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Regina Daly

29 diciembre , 19659 diciembre , 2020
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Regina DALY, age 54, of Howell, New Jersey passed away on Wednesday, December 9, 2020. Regina was born December 29, 1965 in Brooklyn, NY.

Regina Daly, 54, Beloved wife, loving mother, cherished grandmother

Regina Daly, 54 of Howell NJ passed away on Wednesday December 9, 2020 due to COVID complications. Born on December 29th, 1965, in Brooklyn N.Y., she was the daughter of John and Elizabeth Morrisey. She was proudly a Pediatric Office Manager for many years. Regina loved to soak up the sun and spend her time by the pool. She loved to watch her shows and could always be found with a cup of Crystal Light Raspberry Iced Tea. But more than life itself Regina devoted her time to her children and grandchildren.

She was the beloved wife of Thomas Daly; loving mother of Stephanie, Jaye-Anne, Richard, Thomas, Rileigh; dear sister of Betty, Tom, Nicole, Shelly, Mari, Hector, Michael, Jessie, Kerry, and Joseph; cherished grandmother of Hayleigh, Ana, Bryson, Victor, Genesis, Jeremiah, and Travis; daughter in-law of Melvin and Mary; devoted aunt of Sam, Ryan, Liam, Michael, Jake, Brooke, Emma Megan, Ravyn, Joey, Mason, Madison, and Logan; precious niece of Mike, Carol, Marie, Bill, and Mary Ellen; a fun-loving cousin to many. A friend and mother to all, Regina was the light in every room. She will be deeply missed by her friends, family and all who knew her.

A memorial viewing service is scheduled for 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 12, 2020 at Joseph G Duffy/M.J. Smith Sons Funeral Home 255 9th St. Brooklyn, New York.


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    sábado, 12 diciembre , 2020


Regina Daly


Thomas Daly

14 febrero , 2021

Dear Regina, my wife
Today marks our first Valentines Day in which we are not together

I miss you so much
Not a second, minute , hour, day goes by that your not at the top of my mind

Our children are wonderful as we try and keep each other strong . Our family checks in on me minimally weekly and the Earley Family brings me dinner every Sunday - AMAZING

As I drip water from my eyes writing this all I think of especially now is how much I love you and miss you

Geez, it s Valentines Day , February and God took you in December - IT FEELS LIKE 10 YEARS MY HEART IS SO BROKE. AND I MISS YOU SO MUCH

I have tried hard to be the strength we both had together as a strong unit Mom/Dad TOGETHER but it’s very tough , you are needed , you were my strength , maybe I did not tell you enough but I’m saying it again , I stay strong because of YOU and now I’m trying even more as not requested But Our children need me and I WONT LET US DOWN !!

I honestly can not believe the strength we have in our children , they have so much of YOUR heart and determination as they are so worried about me ! I know they are making you proud

I WILL NEVER !! Never understand why God would ever take you

I pray to and for you every day
I love you so much , your husband

Thomas Daly

1 enero , 2021

Regina , my wife
Happy New Year in Heaven !! 2021

It’s not the same and never will be

Every year I started off with a kiss at midnight with my best freind And it did not happen this year

God had other plans

I miss you so much as I spent the midnight hour with Thomas & Rileigh and we will continue to do our best to make you proud !

I can’t explain how difficult this has been as it’s less then a month but our entire family and friends have been SO SUPPORTIVE!!

Love you so much as I look forward to one day looking you again in the eye and showing you how much i always loved you

Going through some items I found blank father day cards you purchased already “ honey it’s December “ Father’s Day is in May - lol , only you

Love you so much
Tommy , your husband

Mary Bevacqua

29 diciembre , 2020

Regina and I became quick friends every time we were at Dr Trogan’s office -not a friend a sister! You always count on and trust We shared many laughs , great memories at breakfast and the beach! We both loved the beach. Her laugh and personality will always be remembered -my dear sister I will never forget you 🥰 I will keep your memory alive in all the things we do -may you always watch over your family and rest my forever friend and sister♥️

Thomas Daly

29 diciembre , 2020

Happy Birthday to my Best Freind, my wife Regina
Today December 29th would make you 55 years old

I remember your 50th Birthday so clearly as I gave you a 4x4 foot blown up AARP Card, You laughed so hard but originally was so angry that it turned into laughter , it was a surprise in a Rumson restaurant that the family jumped out and surprised you

I also remember your 40th Birthday so clearly , I surprised you with about 75 people hiding in our house as you Opened our front door and the lights turned on and all guests jumped out screaming “ Happy Birthday “ your face was priceless

I remember clearly the outfit you wore at each event , you were beyond beautiful as usual - GORGEOUS!!!!!

All good memories my Angel , I do miss you so much as I try and type this clearly with wet eyes

I’ll always be your best Freind and know you are mine , not good bye I’ll reach out to you again soon , just wanted to let you know your always on my mind and thank you for making me a strong person - YOU Gave me more then I could ever imagine and blessed me with beautiful children that are striving to be there best - ALL YOU HONEY , Thank you

We all acknowledge you several times a day as you sit in the urn by the front door of our home , I feel your presence daily

I love YOU so much

Happy Birthday , I love you

Thomas Daly

25 diciembre , 2020

Regina , my love
My wife

Merry Christmas, I miss you so much
Our first Christmas apart physically and the pain in not bearable

Your my best freind and I would give anything to hold your hand one more time . The tradition of setting up under the tree tonight and waking up to the children’s faces will not be there

I shared this together with my best freind YOU and it has been taken away from us , it hurts so much

I did my best with some presents for the children and received a welcome surprise from Tom, Betty & Niki . Under these circumstances they took upon themself and helped out . Wow , what a family . They went out of there way and picked up several nice surprises that the children will open in the morning . I knew nothing until I was half way home after there fish feast this evening

Again , I say what a FAMILY

Regina , I love and miss you so much
Please know , I look forward to looking into your eyes again one day and letting you know how much I love you and miss you

I knew I loved you when we were together but to think a person can miss a person the way I miss you is not explainable

I love & miss you so much
Love your husband & Best freind,

Christine Capaci

16 diciembre , 2020

Dear Thomas and Family,

Sam and I are so saddened to hear this news of the loss of your wonderful wife. Please know that we our hearts break for you and for your family. May her light and love bring you comfort and please know we are thinking and praying for you all.

Christine Capaci and Sam Hendrickson

Margaret Hooper

12 diciembre , 2020

My forever friend Regina you will be missed and the memories will be cherished forever and ever. When I first heard the words celebrate their life when someone dies, I just couldn’t connect to it because I was so deep in the sadness of the loss as I am now, but losing you has has given me a complete understanding of celebrating a life, You my friend I will celebrate going forward when the tears dry up, in stories about my memories of our friendship and by staying for just one more, lol, I will hear your words “Ya can’t worry about everything Maggie” and “just do it Maggie” lol.
Your personality and zest for everything in life screams celebration, Your bright and colorful existence will always shine when I think of you.
Your parting words of I love you girl I will hold on to forever. Rest In Peace my friend❤️
Love you too❤️❤️
Margaret (Maggie) Hooper😊

Wendy Farrell Hemminger

11 diciembre , 2020

We are so sorry for your loss. My heart is so heavy, just trying to understand what you all are going through. My earliest memories are with Gigi, Betty, Niki and of course my God Parents, Aunt Cookie and Uncle Jay. I have the best memories from Birthdays, Halloweens, Holidays, weekend sleepovers, to summers at the CYO to playing Man Hunt in our close neighborhood the friendships we made are life long. Last night I was thinking of a time I went to the house and Regina was making dinner, my Aunt was at work and she was cutting Onions, I did not know that onions can make you cry, hey I was 14 I did not know. I asked her what is the matter, are you ok? Why are you crying? She said nothing is wrong it is because of the onions. No really what is the matter, why are you crying you can tell me? Regina started laughing, Wendy I promise it is because of the onions, you dont know this? Here you chop this onion, those were the strongest onions I ever chopped, my eyes started burning and tearing up, oh hell no, you finish this I told her and we laughed so hard, she said you have it to easy I am going to tell your Mom you need to help her more. We sat there talking about Stephanie 1st Birthday that was going to be happening, just a moment in time that just came to me. My life changed soon after that we moved to New Mexico, and like my Aunt Cookie would say, my God they might as well have moved you to Mars. We recently reconnected and I will always be grateful for that. I will love you always and forever Regina, please give our Parents big kisses for me.

Karen & Joe Pullara

11 diciembre , 2020

I first met Regina at the annual McKenna Christmas party, and always had a great time with her! She would always say”hey girl” condolences to the entire family🙏🙏🙏

Karolyn Earley

11 diciembre , 2020

Our families have shared so many laughs and so many wonderful times together. There was no better party than a Daly party! Regina treated EVERYONE as family. Our great times together started many years ago. Thank you giving us those beautiful memories. They will always make us smile. The whole Daly clan is in our prayers and forever our family.

The world has lost the brightest ray of light. And heaven has the sweetest, kindest and funniest angel.

Rest peacefully my beautiful friend. Love you Regina.
Love, Dave, Karolyn and Julia Earley