Mary Agnes Carter

3 May , 194021 February , 2019

Mary “Tootsie” Agnes Carter (Lovett) the age of 78 years

Mary was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia at Grace Maternity Hospital. She loved Nova Scotia and visiting as recently as last summer. She spent a wonderful summer at her daughter Jamie’s home in Hammond Plains. Although it was her last visit home, the tartan blue was always in her heart.

Mary was the daughter of George Patrick Lovett (1914-1973) a war hero and a great father. Raised and loved by Katherine Marie Lovett(1924-2000) a step mother with a kind heart and endless love. Reconciling with her birth mother Catherine Marie Butler (1914-1994) Raised with four siblings, Mary was surrounded even then by a big family. Her best friend and older sister Marion Maskell (Lovett) 1935-Present Truro, N.S Brothers: Patrick Lovett 1947-Present Halifax, Nova Scotia Karl Lovett 1948-Present Windsor, Ontario Dolly Hemeon (Lovett) 1950-Present Hammonds Plains

Mary passed peacefully while sleeping in the home she shared with her daughter Jo-Anne, Ken, Bella, Prim and Isaac. She lived most of her life here in Windsor with her husband James Wesley Carter Sr (1942-1997). They met when they were just starting out what would amount to one adventurous life. They loved each other immensely and the passing of our father changed the fairytale forever. It now gives us all a turned up cheek and a warm heart to know that they can continue to walk along the sands of life and see many sunsets and stars together again. Our story does not end with the quietness of our heartbeats. It continues in all the ways we dreamed and imagined while together creating our memories. They created a family, it included 5 children.

Jo-Anne Mary Rusnak(Carter) married to Kenneth Windsor, Ontario Karen Delene Louise Latham (Carter) partner Jim Fleming Windsor, Ontario Debbie-Lynn Grace Manev(Carter) married to Louie Troy, Michigan Jamie Marie Hampson (Carter) married to Andrew Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia James Wesley Carter Jr married to Michelle Windsor, Ontario

Life was busy, fun, exciting, challenging and most of all adventurous in the Carter family. Enjoyed with many years of travel and traditions. Growth and milestones. The path to present day was filled with so many laughs, smiles, tears and memories. You cannot love the way a great family does without pain. The loss of our father was our first of many heartbreaks. However the foundation was built and the story continued. As children grew, fell in love,married, so did the family tree.

Mary was the grandmother of thirteen grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren plus two! Her grandchildren some whom grew up with their “Nanny” and some lived away. Life sends families on different paths but never were any far from her heart. Her grandchildren are Tanya M, Amber Rusnak, Jenny-Lynn St. Amand, Krista Rusnak, Kyle Mak (1988-1999) 11 years,Ashley Hampson, Jordyn Parker-Diotte, Kellie Hampson (1992-1992 4 months)Liam Hampson, Melissa Hampson,James Wesley Carter III , Tyler Manev and Alex Manev

There were many milestones along the way. Happy times and the challenges to get through. The passing of her granddaughter Kellie from S.I.D.S and the tragic loss of her grandson Kyle while on vacation in Florida. Broken limbs from the tree are forever with you, forever felts and mourned. She loved these grandchildren no less than all her other. They were never forgotten. Pictures at a beside, reminders of a life well earned. She also loved each one for their unique gifts of life. Her Harry Potter lover, her Pagan , her scarlet haired boy, her Ash, her little professor , music and football stars. Without her would be no them. She knew that and was proud.

Then came her jewels, her gifts that just keep giving. The ones that tuckered her out. That made her laugh, smile and cry with joy. She utterly adored the “little monsters”! The greatgrands! Isaac St. Amand 6, Richard Ray 5, Ryker Ray 4 and Prim Rusnak 3….She saw these children daily. On her toughest days they gave her something to smile about. She loved their energy and the emerging personalities of a generation so foreign to a aging senior. The future as close to what she knew she would not see on her own but a glimpse before she would leave one world for the next.

Mom also had some whom for those roads that travel opposite from yours were not in your life, but in your heart. Seth, Delaney, Max and Melania. Always loved. Isabella Lynn Huver her artist and enjoyed sharing the same talent as her Nanny. Her grandson Joey. Her blonde princess Kenadee . 6 Her youngest and spunky little spark Logan Wesley Carter. The last grandson to carry the Carter name. Then there is her grandkids by choice Korey and Emma. The two huggers, always “I love You Nanny”..

You see, her family each and everyone of them was important to her. She didn’t need to see them to know they loved her and she them. Her room was abound with their gifts, art and pictures. A time capsule of a tree well planted.

Then their was her Bella (Isabella Rusnak). Everything a great-granddaughter should be. Mary was independent, strong, loving, funny and chose her own path her entire life. As she aged, her daily routine required a arm to lean on or a hand to grasp and Bella’s was not far away. Bella spent boundless amounts of time helping and caring for her Nanny. Given the charge by Nanny of many of her private needs. Sharing a trusted privacy between them. Until the end of her life, Bella remained unselfish with her time and care. She is a example to all teenagers with aging family at home. As Bella would say, Nanny is a living historian not a burden.

Mary shared many spoken and unspoken relationships with all her children and grandchildren.

So as we begin a new chapter in a story long since begun by Mary and James, we as a family would like to respect her wishes. She did not want a funeral but a private closing of this chapter by her children. We all appreciate all your kind words and prayers. In lieu of flowers, donations or gifts please take a little extra time to love your family in her name. Thank you to everyone in her life or that has shared a kind gesture to her along the journey.

The story continues………The Carter Children


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Mary Agnes Carter

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Rusnak Archives

4 March 2019

Nanny n Richie

Rusnak Archives

4 March 2019

Ashley n Bella having lunch with Nanny

Rusnak Archives

4 March 2019

Isaac giving Nanny flowers

JoAnne Rusnak

4 March 2019

Well it’s been over a week now. I’m truly at a loss. Everyday of my life for over 22 years have been about a routine of caring and loving you. Morning meds, lunch, dinner, appointments etc. After years of caring for a aging parent it takes a real effort to sit and pull your “memories” for reflection and fuel. We have shared so many talks, years, hugs and fears. You challenged me and often I resented being your shield for your choices. However , I learned you were teaching me. It’s ok to live a chosen life without guilt. Released from pain and anger . Family is a choice not a gift. The gift is those you let in and share your journey .
I often thought we were so different but over time see we are so much alike.
I believe you share a certain bond with a first raised.
We’ve done it all.l, travelled to Vegas, Arizona, Saskatchewan, Montana, Fargo, Chicago, NDakota, Wisconsin (you hated that cheese) Florida, Savanah, Atlanta, Ottawa, Toronto (Those were some yummy Ducks) Magnetic Hill ( not haunted mom) and home to Nova Scotia many times.
Yes, your health failed but your love did not. You smiled and just let it slide off.
Your receiving many wishes of love and memories. I know exactly what your thinking.
I’ll continue with the lessons you taught.
The name continue but the fairytale is over.
Go be with his love and wild ideas.
I’ll be ok.
Ken, Bella , Prim n Isaac will continue to laugh at the years of laughs you gave us.

Ashley Carter

3 March 2019

I don’t really know what to say I’m lost for words but as what I known of nanny is she was a wonderful women I came into this family almost 6 years ago and since day one this women always made me smile,made me laugh, I got really close to her more than what I could say with my own family me and James were the last one to carry the carter last name and when she met our son Logan it was the most memorable capture I will always remember the way her face glowed when holding him for the first time the family gathering the present everything about nanny was always something special... when we heard the news we were so crushed heart broken lost lost out of breath one of the women my husband was very close to and got rip away so soon it hurt us bad hearing the sad story but we will carry on the great memories and save every little bit of that in our hearts rip nanny you r always loved and never forgotten ... love u nanny from James gr ashley and little man Logan carter

Jess Dame

2 March 2019

Many condolences to the family and friends affected by Nanny’s passing. From the memories and stories shared with me, it was hard not to accept Mary as your own nanny, and I’m happy that I got to have these memories shared with me. All the love, compassion, and peace is sent out to everyone affected by this tragic passing. My heart goes out to everyone! ❤️

Jessica ❤️

Renee Dame

2 March 2019

Our deepest condolences Ashley to you and your family. So very sorry for the loss of your precious loved and your family will forever be in our thoughts and prayers. Love Renee and Andy Fraser.
~~~the ones you love and lose don't go away they walk beside you everyday...the love you shared will always be your guide~~~ ❤️❤️

Ashley Hampson

2 March 2019

This past week or so has taught me so much. That we take life and our loved ones for granted every single day, that life is too short, that we must tell our loved ones that we love them (and how much) as often as we can. It has also taught me strength. I have been putting aside my pain, my hurt... my feelings... in order to help others cope with our great loss.
It has taught me that I have a fantastic support system- we all should be so lucky! This past week or so has also taught me that it’s okay to cry, to scream, to really FEEL that pain. It’s okay to want to stay home and become one with your couch. It’s okay to not want to socialize because it is too “peopley” out there and you don’t want to answer questions people throw at you which are none of their business.
It’s okay to take your time in coping with loss. It’s okay to be upset... You may find yourself falling into a dark place but, as long as you can still glimpse the light, you will be okay!
Last Thursday, February 21st my family suffered one such loss. The loss of my Grandmother, Mary Carter.
Losing Nanny has definitely been one of the hardest things I, personally, have ever gone through and it has tested my faith more than anything in my adult life has as of yet.
From the little rhymes to the silly songs, the nicknames, jokes and stories, to the overwhelming abundance of love that surrounded you like a protective little bubble when you were in her presence... Every little thing reminds me of my Nanny. The tears still stream down my face just as hard (if not worse) than that fateful day, just over one week ago when God took her home. I know the pain of losing someone will never fully go away, it may become easier to accept, but the pain of missing someone will always remain.
I don’t have the words at my disposal to truly explain how I feel during this time but to you Nanny, I say:
I loved you then, I love you still. I always have & I always will.
I love you forever, rest peacefully angel 👼❤️

Karen Latham

1 March 2019

I love you so much mom. I'm happy your with the man you love my dad. Enjoy your walks on the warm beaches arms wrapped around dad. My heart is broken now you both up with the good Lord angels to sing. I don't know how to continue but I will do my best to be strong. Mother I have always told you I love you and I truly do love you mom. I so enjoyed having you for Christmas this year you will never know how much I will treasure that day forever. Not only were we mother daughter we were friends. Please rest my dear mother in peace with the love of family with you and the ones here. Until we meet again mom I love now always and forever xoxo
Love your second oldest daughter who misses you so much.
Love Karen and Jim xoxo

Jane Theriault

1 March 2019

Sorry for your loss, i didn't know your mom that well only meeting her for the first time this summer when she was visiting Jamie.