Aurise Virginia Soman

3 octubre , 19182 septiembre , 2020

Aurise was born October 3rd, 1918 in Riviere Qui Barre, Alberta to Alphonse Joseph Canuel and Ann Flora Belanger. This was their first child but not their last. Aurise was the oldest of 15 children and was the second mom to most while at home. Aurise met the love of her life, Richard Charles Soman and they married on July 2nd, 1951 and resided in Armstong, B.C. They adopted a daughter Carol-Ann and a son Edward. In 1961, the family moved to Nanaimo, B.C., where they were partners with her brother-in-law Claude and sister Helen, operating a Texaco Gas Station. In 1969, they moved to Oliver, B.C. Richard began working in Penticton, B.C., at a mobile home plant and Aurise started a home day care center. In 1971, they decided to move to Pentiction, B.C., closer to work for Richard. Aurise started up a day care center in Penticton and kept it going by herself most of the time with up to 20 children, including 2 or 3 under the age of 1 year for the next 14 years until they both retired.

Aurise & Richard enjoyed life to the fullest and were lucky to enjoy a few years of travelling. Including 2 trips to Alaska, one with Richard's brother Lenard & Mary Soman and again with Aurise's brother Raymond & Doreen Canuel. In 1992, they sold their home in Penticton, B.C., and relocated to Chilliwack, B.C. Richard passed away in 2005 after 54 years of marriage. Aurise stayed in Chilliwack, and cared for herself until 2012 (age 93). When she was unable to manage on her own any longer, she moved in to her son Edward's place in Surrey, B.C. In 2015, Aurise moved into Elim Village in Surrey, B.C., who provided her exceptional care and support that she needed. The staff all loved her and she loved them and was a resident there until her passing.

INTERESTS: Aurise loved her life, and every person that entered it. If you were somehow associated with her in anyway, you were so fortunate to know her and knew the kind of person she was. She was a CWL member since 1951. She loved children, dogs, travel, cooking and cherished her family near and far.

Heaven has received a true angel.



Aurise Virginia Soman


Theresa McCurry

24 septiembre , 2020

David and Alida send their condolences to the family from Penticton. The Soman’s were a big help to my parents who as immigrants had no family support. We were well cared for by Aurise and I was so happy to see her celebrating her 100th.

David Niffikeer

18 septiembre , 2020

Our condolences to the Soman Family from David Niffikeer and family.

Gerry Pement

18 septiembre , 2020

Aunt Aurise lived on Vancouver Island at Nanaimo for 7 years 1960 to 1967. My Dad Claude and Uncle Dick were Partners running Nu-Way Texaco a old fashioned Service Station. My dad ran the Garage solo for 2 years prior. I got to know Aunty Aurise very well in those 7 years. She was always like a second mother to Lorraine and I . I unfortunately cannot attend in person. I will be at her Requiem Mass on line this afternoon. I send my condolences to My Cousins Ed and Carol Ann.
Your Cousin

Allen Canuel

18 septiembre , 2020

Ed, I remember the time Rosemary and I came to visit Aunt a couple years before her 100th birthday. We met you at her place on a Friday for lunch which meant KFC. While we were having lunch Rosemary and I told her about our tour of the fish cannery in Steveston. All of a sudden Aunt says "I hate fish!' This was strongest word I'd ever heard Aunt use! She went on to explain that her and her sisters had worked in the fish canneries when they were young women. It was a terrible job! Smelly and cold. What I remember most is the part about cold feet. The cannery was built above the water so no insulation beneath the wood floor they stood on. To keep their feet warm they stood in tubs of warm water! Since that day I have that imagine of her standing in a tub of water processing fish. I'm pretty sure Aunt, you won't have to eat fish in heaven either!

Ginger Taylor

17 septiembre , 2020

My mom was #3 of the 15 . I heard many stories from my mom of their growing up times. We were so lucky to be able to visit her in Chilliwack and later in Surrey. She loved telling stories of her youth and of my mom. I’d like to share one of Uncle Elphege sp and family when they came to visit Grandma & Grandpa he would bring a bag of peanuts and spread them on the floor for all the kids to keep them busy while the grownups visited. I could picture them with all those peanuts. We will miss her more than words could say. Knowing she is in paradise with Uncle Dick and Family so many Hugs is comforting. Carol Ann and Edward you were everything . She was so Blessed and so were all that knew her. Love Love you Aunt Aurise . Also I was named after her Virginia and one of her many Goddaughters ❤️❤️

Marlene Lavin (nee: Canuel)

16 septiembre , 2020

Aunt Aurise - there are no words as grand as you are. Always kind, funny, classy and a true angel and sharp as a tack! One story I was told about Aunt was her sisters nicknamed her ‘The Sargent’ as she patrolled underneath their window to keep them from leaving. I was always in awe of her salt and pepper shaker, so many. And who can forget her hanging egg chair. It was always a race to be the first to sit in it when we came to visit. Another memory is we were at a wedding with Aunt Aurise and another elderly lady was having trouble holding her plate of food so my husband jumped up to help the lady carry her plate to her table. The lady cracked her cane at my husband and said ‘just cause I’m 90, doesn’t mean I can’t carry my plate’. My husband came and sat back down after the scolding and Aunt Aurise says loudly ‘she’s a liar, she’s not 90, she’s 93!’ We laughed so hard at her comment. We often tell that story to friends. RIP Aunt Aurise! You are loved and missed by many, we love you. Xoxo

Jacqueline De Best

16 septiembre , 2020

Just a quick note about my Auntie. My mom Tena Was Aurice’s younger sister . Like Ed my brother Hewitt and I grew up spending summer holidays and my dads holidays travelling around camping and visiting our family all over. We would always go and visit Auntie Aurise and Uncle Dick and carol ann and. Edward in Penticton BC. . Barbecues with huge steaks were a vivid memory and breakfast with Auntie Aurice’s amazing home made waffles is what I remember . She was a straight forward said it as it was but in a soft way Aunt. Her affinity to remember birthdays of us all and details of family events was incredible! Right up to the end! She will be missed but is already with her husband and siblings having a grand time together I am sure.

Ed Soman

15 septiembre , 2020

I could never of had a better mother or father. Mom was nominated and won an award for super mom of the year, that she truly was. She loved her family and most vacations was traveling to see relatives all over. I didn't mind and looked forward to it because I always had someone to play with or do something. It was never a boring trip no matter where we went. Most of the time they would be looking for me when it was time to leave. So many memories and so many times. She could not understand when others would be mad at each other after 24 hours. She liked to say " Just forget about it." When she got upset, she would seem to remember how to speak French. Then chuckle as we had no idea what it meant. She is now with the love of her life for eternity, Richard playing music with his brother and sisters, with mom enjoying it with her family and friends. Love you Mom, you are a true Saint. Till we meet again. Edward

Ed Soman

15 septiembre , 2020

I could of never asked for better parents. Mom won an award after

Lorraine Stephenson

11 septiembre , 2020

Aunt Aurise was an inspiration to all who had the good fortune of knowing her. My Mom, Helen, was the next in line of the 15 children, born exactly 1 year later. Since my father and Aurise's husband became partners in business, I grew up with Aunt Aurise being a big part of my life. The 2 sisters were very close and did everything together. Many summer memories of going to the beach, (Departure Bay) in Nanaimo where all of us took swimming lessons. Mom & Aunt Aurise enrolled Carol Ann & I in dancing lessons. When it came time for our little recital, Aunt Aurise created all the marvelous costumes for many of the students. Her creativity was amazing! Mom and her often went to rummage sales and picked up old dresses that they would tear apart and Auntie would make clothes for Carol Ann and I. There's just one thing that I always wondered, now no one is here to ask....".Why were you and Mom always late picking us up when we attended St Ann's Convent"? Too funny!, and back then it wasn't so dangerous for 4 kids to be left unattended after school. We did have fun while waiting. Saying goodbye is never easy, but I know that you're in good hands flying with the angels....7 sisters and 4 brothers are pretty excited to see you again. Love you, Auntie!


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