David Michael DONATELLI

13 octubre , 19557 junio , 2019

David Michael DONATELLI nació el 13 octubre , 1955 y falleció el 7 junio , 2019.


  • Memorial Service domingo, 23 junio , 2019


David Michael DONATELLI


Kathy Atkinson

23 junio , 2019

Long time school friend. And years of band class. Will miss you my friend.

Leona Gamache

23 junio , 2019

David was my favourite cousin. He had a heart of gold and was very generous and honest person. He was also a good dancer. I can't believe he's gone far too soon.

Deb Wardle (Donatelli)

13 junio , 2019

Cousins are our first friends and Dave was my first friend, and "double" cousin as he would proudly introduce me, as we grew up together as next door neighbours in Silverdale.
He taught me to ride a bike, we played countless hours of crib, he could eat ALL of us kids under the table on Shrove Tuesday, his fish tanks were works of beauty, and while he was not great on the saxophone he was deadly at playing pool!
In later years, we shared a love of photography, old family photos and especially family history. Dave discovered our grandfather Franco was in WW1 and that there were LaPierre's in Canada all the way back in early 1700's.
He was a supportive dad and proud grandfather, a devoted husband and tireless promoter of his wife's work, a friend to all who asked for his help, a humble, gentle soul who loved family, scratch tickets and spaghetti.
While we thought you were coming home this week, Dave, I know you ARE home with your beautiful mother and at peace. God bless you, I will miss you.

Vina Beauchamp

12 junio , 2019

I have so many amazing memories of my Dad, but one that really stands out is from when I was in grade 1 or 2. I took my Cabbage Patch doll to school for show and tell and left her there. I was devastated when I was going to bed and she wasn’t with me. In the night my Dad went to the school and knocked on the doors until the janitor answered. He brought Rosanna home to me and I woke up with her in my arms. My Dad always did what ever he could to make us happy and to see us smile. I love you Dad❤️