John Francis Ehrgott

8 diciembre , 194121 julio , 2018

John Francis Ehrgott came into this world on December 8, 1941, the day after Pearl Harbor and passed away peacefully at home on July 21, 2018 after a 4 ½ year battle with lung cancer.

He is survived by his wife, Sharon, and sister Mary Alice Boden (George) and many nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents, John F. and Adeline Ehrgott and sister, Terry Grimes.

John attended Most Holy Trinity High School in Brooklyn and following graduation enlisted in the Navy. John loved the Navy and loved being at sea. He was stationed aboard the air craft carrier, Essex and worked in aviation electronics.

During his service in the ‘60s, the Essex was on the way to Guantanamo for maneuvers when they were pulled into the Cuban missile blockade, and he was in the Indian Ocean when President Kennedy was killed.

On November 13, 1964 following his service, John married Evelyn Lewis and moved from New York City to Good Hope, Illinois. In New York there were more people on his block than the whole town of Good Hope.

John attended Spoon River College and went on to the University of Illinois, graduating with a EE degree with computer specialty. He worked at Grumman Aerospace and Martin Marietta in Denver, then moved to San Jose California and worked for Memorex. When John and Evelyn decided to separate, he moved to Castle Rock and over the course of his career worked for Digital Equipment, Connor Peripherals, Logistics, Apple and Sanmina SCI. He “retired” several times, and people kept calling him to come back to work if he was tired of the vacation.

John and Sharon were married on July 7, 1990. Thereafter, on the 7th of each month, John would send Sharon flowers. Mexico was a favorite place to travel, and fortunately, they made one more trip at the end of April to Cabo San Lucas.

He will be most remembered for his kindness, sense of humor and upbeat outlook on life. When he was diagnosed with cancer in January 2014, he told his best friend, Mike, that it was another adventure. Mike said “are you nuts? You have cancer”. John’s response was some adventures are good and some not so much. He always found a way to make people laugh and will be missed more than words can say. He will be loved forever.

God Speed on your biggest adventure, John!

In lieu of flowers donations may be made in John's name to the charity of your choice or to the Fraternal Order of Eagles (FOE 3947) to be used for whatever charities they are working on or the building fund.


  • the charity of your choice or to the Fraternal Order of Eagles (FOE 3947) to be used for whatever charities they are working on or the building fund.


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John Francis Ehrgott


Alejandro Corona

22 julio , 2020

I worked with John for many years, where we created an amazing friendship including Sharon and my family as well.
He was someone that teach me more than what I was expected and help me to perform my work in the best possible way. I never was a co-worker I was his friend and he was mine. We spend long days working and long nights talking.

My respects to him and to Sharon.

Joan Millspaugh

27 agosto , 2018

Rather it is expected, prayed for or unexpected, this is so very hard. I met Sharon in water aerobics and then met John at Diane's exercise class. He was always willing to take the mats from you and put them away. I remember his smile and telling us that he had his own private person that helped him do the exercises in a the pool. Plus he always got a kiss afterwards. Special moments to always remember Sharon. Hugs to you!

CWO3 Robert Rotruck

5 agosto , 2018

I will cherish the energy and enthusiasm of John and Sharon to raise the funds at the Fraternal Order of the Eagles to purchase a flagpole for the Douglas County Veterans Monument Foundation. Thank you! Fair winds and smooth seas Shipmate!

Bob Cassidy

31 julio , 2018

It was Saturday morning and I was going over last Sunday’s job classifieds. “Memorex Open House”, hmm… I thought “It’s Saturday - I’m not going to get all dressed up for one of those”. But what the heck, I showered, put on a 3-piece suit, a $100 tie, and went to Santa Clara. The recruiter said they didn’t have a current position for me, made apologies, said “excuse me while I make a call”, returned with directions to another building, “ask for John”.
And that is how I met John Ehrgott 36 years ago (working on a Saturday). John showed me around and had me meet his boss. They made the offer on Monday for Engineering Manager. The backstory was that the recruiter (bless her heart) told John “I have a live one” - John was the current manager but preferred Senior Engineer, and saw the chance to hire me to be his boss. Ah, John, those were the days. We became fast friends due to our willingness to cut through the manufacturing dogma, our low-key irreverent humor about most everything, and Red Beer.
In 1984 I went to work for DEC in MA as Northeast Technology Manager with the Colorado Springs DEC plant as my main customer. A few years later John is there as Senior Engineer guru for large drive servos. I did visit the plant (and John in Castle rock) at times and our great and respectful friendship grew. We took a business trip to Phoenix once, got there early enough to play 9 holes before dinner – we bought hats, playing in a downpour, laughing. I still keep that hat in my golf bag “just in case”.
Ah, John, those were the days. I will keep those and many others in my mind and in my stories, as I think of what true friends you and Sharon are to me, making me welcome all these years. I am honored to be included in your many friends. A loving husband, a respected friend and all around good guy who could reduce a problem to an easy chuckle - you may have passed, but you will never be away.
I miss you John,

Greg Hoffman

30 julio , 2018

Worked with John at DEC, Apple and SCI Systems. Such a positive guy and always enjoyed working with him. Will never forget his infectious smile and laughter. Miss you brother.

Carl McClure

29 julio , 2018

I worked for John at Digital Equipment Corp in the late 80’s to early 90’s. John was an excellent manager and a great influence on my career. John was one of the good ones! Thanks

Rafael Gutierrez

29 julio , 2018

Had the privilege to work with John at Digital. Outstanding person and always willing to help others. A true friend...

Rafael Gutierrez

Robert McDevitt

29 julio , 2018

I work with and for John at DEC as DEC was grinding down. I asked John when he and I were the last people in the work center, what you think we should do? He said take care of yourself and see you latter. He left soon there after and I went on to retire. Never saw him after that, but he left a big mark in my heart. I am sure he is looking down on me now and saying oh my god. Rest in peace John

Evelyn Martin

28 julio , 2018

I have known John for 54 years and he will always hold a space in my heart. He was one of the good guys and will be missed by many.

Douglas Slack

26 julio , 2018

I worked with John merging two computer systems for processing telemetry data. He was a good friend and a good guy. I enjoyed working with him and learned a lot from him. This was at Martin Marietta. Rest in peace John.