Ann Baldino Koppie

12 enero , 19233 mayo , 2021

Ann Baldino Koppie January 12, 1923 - May 3, 2021

Ann had a difficult start in life. She lost her mother when she was seven years old. She was separated from her brother and lived in various houses until she was a teenager. In many of the houses Ann was not treated well. It was depression years which added to the problem. She was reunited with her father and brother when she was a teenager. Ann had to leave school in her sophomore year to care for her brother who was very ill. She did not mind as she loved him dearly. Ann went on to marry a wonderful caring man when she was 19 years old. She had five children; four surviving adulthood. How she learn to cook the delicious Italian meals; how she learn to sew dresses and even coats for the children is amazing as she had no one to teach her. She cooked three meals a day for her family . She washed the children’s clothes on a wash board and that included diapers. All her children grew to be successful in their chosen fields.

As the years progressed, Ann worked as a seamstress. Later her husband and she purchased and ran a luncheonette. It proved unwieldy when a jukebox was brought in. The crowds were too difficult to manage. After selling the store her husband retired. However he could not stay home. Bill purchased a frankfurter wagon even though his doctor advised him not to as he had a heart condition. Ann went to work as a postal clerk inside church street station Manhattan. Again Ann did not have it easy as she work shifts around the clock. Ann was a very strong woman both mentally and physically. She was also very wise. Always had the correct solution even when college educated family members did not. Ann was generous to a fault. Anyone who needed help she was there for them 100%. She never thought of herself. She was always on the move. Television was not her style. Ann would tackle painting the house, ceilings included, and any other kind of maintenance even into her 80s. If you asked her to go anywhere within a few minutes she was ready.

Ann lived in the same house from the time she was 13 years old to her demise. Her father and stepmother lived downstairs with her family upstairs. Every Sunday at 3 pm Ann and her stepmother served a three-course Italian meal plus pastries at the end. Aunts, uncles and cousins always drop by to join in. It was the family house. Ann is predeceased by her husband Bill and children Billy, Ester, and Linda. Her survivors are daughter Sandra and husband Steve, son Joseph and wife Marie. Grandchildren Deborah, David, Billy, Annie, Tonya. Great grandchildren Ashley, Deanna, Jennamarie, Dominique, Frankie, Gia, Nico, and Noella. Great-great granddaughter Emma and long-time companion, Artie. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to: Most Precious Blood - Saints Simon and Jude Church 185 Van Sicklen Street Brooklyn, New York. 11223


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    jueves, 6 mayo , 2021

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Ann Baldino Koppie


Janet Savona

16 julio , 2021

Ann was a wonderful woman with a kind and generous heart She loved her friends and family Always made the trip to both cemeteries to both of her daughters graves Not feeling well herself She made rents affordable for the average person and was not greedy for the dollar I always admired her May she RIP

Lois Becker

9 mayo , 2021

Dear Sandra,
I am sending my love to you and your family and thoughts of how amazing a woman your mother was.
I just read what a survivor she was and how she was such a self made and strong woman. There should be a book about her, she was a real hero.
And she produced you, another strong woman who is such a loving friend and such a good caring person.
I am so fortunate to be your friend. I love you and am so sorry for your loss.

selma aganovic

6 mayo , 2021

Dear Sandra,

Sending you our deepest condolences for the loss your mother.
Our thoghts and prayers are with you.


Selma and Zee