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Joan W. Stuber

9 mayo , 193230 diciembre , 2019

Joan W. Stuber We are here to celebrate the life of Joan W. Stuber, who left this earth evening of December 30, 2019. Joan was born in Kiowa May 9th 1932, to Arthur & Irene Abbey. She is survived by sisters: Ruth, Lorraine, Janice and brother Douglas. Her children: Katherine/Tom Knowles, Dale Southworth, Lynette/Paul Farrar, James Green, Marie/Chuck Moyer, Matthew/Nancy Koch and Mary Brandt. She has twenty three grandchildren, forty three great grandchildren and five great great children. Joan quit school in the eighth grade to take a job in town. Joan has worked most all her life, beginning at a young age doing housekeeping for room and board. From there, Joan wore many hats from waitress, short order cook, she worked for Pepsi bottling company for a short time, even driving a stock car (painted pink and black check) until they found out how old she was, all this while raising children. She survived the flood of 1957 where she and her children had to be rescued by and Army helicopter. She also survived the Big Thompson Canyon flood during a church camp, assisting others who were with her. Her family meant the world to her and she rejoiced each time they gathered for dinners, picnics and our family musical jam sessions. She enjoyed watching her grand children succeed and grow into the young people they have become, she was very proud of each one but quickly would not hesitate to correct them if they got out of line. Joan has been known to search for a long limb or a ladder to put into the dumpster at the apartment where she lived to rescue the little raccoons that couldn’t get out by themselves. She was a real animal lover. However, she questioned her love for animals while taking a walk at Christmas in Elizabeth, while worrying about the school bus coming close to her she was unaware she was directly in the path of a running heard of deer. By the time she reached her destination she was convinced that the song ‘Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer’ was a true story. Joan was an avid dog lover, her most precious pup was of course was Bobby, he went everywhere with her. He was like another child, making sure he had his bacon every morning and canned chicken for dinner, then wondered why he wouldn’t eat dog food. They could be seen anywhere, from the grocery store, the nursing home, hospitals, and all family gatherings. Her most recent four legged friend is Missy, and like Bobby is spoiled. Joan enjoyed gatherings such as church, cowboy camp meetings, after church brunch with family and friends, senior citizens group, home extension club and of course the county fair. She had many hobbies, painting, drawing, crocheting, and gardening. She loved to play BINGO! Her doctor found out that he was not to interrupt her Bingo game, it was written on her chart. She greatly enjoyed baking of all kinds, making Christmas candy was an annual event, making many many wedding cakes for folks in the community, the baking of cakes was the main support for her then four youngest children. She lived in many states from one coast to the other, however she always called Kiowa her home. She lived on the old family ranch as a care taker for many years. After retirement she moved to Hugo for fourteen years, then back to her home in Kiowa. In her long life Joan was a true survivor, overcoming many challenges. Through her life and all the challenges she loved and raised eight children who will miss her greatly. She was preceded in death by brother Duane, son Mark and parents Arthur & Irene (Abbey) Goranson.

Please join us in the celebration of Joan, January 4th, 2020 at the Kiowa Creek Community Church, Cheyenne Street, Kiowa, Colorado at 11 A.M.


  • Tad Knowles
  • Luke Koch
  • Ben Farrar
  • Tim Koch
  • Trenton Allen
  • Ty Allen
  • Gavin Moyer, Honorary Pallbearer


  • Visitation viernes, 3 enero , 2020
  • Funeral Service sábado, 4 enero , 2020
  • Committal Service sábado, 4 enero , 2020


Joan W. Stuber


Stephen Hurm

21 enero , 2020

I did not know Mrs. Stuber, but have the good fortune to work with her daughter, Marie Moyer. Based on Marie's character, wisdom, and strength, her mother was surely an amazing woman. Rest in peace.

Mary Brandt

8 enero , 2020

There are so many memories... I use to love watching her and aunt Ruth in the kitchen. Those two woman were the funniest ever! Its a wonder that got anything done!

I remember as a little kid about 5 or 6, Mama would put me in the counter while she was cooking, well one day she was making mini cherry 🍒 pies. 🤤 and she told me to put the little pie on the cookie sheet, well, we all know how GOOD homemake pie crust is... well, I picked up the little pie took a bit and placed it on the cookie sheet. My Mama laughed so hard, then said. “That one is yours!” We went back to making little lies.

Or the times when we were go get eggs from the farm. I was allowed to sit on her lap and drive. That was a blast!! Thats what makes growing up in the country better than the city. You can do such things as at. 😁

My Mama was a strong lady, who raised strong woman, and they raised strong woman, and so on and so on...
Love you Mama, it wont be Long, Jesus’ is fixin to come get us all.... see ya soon. 😊❤️😊

Erica Brandt

2 enero , 2020

I will always remember all the big family occasions at the ranch. Whether it was a wedding, a reunion, christmas or easter. Family meant so much to all of us for so long and always meant the world to grandma. Those gatherings were the absolute best part of my childhood and I wall always cherish those. Go rest high on that mountain grandma. Always loved, and cherished


Rebecca Bradley

2 enero , 2020

Growing up with Mary and Mark, Joan was like a second mama to me and a good friend to my folks (Don and Pat). Best memories ever? Coming in from playing army or something similar to a warm meal.

She was loved here on this earth and she is singing with the angels now, while wrapping her arms around her son.

Benjamin Farrar

1 enero , 2020

Grandma, I will miss you very dearly. Every Christmas Eve church service we sing Silent Night, and every year it reminds me of the one time that you and I sat at your piano on a cold winter night with you playing and sing it for me. I love you.