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Ann Ostrow

30 junio , 193325 octubre , 2012
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OSTROW-Ann Elizabeth. Devoted wife, loving mother, adoring grandmother, beloved sister, and cherished aunt died after a heroic battle with aspiration pneumonia. She spent her life singing and teaching others to live each day with a crescendo.

Survived by her husband Stuart; daughters ,Julie and Kate, son John, and grandchildren Abigail Yudan , James and Stuart Ostrow.

Visitation; Thursday, November 1st, 5:00-8:00 p.m. and funeral services on Friday, November 2nd, 10:30 a.m. at Levy Funeral Directors, 4525 Bissonnet Street, Bellaire, Texas (713-660-6633). Burial at Veterans Memorial Cemetery, 12:30 p.m.


  • Visitation jueves, 1 noviembre , 2012
  • Funeral Service viernes, 2 noviembre , 2012
  • Graveside Service viernes, 2 noviembre , 2012


Ann Ostrow


Andrea Hyde

26 noviembre , 2013

Write...erase...write...erase...where does one begin to express the impact this beautiful lady had on so many of us who studied music with her? I remember any day I would walk in for a lesson, she would say, "Hi, doll! Let's get started." She was teacher, mother, sister, friend, confident, counselor, coach, mentor, life coach... I gleaned and learned everything from her I could. She was the best acting teacher at UH I ever had. I studied with her for upwards of 5, 6, 7 years? I can't remember...because I would just go...because I wanted to learn. I would just go...because when I was working with her and Mr. O, I was the happiest girl in the world. You know, she was a light - this huge light that as a student and child of the arts, I was just drawn to. Even after attaining my Master's degree...I would still try to go and see her. It was very difficult for me to stop going...and in fact I never said I can't come anymore...it was something I just could not do. I loved her. I loved being with her. I loved her stories, her shoes, her smile...I loved the way her red nails would click on the ivories, I loved sitting beside her at the piano listening to her sing...My God she could tell a story! I loved performing with her in that small music room in the Moore's school...So much magic happened in that one little room. And when you got it right - she would be so proud and happy for you and with you. The joy, kindness, and love I experienced in learning from her and Mr. O on a regular basis is something that left such an impact on my heart and in my life. Today, as a teacher myself, the lessons of acceptance and that Everyone has something to give and to bring, are ones that I try to instill in my students today. I cherish my memories of her and Mr. O, and always will. Mrs. O going to heaven has been so hard...because I am so thankful and so very grateful for everything she and Mr. O gave me. Eternally thankful and eternally grateful. I love you both.

Laura Yosowitz

15 noviembre , 2013

I remember many days, singing in Ms. O's studio with tears streaming down my face. Ms. O was not only an amazing teacher and coach, but she was always a loving and nurturing presence that encouraged me to share myself and my life. I can still hear her voice, gruff and enthusiastic," Don't sing it like that, sing it like this," and she would proceed to show me the way!
Love you, Ms. O. Thank you. xxx

Fran Carpenter

11 noviembre , 2013

My Aunt Ann had a tremendous impact on my life. I have memories as a small child, memories of the phone call when she called home to tell her Dad she was married, memories of her teaching me so many things about life and LIVING! Her energy is so missed in our family. She was a southern girl who made it to NYC, and then back to the South. Her life had an impact on so many people in the world. We will never forget her! Love to you dear Aunt Ann. <3

Crystal Sharadin

8 noviembre , 2013

I feel blessed to have worked with Mrs. O at the University of Houston and to have been in her beautiful, graceful, and loving presence.

Cathy Mishkin

7 noviembre , 2013

In memory of Ann - a prayer
Yeish kochavim...

There are stars up above,
so far away we only see their light
long, long after the star itself is gone.
And so it is with people that we loved--
their memories keep shining ever brightly
though their time with us is done.
But the stars that light up the darkest night,
these are the lights that guide us.
As we live our days, these are the ways we remember.

bruce countryman

7 noviembre , 2013

I am a big fan of excellence and class. That sums up Ann Gilbert Ostrow. And also, what a singing voice! I heard one of her early record/cd"s playing one day in the theater department. I had to go and ask: "who is that singer?" It turned out it was Ann Gilbert (Ostrow).

Barbara Vestal

7 noviembre , 2013

I know that I've already written in Mrs. O's guest book, but just wanted to do it one more time! I don't think a day goes by that I don't think of Mrs. O. She was one of the kindest, happiest, and most talented people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She taught me so much about music, about life, and she and I had so much to talk about whenever we would get together. I miss those times and I miss her so much! I feel very blessed to have been her friend, and I look forward to seeing her again one day. Her love of family and for all people, was a blessing to us all. Rest in peace, Mrs. O, and know that the mark you left on all of us here on earth, will never be forgotten! Love, Barbara

Gary Presley

7 noviembre , 2013

Fond memories. of cousin Ann when she was a student at Lindenwood University near St. Louis. A wonderful personality and talent. Wish time would have permitted us to become better acquanted as adults. I remember receiving a three page letter about her recordings and pride expressed in her family. My mother (Margie Gilbert) told me a story about Granpa Gilbert hearing Ann sing for the first time as achild and being brought to tears by the beauty of her voice. Her recording of Imagination is one of my favorites.

Matt Joseph

7 noviembre , 2013

Mrs. O had the remarkable gift of bringing out the best in people. Not only in voice but in spirit. Her confidence and dedication to her students not only helped them to hone their talents, but bolstered self-confidence and esteem. She will be dearly missed because she was dearly loved. My love and prayers to her family.

John Raymond Barker

7 noviembre , 2013

Mrs. O taught me how to sing and act a song. I think of her often whether performing in theatre, cabaret, or audition spaces. I also think of her when I am feeling my lowest and most insecure. Her words ring through my head, "Don't quit! Just keep going. Never quit." She gave me so much, and I will always do my best to pay that debt with every ounce of energy I exert in my art to honor all that she taught me and stood for. Thank you, Mrs. O. For everything.