..Our bread bag of veggies in hand, we were off. You wanted to feed every single deer. Walking for hours, you made going to the same trails new again. You carved our initials in a tree and said we were forever. It was surprising how you could be such a romantic, not always but, you had moments. Our favourite activity was making fun of me, you were really good at it. Public embarrassment of me, was an artform to you. Grocery shopping became a game, how fast can you embarrass me until we had to leave the store. A quality I admired about you so much, was how you didnt care what anyone else thought, these shopping trips proved it, "shut up I'm turning my girlfriend on" is something I heard in public far too often, but would never change it. You made me laugh, you made yourself laugh, you literally made everyone laugh. Even when we were fighting we would find ourselves laughing through it. You made everything more fun, we spent a lot of nights laying with the boys playing video games. I miss these nights more than I thought. You were a snuggle bug, somehow you could give me, the boys and the game all enough attention. You were good at everything, sometimes without even trying while making it all look so effortless. You inspired me, and still do. I would spend hours listening to you play, mandolins, flutes, guitar, singing, keyboard, even the mouth harp or whatever that was.

Cassi Austin

3 March 2019


The first time I cooked you dinner, instead of cleaning up we laid on the floor in my living room listening to folk music for hours, sharing bands with each other, our favourite songs, until we fell asleep. Waking up, even on a hardwood floor with you would always put a smile on my face. The way you were so passionate about your dreams it somehow changed mine, gave me new dreams and new hopes. You showed me a new life, which I needed. You came into my life at the darkest time and brought so much light. I'm not the only one who will say this, but you helped me through more than you knew, and I'm grateful for every year, every month, every minute and moment I've known you. Thank you, for being you, so unapologetically.

Forever loving you,
Goose ♡



What can you say to a father or mother who has lost a child?

I was told that if you lose your parents, you are an orphan and if you lose your spouse you are a widow, but there is no name for us. We are the broken I guess. When Joshua was diagnosed with diabetes he made his native name “Broken One”. Now Patricia and I are.

My son was and will always be Joshua Terence Rousseau. He was proud of who he was. I was proud of him. He never, ever once in his entire life let me down or hurt me in any way.

I place no credence on scholastic achievement, or who has the better job; these are immaterial to what is really important in life and that is Honesty, Integrity and a true commitment to your fellow man. This is where Joshua thrived; when you met him, he liked you and you liked him. He judged no man or woman. He loved and enjoyed all the different jobs he had and he loved and cherished his friends. He told me so many stories about all his friends, not gossip not malice but heartfelt stories. And any time they were hurting so was he for them. He would give his last few dollars to buy a coffee for a friend who needed to talk and listen as long as needed. He was wise beyond his years.

I know that he honored and loved his mother as no other person in life has. His “Pat” was his world, he knew she would do anything for him as he would for her. I never once felt he abused this love from her although I did admonish him occasionally that he could indeed do his own dishes or laundry.

But he never ever once forgot to tell her that he loved her and give her a hug. He would always support her when she was down and tell me to be nicer to mom.

I love my son and will never stop. My life is his life, my friends are his friends as his friends are my children.

I see no future ahead of me that has light in it. I see my Father, my Brother and my Son and I want to be there with them.

But that is not how life works, nor what Josh would want for me. My task is to remain with this gigantic hole in my heart and to be a father to his beloved sister, Tricia, his devoted brother in law Aaron, a papa to his precious niece, Alexa Rose and a supporting and loving husband to his dear mother whose grief knows no bounds.

I expect to turn around and see his smiling face and when some stupid jerk off part will not go on and I’m cursing up a storm, see his huge grin and hear him say “Dad you’re hilarious”

Joshua was a dreamer, but in a very good sense, he longed for simpler time. He loved his cell phone and the internet but I think he would have enjoyed the telegraph as much.

He loved to create things from nothing out of just discarded parts. He made jewelry from old brass and broken glass. He was the type to use an exhaust pipe as a digeradoo before handing it over to a frustrated father. He loved to take anything and imagine, then attempt to make it work better, even though I thought it worked just fine as it was.

He always wanted to be a blacksmith to work with metal, to forge and hammer a solid piece of metal to conform to the shape in his head. He would learn new Townes Van Zandt songs for me. He would find new artists and songs he would know I liked and give them to me. He was determined to replace the guitar I had sold when Pat and I were first married and convinced Tricia to join his endeavor and did it. Thank you Josh and Tricia.

Everyone will remember my Joshua’s smile, his laugh, his wild sense of adventure and enjoyment of life. J.T. succeeded in life beyond all our imaginations.

He learned everything he wanted and needed to know and continued to grow and learn everyday.

Patricia and I supported him in everything he did and wanted to do, even the smoke meat faze.

Our need is more Joshua’s in this world. I need just one!! I had him and I lost him. But Patricia and I loved him as hard as any parent can. You cannot imagine the pain.

Hug your child and tell them you love them everyday. Support whatever they are passionate about regardless of your bias.

Do it for Josh!! And most important enjoy every sandwich, my Joshua did.

Where are you….this winter night I cannot sleep, there is no light. I feel so empty, so all alone. A darkened future chills my bones.

Where are you this winter day…Why is heaven so far away. I talk and talk. I hope you hear. Your blessed memory I hold so dear.

So many memories in my mind come, that beautiful smile, our cherished son

Always caring, never standing still…I always loved you…I always will