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Emily Martinez Ibarra

7 noviembre , 196330 abril , 2021

Emily Martinez Ibarra Emily was born Emilia Martinez Gallardo, on November 7, 1963, to parents Frances Rios Martinez and Jose Guadalupe Gallardo. She is survived by her loving husband Agustin, four children Ofelia, Agustin Jr., Mercedes and Moises, as well as, Kayleigh and Elijah. She also blessed with her two grand- babies Emilia and Saylor, as well as, her bonus babies, Antonio, Alexander, Benson, and Xclynn. Her sisters Frances, Rosa, and Rosario, nieces, Xcina, Berlin, Alexa, Cathy, Emma, Elisa. And nephew Sonny.

She was born in Artesia, California and raised in Norwalk California, where she lived until the age of 19. Emily, or Mollie, as most of the family called her, grew up in the barrio, where life was not always easy but she was a piece of sunshine and happiness, which is where she got her childhood nickname, "La Happy." She was a friend to most, but if you messed with her baby sister Fran, you will not be met with her usual happy go lucky self.

Growing up, La Happy, La Happy, was involved in many fights, she was always protecting her little sis from anyone and everyone, no matter who it was, even up until the day she died, she was her sister's keeper and loved her very much. At the age of 19, Emily alongside her Mother, moved out to Mira Loma. She worked many jobs for a couple a years, and in 1986, she met Augustin. From stories she would tell her kids, she could not stand him, she would always tell us the story of when she would go to baseball with her cousin Rochelle and he would be there. She would say that he would always try to do tricks and flips to catch her attention. Well, it all must have worked because she fell head over heels and married Auggie. On December 26, 1989, they welcomed their first child together, Ofelia. As the years, when on they welcomed Jr, Mercy, and the biggest surprise of them all, Mo. Emily's kids were her whole life's happiness. She loved and adored them, she had her own special bond with each of them and always gave them the world. She hauled them around in her Excursion everywhere, from school, work, Disneyland, baseball, to weekend visits in Norwalk, all while blasting her oldies. She was also a caretaker to her mom and Tia Dorothy, whom lived many years with her and her family until the day that they both passed. Emily worked many jobs through-out her life but her favorite was always working for the school district, where she would work in special education. She worked until she was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2012. She fought the disease and was in remission for many years. However, with the cancer came many other health problems, such as kidney disease, which caused her to take on dialysis. She never complained or asked, Why me, she took it all. Emily was the ultimate worrier and the most fearless woman. The most important thing about Emily and her most beautiful thing about her was her personality. She was a friend to all, she made everyone feel special. She had a smile that could light up a room, at every party, store, any place she was at, she knew someone and everybody would want to say hi. At family parties everyone would joke that you have to take a number just to say hi to her. Emily, will be sorely missed by her loved ones and friends. May you continue and shine on and watch over us all. We Love you.


  • Agustin, Husband
  • Ofelia, Daughter
  • Agustin Jr., Son
  • Mercedes, Daughter
  • Moises, Son
  • Kayleigh, Daughter
  • Elijah, Son
  • Emilia, Grandchild
  • Saylor, Grandchild


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    martes, 18 mayo , 2021

  • Funeral Service

    miércoles, 19 mayo , 2021

  • Committal Service

    miércoles, 19 mayo , 2021


Emily Martinez Ibarra


Stsephen & Brenner

19 mayo , 2021

Emily, you were a second mom to me, & for that I will always be grateful to you. Your door has always been open to me and you welcomed me into your family so happily with open arms. When Brenner came into the picture you without a doubt accepted him too. We love you so much and we know you loved us too. One of the best moments is when you told us that we are your extra sons and that we are your family. We will always cherish the talks we had, and the laughs we shared together. I wish I could hear you say, “Hi best friend” to me or “hi honeys” to the both of us one last time… We will keep our promise to be here for your babies. Until we meet again, we love you always.

Sonny Santana

19 mayo , 2021

My mama molie would always remind me how I was her favorite nephew! (I was her only nephew). My favorite thing about her was her picture posing abilities. She had to stick out her tongue or flip you off haha. It made it better that my mom hated that. I do wish we were closer but I have no negative memories of her.

I’ll miss you and don’t worry I’ll call your kids a**holes for you now.

Love you, your #1 nephew

Rosa Ochoa

19 mayo , 2021

I remember meeting Emily for the first time in 1995 at a family party. Growing up my mom had told me about 2 sisters Rosario & I had. Our dad had avoided us meeting until that day. Emily & Frances welcomed me with open arms. Their mom & Tia Dorothy as well. I'm blessed and grateful that God gave me 2 more sisters. We've been a part of our kids lives & watched them grow. I will always treasure the wonderful memories in my heart. I will miss her calling me Sissy, our long talks, & her love for my family. Love you sis & thank you for everything you did for my family. You are with our Lord now .

xcina gallardo

18 mayo , 2021

Mama Molie (thats what she had us call her from day one) that name was shortened to Mama most of the time. But if we called her Tia she would quickly say WHAT DID YOU CALL ME? And have us correct Tia to Mama Molie. Mama Molie would always tell me stories of when my mom was pregnant of me. That Mama Molie got all the sympathy weight with my mom. This one specific time my mom was craving food badly so Mama Molie gets up in the middle of the night and gets what she wants. When she got back home my mom was knocked out on the couch. Mama Molie said she was so DAMN pissed. she continued to give my mom a hard time after that but still took care of her. Id like to say she took care of me since I was in the womb.
Her and my papa Pelon would take me everywhere with them. I would sit on my papas shoulders and watch baseball games or watch him umpire or play. She instantly became a second mom to me.
When I was in High school she would make sure I was at every water polo practice, game and tournament. Of corse she always had the great snacks and lunch for me! Ill never forget having her on the sidelines cheering me on and trying to explain the game to her afterwards. The only part she understood was the fighting. Hahah
When I got my license she let me drive her big white Excursion around town. That thing was so much fun to drive.
She gave all my kids Nic names; Antonio was her Jack, Benson was her Beeeeennnnnyyyyy (psycho) and Xclynn was her Chacha. She loved spoiling each of them. They brightened her day every morning. All the kiddos loved Nana Rows room, they ALL knew they could get cookies or candy without my permission. She enjoyed telling all the crazy stories about my wild children to her friends at dialysis.
Mama, thank you for all the advice from the bottom of my heart, for all that you've done for my mom, my kids, my siblings and I. You will forever be missed and im glad I was able to spend time with you before you became my Angel!

Frances Santana

18 mayo , 2021

I remember when I had my Volkswagon Bug, we were driving and it started to rain. My wind shield wipers stopped working. My Sister stuck her head out the window and started wiping the window with her arm. We were laughing so hard.

Frances Santana

18 mayo , 2021

My sister Em was 3 years older than me. We grew up in Norwalk in our Grandparents house. We grew up with many of our cousins. When we were kids we would roller skate and race. Molie would stop and water her wheels. Haha they were metal wheels. She claimed that it make her go faster. We have many fun memories going to/from San Jose, Santa Ana, and Riverside. She was always hanging out with the older cousins. Every 4th of July we would celebrate Grandpa's birthday. For hours Em would help and be in the streets lighting fireworks. Molie was a happy teenager everyone in the barrio knew and liked her. She loved cruising with her homies. December 31, 1986, Sister was my coach when I was in labor with my 1st born Xcina. It started to get late she said "I bought a new dress and a party I have to go to." So she left. Good thing my mom was there to take her place. In 1990 when we moved to Riverside, she started having her kids, and we started making our memories with all our holidays together, we loved that our kids grew up together. I remember one day she called me she was so happy to give me the news that we had two sisters. That was a highlight of our lives. I will be grateful for everything Pelon and my sister have done for me and my kids, thank you Sissy. Sister do you remember our matching dresses Mom made us? We had a great childhood. It was always me and you. Emily + Frances + Molie + Francina. My heart is broken the holiday's and everything we celebrate will never be the same. My Sweet dear Sister, May you rest in paradise with Mom and all our family. Until we meet again. I love you.

Antonio Burton

18 mayo , 2021

I remember all of the times me and my nana used to go places and at the end of the day I'd the best wheelchair rides. I'll never forgot I was her Jack and she was my Rose. I'll miss you.

Love your Jack.

Berlin Santana

18 mayo , 2021

Thinking back on memories and you Nina, some things that stand out are..

When you’d be the referee for grandma Fran and Dots hilarious arguments.

When you’d tell us the story of yours and papas first date. When he ordered a cheeseburger no cheese. And you’d say it with his accent perfectly.

When you'd talk shit to me about being vegan. But you never called it the right name.

When we were playing jeopardy and you answered the question in question form because that’s how jeopardy works. And Xcina answered your answer. We were crying laughing!

Doesn't seem real this is all for you. But just know you'll never have to worry about the fam. Ofie has it on lock and will keep us all in check. We'll miss you Nina.

Mary Santos Martinez

18 mayo , 2021

They moved to a house we always referred to as the house behind
Mc Donalds.
Now here comes Mercedes Ibarra. She was Tia Dorothy‘s (Grandma Dot) ojo. The apple of her eye.
We used to pack up the kids and take tons of snacks to go watch my Compa play baseball. We’d sit under the trees and just eat them all up. As if we didn’t have enough, we would stop the paleta man for ice cream.
After my Compa stopped playing baseball, we convinced him to start playing softball with us. So more adventures. We’d play our game and afterwords go over to this place called The Substation were they made great grinders.
Every time we went in the white excursion we would be blasting the oldies and singing along shushing the kids to be quiet.
Final destination...
They finally bought their house in Rubidoux where Moises Ibarra (Momo) came along as a big surprise. We lost Tia Panchi and then Tia Dorothy through the years. We made so many memories in that house.
I remember when... my son would say, Nina let’s get pizza and watch scary movies. So we would all pile in the living room on the couches and on the floor with blankets. Of course we had to have popcorn and candy. We would stay up until 1 or 2 in the morning...
Those were the good old days!
There is so much more I can say but then I would have to make my own book.
Comadre, we were cousins first, friends second and sisters forever...
I will miss you dearly but be assured I will keep my promise and always be here for your kids and my Compa.
Until we meet again. I love you! 💖

Mary S Martinez-Perez

18 mayo , 2021

Which was right in front of the closet. All of a sudden the door fell and hit her right in the head. We all couldn’t stop laughing. She got so mad and said you better stop laughing or I’m gonna tell my Nina on you. My mom and dad were her godparents.
I remember when... she live in this “studio” on my dad’s brother Tony’s (Rocky) property with my Tia Panchi. She had A boyfriend who’s brother played in a band called The Dupremes. They would sometimes play at my Uncles restaurant, Casa Martinez where on the weekends they would have dances. They sang this song called I’m So Happy. Just a coincidence that she was La Happy. That relationship didn’t work out so she was single. Until she met the love of her life. Agustin Ibarra (Pelon, My Conpadre). She had a picture of him on her refrigerator. He played baseball and she used to say he looks like Steve Garvey who played for the Dodgers. They got married and their first born was Ofelia Ibarra (Ofie, O). Then came Augustin Ibarra (Papis, junior, My Son).
At this time they were living in the house on Etiwanda next door to the restaurant.
I remember when... I was going through the worst tragedy in my life, my dad passed away. I was so heartbroken, devastated and in a very dark place. We were doing the rosary at my house and Agustin was just a couple of months old. That’s when they asked me to be their son’s godmother. He became the light of my life. It was like I was dead inside and he woke me up. So we baptized him and became comadres. Literally in every sense of the word. We were inseparable. At this time she didn’t work and I worked swing shift so we did everything together. And she shared her son with me. You see I didn’t have kids at the time. Papis also played baseball and every time he would make a good play or get a good hit, I would loudly say Yep that’s my son! Sometimes people would get confused and say hey I thought that was your son Emily... she would say yes but he’s our son, she’s his godmother.