Don Edward Ervin

28 mayo , 19454 mayo , 2021
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An Honorable War Veteran, Retired Aerospace Engine Line Supervisor, and beloved family man, Don’s strength, resiliency, and unconditional love for his family will forever serve as a benchmark to all those he knew and loved for generations to come. On May 4, 2021, Don peacefully made his transition into eternal life leaving many lessons taught and memories to savor, surrounded by loved ones who will continue to honor his legacy with each and every passing day. Don Edward Ervin was born on May 28, 1945. He was the youngest of seven children, born to the late Walter James and Bernice Williams Ervins of Hazlehurst, Mississippi. Tragically, just over a year into Don’s life, his mother suddenly passed away. Leaving his father, a hard-working farm laborer with no formal education to make the tough decision and ultimate sacrifice, to divide the family. As such, Don was sent to Clarksdale, Mississippi with his Aunt Gertrude Dorsey.

In 1956, Don’s late Aunt Gertrude, who served as a second mother to him, moved their family to Sikeston, Missouri where he graduated from Scott County Central High School in May of 1965. Always leading with his passion for serving others, in June of 1965, Don enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Throughout his years of service in the Marine Corps, Don completed training at the Marine Corps Depot of San Diego, California, and ultimately served in the Vietnam War from November of 1965 through December 1966 where he traveled to Okinawa, Japan, and Bangkok, Thailand.

After returning to the United States, Don continued to serve as a Military Police Officer at the U.S Naval Ammunition Depot in Hawthorne, Nevada where he was Honorably Discharged from the US Military in June of 1968. He then served four more years in the Marine Reserve at USMC Miramar, California.

That same year, during an impromptu visit to San Bernardino, California, he met his soulmate, the love of his life, a beautiful young lady, Mary Livia Alma Rabon. It was love at first sight and just one year later, Don requested her hand in marriage, and they joined in vows and holy matrimony in June of 1968. Throughout the 53 years of their marriage, up until his final breath, she stood faithfully by his side, upholding every vow made on that day. From this union of love, two daughters, his pride and joy, were born, Tamela Maria and Regina Marie Ervin.

Over the years, Don obtained two degrees in Business Management and Industrial Supervision from San Diego City College and San Diego Mesa College. Working from the ground up, he spent 25 years building aircraft components at Rohr Industries beginning as an entry Handfinisher & Polisher and quickly advancing to become the Lead Engine Line Supervisor, earning countless awards and accolades over his career tenure.

More than anything in this world, Don loved spending time with those he loved. Despite every obstacle faced in his lifetime, he was a man of admirable integrity, honor, and perseverance. He remained dedicated to his family and worked hard to build a stable foundation for the life and future of his children, that will continue to carry on for generations to come.

Don was preceded in death and united through eternal life with his parents Walter Sr. and Bernice Ervins, his second mother Aunt Gertrude Dorsey, his siblings: Walter (Bessie) Ervins Jr., Ellean (John) Shavers, and Shirley Jean (Willie, Sr) Rucker – his big sister who was much like a third mother.

Don leaves to carry on his ever-lasting legacy, his loving and dedicated wife, Mary Ervin, Two daughters Tamela (Daniel) Ervin Ikeri and Regina (Wayne Jr) Ervin Hampton of San Diego. Three sisters: Bobbie Jean Ervins, Lee Ethel Mae Hampton, Betty Faye (Jerry) McFall of Chicago, Illinois, and his Aunt Mary Jordan of Chesapeake, Virginia. Seven grandchildren: Brooke Ervin, Tracy (Akemya) Shields, Ryan Shields, Wayne Hampton III, Theodora Ikeri, Benjamin Ikeri and Donovan Hampton. A great-granddaughter Zendaya Zion Coons, two great-grandchildren on the way, whom he was so eager to love, a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, and a lifetime of friends who became much like family across the globe.


  • Daniel Ikeri, Pallbearer
  • Wayne Hampton, Jr., Pallbearer
  • Tracy Shields, Pallbearer
  • Ryan Shields, Pallbearer
  • Wayne Hampton, III, Pallbearer
  • Keith Rucker, Sr., Pallbearer
  • Benjamin Ikeri, Honorary Pallbearer
  • Donovan Hampton, Honorary Pallbearer



Don Edward Ervin


Charles James

16 mayo , 2021

Don, a very gracious, caring and loving Brother. To Mary, Tamela and Regina, our thoughts, prayers and love for you during this transition of life for a well respected and deeply loved Brother. God Bless 🙏🏽

Carol and Michael Smallwood

16 mayo , 2021

Don was a wonderful person. He was such a fantastic family man as a husband, father, grandparent, etc. When we were together as an extended family, it was always joyful. I will never forget the "Iced teas" he would make. God be with him and his family. I know he will be truly missed. With Love, Michael and Carol (Rabon) Smallwood Family.

GLORIA Watkins

16 mayo , 2021

Rest in peace Uncle. To be absent from the body is to be present with the lord. We love you.

Bobbie Shavers

16 mayo , 2021

To my sweet uncle. You truly will be miss, the conversation s we shared to time we spent during your present here the family reunion telephone calls, your sweet tea😪. Just you in general . I know that you are free from all pain and is with our other family above. Rest on uncle I love you.
Bobbie Jean Shavers you niece.



Don Edward Ervin was blessed with an abundance of leadership qualities. It would be accurate to say that this man was an outstanding luminary and that his natural abilities served him well. He knew with certainty how he wanted to set priorities in all aspects of his life. He struck those who knew him as the kind of person who awoke in the morning with a clear sense of exactly what he expected from his day and how to set about accomplishing those goals.

Don was born on May 28, 1945 at home, with a midwife in Hazlehurst, MS. His parents were Walter James Ervins and Bernice Williams Ervins. After the death of his mother in 1946, his father, a farm laborer with no formal education, made the difficult decision to divide the children and sent Don to live with his Aunt Gertrude Dorsey, in Clarksdale, MS.

In 1956, Aunt Gertrude moved the family to Sikeston, MO. Don was brought up in an environment where he had no choice but to work hard. Nevertheless, those hard times shaped him to be resilient and gave him grit to survive, thrive and succeed at whatever he had his sights on.

Don had six siblings: one older brother, Walter Jr., and five older sisters, Ellean, Shirley, Bobbie, Ethel and Betty. Although the family had been divided as children, as adults their bond was close and remained intact.

Don's enthusiasm for learning and the personal energy that enthusiasm generated led to his exhibiting leadership qualities early on in his childhood. He liked to see things executed properly and showed a skill for taking control of situations that were drifting out of control. At the same time, he was willing to experiment with different approaches as he worked a plan towards a solution.

When it came to academics and school, Don's organizational skills helped tremendously. Don was able to create a system for getting his class work done in a timely manner. With a strong ability to analyze his schoolwork and assignments, he could apply a practical, common sense approach completing his studies. He graduated from Scott County Central High School in 1965.

The work habits and approaches to studying that Don utilized in high school also served him well in college. He earned two AA degrees, one in Business Management and one in Industrial Supervision, from San Diego City College and Mesa College. Don worked full-time during the day, and attended college in the evening. Don's motivation was advancing in the workplace to provide a better life for him and his family.

In June of 1965, Don joined the Marine Corps. He went through basic training at San Diego Marine Corps Depot and Camp Pendleton, Oceanside. While in the Marines, he traveled to Okinawa, Japan, Vietnam and Bangkok, Thailand. After returning to the states, he served one year and six months at U.S. Naval Ammunition Depot, in Hawthorne, Nevada as a military police officer. After being honorably discharged from regular service in June of 1968, he served another four years in the Reserve at USMC Miramar. Don saw action from Nov. '65 - Dec. '66 during the Vietnam War. Through his dedication and hard work, he achieved the rank of Corporal E-4. He received several awards, including Purple Heart.

On June 2, 1968, Don exchanged wedding vows with the love of his life, Mary Livia Alma Rabon, at Little Cupid of Las Vegas, Nevada. Mary was a significant part of his life and their mutual devotion was long lasting.

Family and children were important to Don. Don was blessed with two daughters, Tamela and Regina. He was also blessed with seven grandchildren: Brooke, Tracy, Ryan, Wayne III, Theodora, Benjamin and Donovan; one great granddaughter, Zendaya, with two great grandchildren on the way. Don rarely made a scene when it came to discipline. Instead, he was subtle and patient in his dealings when teaching the children right from wrong.

 At work, Don was viewed as a natural leader. He could marshal all of the available resources, including personnel and materials, in order to meet virtually any objective. He was great at developing strategies and made maximum progress with little wasted effort. Don was also adept at uncovering new and more efficient ways of getting things done. He was able to establish and meet objectives and schedules through long range planning and was always able to keep the big picture clearly in sight. Although Don might have been described by some as an overachiever, he was without question a dedicated and diligent employee. His primary occupation was engine line supervisor. He was employed for 25 years by Rohr Industries, receiving many awards and accolades.

No matter what the activity was, Don had the ability to motivate others. This talent influenced his participation in sports, too. He sought out the possibilities in a competitive situation, and he stayed cool and calm under pressure. In high school and Marine Corps, Don played basketball. Recreational sports included tennis, swimming and working out at the gym. He also enjoyed watching sports. Naturally athletic, top on his list were football, basketball, baseball, golf and track & field.

Don's ability to motivate, direct and organize others made him a valuable asset to the organizations to which he contributed during his lifetime. Don was one who could be counted on to work hard to implement goals and required little to begin work on a specific task. Once a project was begun, Don had a definite methodology for seeing it through to completion. Throughout the years, Don was an active member of the Neighborhood Watch, Homeowners Association and the Ervin Family Reunion Committee.

Don was a man who took pride in upholding his beliefs. When he became active in community affairs, he did so in the same determined and forthright manner that he applied to other aspects of his life. Anything that involved improving and beautifying the neighborhood, he would take the lead. Politically, Don was a Democrat. He would often financially support any candidate he believed could make a positive change in communities.
Don's favorite vacation was any time he was visiting family in Chicago, IL, Indianola, MS, Sikeston, MO, Lafayette, LA, and all the various places he went to for family reunions.

Don medically retired in 1993, In retirement, he found new pleasure in taking care of grandchildren, renovating his home, spending weeks at a time with his sisters and neighborhood landscape projects.

Don passed away on May 4, 2021 at Pacifica House in Carlsbad, CA. Don fought a brave and valiant battle. He is survived by his wife, Mary; two daughters, Tamela and Regina; his grandchildren: Brooke, Tracy (Akemya), Ryan, Wayne III, Theodora, Benjamin, Donovan; one great granddaughter, Zendaya, with two great grandchildren on the way; his sisters: Bobbie, Ethel and Betty. On May 16, 2021, services were held at Little Chapel of the Roses at Glen Abbey. Don was laid to rest in Miramar National Cemetery in San Diego, CA on June 22, 2021.

Don Edward Ervin knew what he wanted from life and never hesitated in going after it. He could be characterized as a driven individual, someone who understood the importance of achievement. Don was decisive and outspoken at times but was also positive and upbeat about most things. He was a leader, both intentionally and sometimes by default. If he saw that something needed to be done, he was always ready to step up and actualize, organize and implement a plan.