David Raines

29 octubre , 196212 febrero , 2021

David Wayne Raines passed away peacefully in his home in Baltimore, MD on Friday, February 12, 2021 at the age of 58. David is preceded in death by his partner William E. Wilburn, Jr., father Vernon Ray Raines, and brother James Rodney Raines. David is survived by his mother Nancy Raines and his five sisters Brenda Schreiber and her husband Wesley, Sharon Locklear and her husband Tom, Donna Spiegel and her husband Mike, Rebecca Gonzalez and her husband Lorenzo, and Gina Vogel and her husband Ira. He is also survived by his seven nephews and nieces Christopher, Tara, and Tessa Locklear, Matthew Antonis, Brandy Raines Graham, Trey Collision, Ryan and Alice Raines, and the children of David's nieces and nephews.

David was born on October 29, 1962 in Baltimore, Maryland and grew up in the Baltimore metro area, making Maryland his permanent home. He had a large family and was shy as a child. His reserve did not stop him from cleverly observing when he could get away with pulling pranks on his siblings. There are plenty of memories and stories to share of David’s spirited jokes. You only have to know some of David’s nicknames “Davey”, “Davey Doodle”, and "Mortie" to understand his family and friend’s love and affection for him.

David lived in several places with his career, including cities in Maryland, New York, and Virginia. David held a number of positions in retail and hit his stride while working for Macy’s. David was promoted to a senior executive position, opening a new $60 million dollar store due to being an excellent merchant, smart, articulate, kind, and hard working.

While David had a successful career what he’s most known for is being a ray of sunshine, breaking into song no matter the audience whether it be singing the oldies, show tunes, or opera. He faced many challenges with illness, yet persevered with courage and strength. He saw the good in people and situations, all with flare and a sense of humor. David loved learning about different cultures though cooking and sharing his recipes, with his favorite dish being eggplant parmesan.

David, his partner William, and their friends lived life to the fullest! Together they dined out, supported the arts and music, took in festivals, enjoyed the energy of casinos, had fun at the beach, traveled, enjoyed the latest movie, and watched classic films on TV.

David was a “one of kind” cherished soul and will never be forgotten. There was a private gathering with David’s family under the care of Charles S. Zeiler & Son, Inc. David’s family invites you to share a fond memory and photo of him on the dignity memorial page:


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David Raines


Wesley Schreiber

25 febrero , 2021

My name is Wesley Allen Schreiber, David is my brother in law. The highest aspiration of the human heart is to serve our fellow travelers along the great journey of life. David and William showed me a love compassion supernatural in value. David gave me the opportunity to demonstrate a love for humanity and the ability to live beyond my own human and petty fears of not being enough.William and David took a little boy trapped in a man suit and allowed him the honor and privilege to walk the last mile with them you both have kept me right sized and learn to embrace every moment of love life good bad and indifferent.gods gift to us is life our gift to god is what we do with the life we are given . You my friend are loved cared for and believed in.Continue to be the gift you are to us all.Love and respect, strength and honor.

Tony DeStefano

25 febrero , 2021

Didn't know him very long but he was a pleasure to be around

Margaret Miller

19 febrero , 2021

This was one of the stunning views from David and William's apartment in Baltimore, MD.

Darlene Coulbourn

16 febrero , 2021

David was a kind, generous individual, with a quick wit , and a great sense of humor. He always had a kind word for everyone.

I worked with David at Macy’s. I recall the first time I met him, he looked at me with that big smile on his face and that twinkle in his eye . He laughed and we were friends forever. Thats the way David was with everyone, he was very unpretentious.

He always took pride in everything he did. He was an excellent merchant, a kind and professional leader . He was smart, articulate and hard working . David was promoted to a senior executive position at Macy’s he deserved it . He opened a new $60 M store, he worked tirelessly and was very successful.

But, David’s success was in the life that he lived. He lived it to the fullest every day . Even when he was sick he always had that great laugh and that twinkle in his eye. David was always surrounded by the people who loved him. William, Margaret and his family. I know God had a plan when he placed you in my life . I was truly blessed .

Brandy Graham

16 febrero , 2021

I am David’s niece Brandy. Although I did not get to see Uncle David as often as I would have liked too, the times I did felt like no time had passed at all. He was genuine, engaging and full of life, love and laughter. A true inspiration of bravery and courage. A fighter. A dreamer. A music maker. His memory will always continue to put a smile on my face.

Carrie & Chris Broersma

16 febrero , 2021

I’ve known David a long time now. Met him through my Aunt, Margaret Miller. He was always so happy and kidding around. There was never a bad moment with him, ever. He was always the most cheeriest person I knew and probably the only I’ll ever know like him. My husband and I will miss him dearly. He was truly a blessing and we’ll always be thankful to have met him and knew him. I pray he is resting in peace finally and dancing/laughing on the other side with his dear husband. We love you David, now and forever. RIP to our most beloved friend.

Gina Vogel

16 febrero , 2021

I am the baby sister to David. David had many sides to him as we all do but his sides were intense to say the least. He had a memory that was incredible, we could sit for hours rehashing memories and laughing and laughing and laughing. He would sing to me and me to him, kinda our thing! We know David has been living on borrowed time for many years. In 1996 we came real close to losing him. I happened to be staying with him during that scare and I was young and very taken back. He was to walk me down the aisle and I was so sad that it seemed (per the doctors) that it was not in his cards. But David!!! But David had the will to live like no other! Well he got well and walked me down the aisle as you can see from the pictures below. Kinda funny story...some people who were at my wedding and did not know my then new husband said they would have thought David was the groom because we hung out and had so much fun together lol. We always had a good time, even short visits. I love him very much and I will sorely miss him.

Love your baby sister

Ryan Raines

16 febrero , 2021

My uncle David really stepped up for me when my dad needed a little help. I’ll miss his prank calls and unpredictability. I made the mistake of standing too close to a pool (clothes and shoes on) with him around too many times.

Brenda Schreiber

16 febrero , 2021

I loved my brother David, who I often called Davey Doodle so very much. Anyone who knew David was aware that he was a 'character'; a singer, a traveler, a cook, an actor, a comedian, a jokester....'a character'. He LOVED singing and would break out in song no matter the audience...the bigger the better. There was no location off limits to his serenade. He LOVED to cook AND eat AND share his recipes step by step. He LOVED to travel and did so many times, often with his best friend, Margaret. David was able to enjoy his interests in different cultures. I loved listening to his adventure stories. My brother was a unique, interesting, funny and witty man. I'm so honored and grateful that I was able to walk this last mile with him. We shared laughs, hugs, memories and songs too. This is a memory I shall cherish. I love you Davey Doodle and always will. ❤️

Marlene Miller

16 febrero , 2021

I will miss David, he was very special person and good friend! I have so many wonderful memories of David! I love hear him sing! We had many fun times together singing songs! He was fun person to know! Was a caring and kind person ! Very lovely person to know! He was like sun shining in the rain! I will miss Mr. Sun shine! Many he continued to shine beautiful light there in Heaven! When the sun is shining bright think of David! I love David I will always will keep him in my heart !😔❤🙏🌞🌈🕊