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Deborah Renee McKenney

30 julio , 195426 junio , 2020

Mrs. Deborah “Debbie” R. McKenney entered the kingdom of Heaven on June 26, 2020. She is survived by her spouse of 23 years, Mrs. Liz Galindo, her sisters Glenda Keeling, Donna Slay, Irma N. Alvarez and several other family members who live throughout Houston & Killeen, TX. She is preceded in death by her parents, Mr. John C. McKenney and June M. Forester along with several sisters and brothers. Debbie was born in Houston, raised in Baytown and moved to Austin in 1989, where she devoted 30 years to the Seton Healthcare Network. She was always willing to help anyone and made everyone feel so special. She was always described as a gentle soul, who was always thinking of others. One of her passions was her family and friends, who she will always love truly and dearly. She was an avid history buff who gave the best tours of Austin and surrounding areas to her family and friends, explaining details of certain events in history. The tours were great! Debbie was a great cook among our favorite dishes were her chicken fried steak and chicken and dressing for the holidays. Debbie fought a most admirable fight against cancer and she is not just my hero, but a hero to many others. Her unconditional love and unselfishness are some of her many great qualities that made her so special. My love transcends her passing. I was truly blessed to have the love of such a beautiful soul and a beautiful person. Heaven has indeed gained an angel that is loved by so many. Her legacy lives on in those who truly love her.


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Deborah Renee McKenney


Elizabeth Galindo

30 julio , 2020

My Love,
Today is your birthday and I want to wish you a happy birthday. I know that you are celebrating with all of our family members that are in Heaven. I miss you so much, all of the time. All that love and memories are in my heart forever. You are the love of my life and I was truly blessed more and more each moment spent with you. May God bless you always my love.

Ed Galindo

29 julio , 2020

I remember Debbie’s happy heart. Her easygoing style and selfless devotion to others. She unassumingly became entrenched as a loved member of our family.

During our darkest days, she looked after us as our Mother departed. She was there to hold her hand and guide her to the other side. I am deeply grateful for everything you did for us and for the great love you shared with my sister.

Love always,
Ed Galindo

Elizabeth Galindo

24 julio , 2020

Glenda texted me this beautiful poem on June 26, 2020 at around 1pm. I read it out loud to you and even though you couldn't hardly speak, I know you that your heart understood it as well as mine. I love you so much and even though my heart is crushed...I'm hoping that you will always feel in your heart all the love I have for you...and I thank you for all those beautiful memories, all the trips, all the love, how you spoiled me all of the time, all the moments that we shared. Missing you...always.

Pamela Shaw

19 julio , 2020

I remember the day I met Deb McKenny. We were new to the neighborhood and I had questions. Knocking on the neighbors door, Deb answered, when she said the words "my partner" I felt instantly welcome. She made us both feel at home and every chance either or both of us had to spend time with Deb and Liz we did. She has been one of the kindest people I have had the chance to know. When I think of her many words come to mind, interesting, realistic,not your average anyone. Courageous,cultured, strong in her ways and principles. Deborah Renee McKenney, an awesome, incredible, courageous, beautiful woman. The time spent with her was too short but memorable for all time, she will be missed.
Pamela Shaw

Yvonne Barlow

16 julio , 2020

I met Debbie in 1992 at what was then Seton Northwest Hospital. Over the next 28 years, Debbie and I evolved thru the Seton network from Seton Pflugerville to Seton Williamson. I think she was one of the first to call me "Ms Von". I knew then that I was getting old!
Always the consummate professional, Debbie excelled at every role as Patient Access Rep to include a leader in our Emergency Management protocols. She was a kind, generous spirit who was matriarch to her family and loving to her partner, Liz.
I always describe Debbie as one of the bravest and most generous I have ever known. She was always positive even when she wasn't feeling well.
I will miss the fun and laughter at our many happy hours and birthday luncheons that we celebrated over the years.
I am happy to have contributed to her Willow Tree collection and pray that Liz will find joy in the angels that Debbie loved.
I am heart broken that my friend has left this earth and will miss her dearly.
Love you, RIP
MS Von

Elizabeth Galindo

14 julio , 2020

This was not too long after you bought the Jeep Commander. You're using sign language to tell me that you love me. Remembering so many moments that we shared and allowing all that love to help me heal...with time. I miss you beyond words and you are forever in my heart & soul.

Maggie Palmer

10 julio , 2020

I met Debbie many years ago when she came to work at Seton Pflugerville. She was such a kind, soft spoken person who always had a smile. She was a hard worker who pushed herself to continue work when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.
Our morning talks were about how she was progressing with her treatments and what was happening in my world. She was so kind and caring when I lost my brother. She believed in God's plan for our lives no matter how difficult, and she never lost that faith.
She loved Liz. I remember how proud she was when Liz brought her a new chair so that she would be comfortable while at work. When she lost her appetite she told me how Liz would go shopping for things that she thought would appeal to her. I, among many, will miss that sweet smile. May Debbie, in God's mercy, rest in peace and Liz and Debbie's family be comforted.

Lorena Martinez

10 julio , 2020

Dear Debbie ~ a good friend, a caring person, and a wonderful human being. We are going to miss you laugh and our happy hours together. But I know that you are now an angel in heaven advocating for all of us and keeping us safe as you always did. We love you and we are going to miss you.


Jo Limon-Guzman

10 julio , 2020

So heartbroken over the loss of my coworker Debbie. Not only a coworker but also a very dear friend. I will be forever thankful for all our conversations at work and let's not leave out the delicious dishes you brought to work for our potluck luncheons. Our birthday club dinner gatherings were always so much fun. I met you in 2003 so lots of memories that I will always carry with me. We miss you so much already but you will be with us at heart. Love you 💔

Elizabeth Galindo

7 julio , 2020

I was 33 years old when we met. I remember that you were thinking about moving to Ohio. Destiny however had a different plan for us. From the first time we went out on March 12, 1997, we were inseparable. For the first time, I knew what love really was. You taught me so much about loving someone and all the different stages of love for 23 years. You loved unconditionally and forgave quickly. I have millions of memories of things that we have done and spoken about doing, so many dreams, all those plans and hopes came to and end on the day you passed on.
One of the most important things that I learned from you was that one day I would have to make a very hard decision (s) and while I was in the hospital with you for almost three weeks, that came true. One of the most difficult things for me to do was to tell you that it was ok for you to go and that I would be alright. I knew that your heart was torn, but you were so sick and I had to come to terms that you wanted to go home to be with our Heavenly Father... God.
I was with you at the hospital every day for at least 10 hours per day and I held your hand each moment I had a chance, I told you how much I love you and that you are the love of my life. I thanked you for all the things, sacrifices that you have done for me. You couldn't hardly talk anymore, but did manage to tell me that I am the love of your life too...You sang to me 'tiny bubbles in the wine" one last time...
Now I find myself broken hearted, missing you so much, but so thankful for the time we had together. I know that you will always be with me and that God is giving me the strength to get through this difficult time.
You are no longer in pain and are in Heaven with our Lord..."And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away." Revelation 21:4


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