Patrick "Rocco" Biernat

19 octubre , 194724 septiembre , 2022
 Obituario de Patrick "Rocco" Biernat
Patrick “Rocco” Biernat, also known by “Rocco” or “Babe” passed away on Saturday September 24th, 2022 at the age of 74 in Denver Colorado of natural causes. Rocco was a father, brother, grandfather, great-grandfather, uncle, friend and a hero. He was born in Chicago Illinois on October 19th, 1947 to Helen and Phillip Biernat. He had two brothers and one sister. He is survived by his brother Terry Biernat. He is also survived by his two children Angela Biernat and Patrick Biernat Jr. along by daughters by heart Sarah and Joni. He is also survived by his 8 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. Born and raised in Chicago he got the nick name “Babe”. He was drafted into the army to defend our country in VietNam. He earned and received many honors not only from The United States but from VietNam as well. Honorably discharged in 1974. In the Union of marriage, he had two children. He moved his family to Colorado in 1978 and worked for Public Service, where he received the nick-name “Rocco”, and retired 39 years later from there. He lived in Brush CO for 6 years and then moved to the mountains, which was a dream of his, to Coal Creek Canyon. After a few years, he moved to Bailey CO, built the Rocken B Ranch, and lived there for 25 years, the rest of his life. Rocco loved each and every day doing what he loved: spending time with his family, friends, riding and training horses, hunting, fishing, camping, shooting, building and collecting firearms and helping others, which made his life’s stories so interesting and entertaining. He made friends wherever he went. From growing up in Chicago, being mischievous with the time spent and what he had done in the gangs (he is even in a book that is published Chicagohoodz Chicago Street Gamgs Art & Culture) the times he had with his family, the stories of his days in VietNam, to the hunting trips with his many friends The camping trips and vacations with his family and or his friends, to the holidays and all the days in between, Rocco was an amazing person with a huge heart, beautiful spirit, a contagious smile and a laugh that shared only love, joy and orneriness. With that twinkle in his eye, depending on what he was about to do or had done, showed if it was angelic or a lil devilish. It was his way and no other way. The world was at his hands. When God made my dad, He knew He wouldn’t make another like he. So he broke that mold, smiled, and said “He is one of a kind” My dad's smile, laugh, warm heart, God loving spirit will live forever within our hearts, thoughts, and memories. As he has always said, “IT IS WHAT IT IS, OKEE DOKEE… .” Not only I but I know my dad, Rocco, would like to thank all who was a part of his life in one way or another. For each and every one of you held a special place in his heart. And, as he would also say “ADIOSEEE” HE WILL BE SEEING YOU AGAIN…” God Bless…

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