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Jeffrey Martin Sweetland

3 diciembre , 195410 enero , 2020

Jeffrey Martin Sweetland nació el 3 diciembre , 1954 en Hanover, New Hampshire y facellió el 10 enero , 2020.


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Jeffrey Martin Sweetland


Cecil Greathouse

11 febrero , 2020

Farewell my friend! We had gamed together in the past and just got back to gaming with other friends again. I'm sorry we did not have more gaming time together.
You were a great gamer and will be missed by many. You were a better friend though, I wish our life paths had not diverged for so many years.

Kenneth Gaas

9 febrero , 2020

In the 1980s and early 1990s while working at Texas Instruments Austin, I was fortunate to be part of a group of friends who shared the hobby of game playing. An even greater fortune is the fact Jeff was also part of that group.

As a friend, he was quick to help anyone who needed it. He never missed a "moving day", and there were lots of those back then. He continued to help even though he once had a dolly with a refrigerator knock him over. When the time came that we could return the favor and help Jeff move into his new house, we all jumped at the chance. Little did Jeff know at the time that his house would then be invaded every week for years by people with boxes of games and bags of funny shaped diced.

We loved playing at Jeff's house. Even though we gave him grief about the two gallons of milk he had in the refrigerator and the red curtains hanging on the window, he took it graciously and invited us back again next week. When you combine that with the July 4th and Black Friday LAN parties we had, life was indeed good.

But then Texas Instruments decided it no longer wanted a TI Austin, so we were all forced to go our own way. We lost touch. By an accident of fate, I meet Jeff last fall in the local HEB and mentioned to him we were still gaming and he was welcome to come. "Sounds like fun" he said. With new games and far move powerful computers, life was again good. But unfortunately, that was not meant to be.

We all love you Jeff. You will be sorely missed.

Stuart Barrett

7 febrero , 2020

Having worked with Jeff at Texas Instruments many years ago I discovered that he was interested in playing various board games. He was apart of a small gaming group for many years then dropped out of sight.

Just recently he rejoined our group and it was fun to catch up with his life in the years that had passed. It was a shock to hear of his passing after getting re-acquainted after a long hiatus. RIP Jeff.