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Tammy Dell Pippin

9 septiembre , 19686 enero , 2021
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Tammy Dell (Hinton) Pippin was born September 9, 1968 in Pascagoula, MS to Cecil Wade Hinton and Rae Machelle (Bullock) Hinton. Tammy passed away on January 6, 2021 in Memphis, TN from complications of Covid.

Tammy is survived by her husband Jesse Pippin, daughter Michaela Cheyenne Tomlin (Ian Baillie), stepchildren Joshua (Cassandra) Pippin, Chelsea Pippin and Jesse Pippin III. She is also survived by her parents Cecil and Rae Hinton, siblings Wade (Sondra) Hinton, Susan (James) Johnson. Tammy has six grandchildren, Raelin, Ava, Delainie-Leigh, Zachary Baillie, and Izabelle and Brantley Pippin, and eight beloved nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her Grandparents, Dorothy and Reuben Bullock, and Laura and Bernice Hinton, and recently cousin Keitha Sprinkle and beloved Aunt Tressie (Bullock) Vick and Aunt Betty Mae (Hinton) Lester.

Tammy was a loving and faithful wife and Jesse’s best friend. Tammy was a doting mother and grandmother, who was known to her grandbabies as Sassy. Tammy was a dedicated daughter, a devoted sister, and a dependable friend to many. Tammy had a presence and laugh that would fill a room and a love for life that infected all those who knew her. Tammy never met a stranger; she treated everyone as if she had always known them. Tammy and Jesse enjoyed riding their motorcycle together, visiting family and friends and spending time at their camper. She really enjoyed spending time with her family, her friends, and especially loving on her grandbabies. Tammy also enjoyed playing with her three fur babies Taz, Reese and Buddy. Tammy was a longtime employee of The Lilly Company in Memphis, TN., where she worked as a Service Coordinator for the past 23 years.

The visitation will be held on Tuesday, January 19th from 5pm to 7pm at Collierville Funeral Home. Tammy’s funeral service will be held on January 20th with the visitation at 12pm followed by the service at 1pm. Tammy will be laid to rest in the West Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery in Memphis, TN.

Tammy was loved by many, and she will be deeply missed by all.


  • Cecil Wade Hinton and Rae Machelle (Bullock) Hinton, Parents
  • Jesse Pippin, Husband
  • Michaela Cheyenne Tomlin (Ian Baillie), Daughter
  • Joshua (Cassandra) Pippin, Chelsea Pippin and Jesse Pippin III, Stepchildren
  • Wade (Sondra) Hinton and Susan (James) Johnson, Siblings
  • Raelin, Ava, Delainie-Leigh, Zachary Baillie, and Izabelle and Brantley Pippin, Grandchildren
  • Dorothy and Reuben Bullock, Grandparents (deceased)
  • Laura and Bernice Hinton, Grandparents (deceased)
  • Keitha Sprinkle, Cousin (deceased)
  • Tressie (Bullock) Vick, Beloved Aunt (deceased)
  • Betty Mae (Hinton) Lester, Aunt (deceased)
  • She also leaves eight beloved nieces and nephews to cherish her memory.


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Tammy Dell Pippin


Cindy Glaskox Boudraux

24 enero , 2021

Im so sorry for your loss praying for comfort and peace Tammy was a wonderful person inside out she was always smiling and never met a stranger..we love yall and praying 🙏 for all of you..

Patricia Pippin

22 enero , 2021

When Jesse and Tammy married, I could see how much they loved each other...

Jesse brought Tammy and her little red-headed granddaughter, Raelin, to our family reunion in Cookville, TN. I could see her devotion to my son and her grand baby. She loved her family so much.

They were going to spend Christmas with me in 2019, as my husband passed away 3 months before and I wanted Jesse and Tammy to be here with me for that first Christmas without him. It didn’t turn out the way we planned, as Jesse ended up in the hospital on a ventilator and required surgery on his brain. It was then that I saw how very much Tammy loved my son, for she stayed at the hospital night and day to be with him and make sure he was cared for. Tammy had a kind and loving heart. She never doubted and stayed positive. She knew he was going to be fine and that he was coming home. She had great faith and I appreciated her more than she will ever know.

I know my son’s heart is broken; he loves her with all his heart and always will. I pray the Lord gives peace and comfort to Jesse and Tammy’s family during this difficult time.

Tammy is and always will be loved by me and our family.

Rest In Peace Tammy, we love you.

Brenda Pippin

22 enero , 2021

Brenda Pippin

22 enero , 2021

Brenda Pippin

22 enero , 2021

Leo (Dale) Monteer

20 enero , 2021

Tammy was a kind soul. The first time I met her, she welcomed me into her home, we dined, and her, Jesse and I sat and talked in the living room for hours. She was one of those friends you just hadn’t met yet. May the Lord welcome you, bless you and keep you.

Donald Westerman

20 enero , 2021


What we have once enjoyed we can never lose... All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.

Thank you for being so kind to us during your visit to Louisville KY

Donnie and Lisa Westerman

Joseph Bitz

20 enero , 2021

Thank you Tammy for sharing your smile, laugh, thoughtfulness and your precious time with me and our family. When I look back at the memories of you, you were always giving and truly enjoyed being with your family and friends.

We are ALL better because we knew you and I pray that we continue to grow in appreciating the simple things that you simply cherished.

We will miss you but I'm happy to know that our loving GOD has taken your sweet spirit into HIS kingdom. You are cherished and I pray we open our hearts more often to the love, kindness and humbleness that you showed me and many others.

I pray your husband Jesse, your exceptional family and your dear friends can find peace and may we live this life to the fullest. We know you would want us to do just that. Thank you sweet Tammy!

The Bitz's ~ Joe, Tracie, Micah, Jacob, Savannah and Cole

Annette Pitts

19 enero , 2021


Annette Pitts

19 enero , 2021

Such a beautiful smile!



Tammy’s Eulogy

Good afternoon, I want to thank everyone for coming to pay your last respects to Tammy.
I’m Jesse Pippin, the luckiest man in the world, for the last 9 years I’ve been with and married to for almost 6 years the most amazing, loving, caring, charming, sensitive, loyal, dedicated and beautiful woman in the world, my wife Tammy Dell Pippin.

Tammy Dell Pippin, a daughter, granddaughter, niece, cousin, sister, mother, aunt, daughter in law, sister in law, sassy (grandmother) and
My beloved wife, soul mate and best friend lost her life on January 6th 2021.

I want everyone to know Tammy fought hard, she gave absolutely everything she had fighting that terrible virus, just know Tammy fought the fight. I know, I was there.

The hurt I’m feeling right now is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, I wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone.

I cannot imagine the pain Tammy’s loving parents are feeling. My heart hurts for you both.
I hurt for Michaela in the loss of your mother and for Wade and Susanne in the loss of your sister.

The hurt I’m feeling won’t ever go away, I’ll never stop loving, missing and thinking about the most amazing person to ever come into my life, my wife, Tammy Dell Pippin.

I hope someday, to be able to focus more on all the great things Tammy and I have done together and replace the hurt with the funny and great memories I have of the most beautiful woman in the world, Tammy.
I’ll treasure those memories until the day I can once again be with my (B.E.B.D) (brown eyed baby doll. )

I would have traded places with Tammy in a second if I could have.

The year was 1968 it’s labeled the year that shattered America.
Here’s some information about 1968.
I my opinion the greatest civil rights leader, one who wanted equal rights for all races and was adamantly against violence at any protest, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was assassinated, here in Memphis
Robert Kennedy, the brother of the late former President of the United States John F. Kennedy was assassinated
Hey Jude #1 song
A gallon of gas was .32
Minimum wage $1.60
Big Mac was .49
The first way to play recorded music that you could take with you and play in your vehicle was on an 8 track stereo. That stereo cost $99.88 that was a lot of money back then. At $1.60 it take 63 hours to make that much money and that’s before taxes. In today’s money that would be $747.00.
Hawaii 5 O debuted
Boeing introduced the largest aircraft ever the 747
Harlem (Chicago) Globetrotters we’re formed in Chicago in 1926 and were renamed the Harlem Globetrotters in 1929 they played their first game in their namesake city, Harlem in 1968, 42 years later after their inception.
My Detroit Tigers Won the World Series
At the end of 1968 Apolo 8 returned after orbiting the moon, a astronaut received a telegram that said, you saved 1968.
On September 9th 1968 Arthur Ashe won US Open, becoming the first black man to win a tennis grand slam.
But what really saved 1968, we’re my in-laws conceiving and giving birth of my soulmate, the former Tammy Dell Hinton on September 9th 1968.

Now let’s focus on good memories.

Tammy’s smile is intoxicating! Tammy loved smiling!

When Tammy met someone new she greeted them with a hug.

Tammy was funny and liked to make people laugh, Tammy said many times, if you see her running there’s a bear chasing her...I told her, if you can’t out run one person you keep running I’ll trip someone and we’ll be fine and if there’s nobody to trip you run, I’ll stop and fight the bear just keep running because I’m going to lose and I want you safe.

Tammy also loved to make people smile, I was standing in her closet the other day and noticed a shirt hanging, it said “today’s good mood is brought to you by coffee...Tammy surely enjoyed her coffee, I terribly miss my morning coffee with Tammy.

I was extremely fortunate to have traveled with Tammy far west as Las Vegas, Nevada, where a secret wedding took place, one that Tammy knew nothing about and Tammy was the star of the wedding, Tammy was the breath taking Bride.
Tammy’s brother commented on Facebook asking why he didn’t know about this wedding that just took place. Tammy said I didn’t know about it. Tammy also commented she didn’t know how I kept it a secret, I was thinking to myself, I’m just amazed Tammy’s mom kept it a secret, I was told later by Tammy if you want everyone to know about something just tell my mom and the word will get around quickly, Tammy asked how’d you get her to keep that a secret, I said I told your mom if anyone finds out I promise I won’t marry her while where in Las Vegas. Mom I hope you’re not second guessing not telling anyone. I’m extremely pleased that you didn’t tell anyone.

Far east to the Atlantic Ocean. We went to see Tammy’s daughter Michaela graduate high school and then to VA Beach.

South to the New Orleans where we ate at Mother’s and had coffee and beignets at Cafe Du Monde.

We’ve been to the Gulf of Mexico and toured the USS Alabama a WWII Battleship.

North to Chicago and then to Ohio and up in Michigan. Tammy said she always wanted to see the Great I took Tammy to see two of the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan in Chicago and Lake Erie up in Michigan. Tammy ate at Tony Packos, a restaurant in Toledo, Oh that Jammie Farr (Klinger) on Mash talked about.

Most of our trips were on a motorcycle. 1 trip in December 2014 to Ohio was in 4 to 6” of snow from the middle of Kentucky to Toledo , Ohio and that trip was on a motorcycle, it stopped snowing the next morning but of course it started snowing again the afternoon before we headed home, it snowed about 4” to Louisville that then turned into rained to about Jackson, TN then it hailed for about 20 miles...hail does hurt at...well 70mph. We both agreed we couldn’t have worse ride on the motorcycle we were wrong, the very next weekend it was a nice 60 degrees out and we put the bike down on I-55 just south of church street exit by the weight station at 75 mph. We were fortunate to walk away.

Tammy’s laugh was so unique, if you heard it from afar you’d know Tammy was there. I deeply miss Tammy’s daily laughs.

Tammy didn’t save cards, the first card I gave her was on Valentine’s Day, Tammy read it said it was a beautiful card then gave me a hug and kiss. Tammy walked over to the garbage can a deposited it into the can. I had a perplexed look on my face and she said you don’t expect me to save all the cards I get. I opened a drawer last week and seen a card. I thought it was a card she gave me and when I opened it, it was a valentines card I gave her last year and when she read it she said that’s the best card she’s ever’s the only card she saved.
The cover read; Sometimes the best gift is the one you never knew you wanted. Inside said; I’m so glad life gave me you. You’re the best gift of all. Happy Valentines Day Love always your husband. I love you!

Tammy was all in on anything and everything she did...she was devoted to her job as a service coordinator, Tammy worked for the Lilley Company for the last 23 years.

Well, there was one thing...winking...Tammy wasn’t all in on was winking. I’d wink at her and she’d try and wink back but she’d wink both eyes...then again, maybe winking both eyes was all in.

Tammy’s love was genuine and strong!
I’m thankful Tammy love’s me.
Tammy loved life, and her family
Tammy taught me how to love.
Tammy wanted nothing other than happiness for all.
Tammy was loved by everyone she met, so loved that we were invited to and spent Christmas and a few Thanksgivings at my brother in law’s, in-laws.

Tammy loves her parents, daughter, my children and the entire Hinton, Bullock and Pippin families, Tammy was known as Sassy to her 5 grand babies and there’s no question Sassy loves her grand babies.

Tammy and I don’t have children together, we have three what Tammy calls fur babies, Tammy loves them all but she had her favorites the two Tammy named are Reese and Taz. Tammy also loves her what she called ADHD dog, Buddy.

I’ll say this, Tammy wasn’t afraid to voice her opinion. If you were wrong or were aggravating her, she’d definitely let you know. If you were the cause of Tammy not smiling, well...all I can say is look out...I learned quickly, not to be that guy.

Tammy’s the strongest woman I’ve ever met.
Tammy’s mom and my mom are tired for 2nd. That strength has also been passed down from our mothers to Tammy’s sister, Susanne and my sisters Cindy and Brenda. I hope Michaela has that strength, if not I’ve just named 5 people that will be happy to mentor you.

When Tammy and I were married we became one, half of me and half of my heart are now in heaven.

Michaela I’m not your biological dad, nevertheless I’ll treat you like your mom would want me to treat you...Like my Daughter and to treat your babies like my grandchildren. I love all of you.

Wade and Susanne I’ll treat you like my brother and my sister as your sister, Tammy would want.

Mom and dad Hinton, I’ll continue to treat you like my parents. Tammy wouldn’t expect anything less. Just know I’m here for you.

Tammy’s walk was just as unique as her laugh I told her she walked kind of like a penguin.

I want to share something my dad told me. He said son, be careful of what you say, what you do or don’t do to people you love. He said, Because son, one day you’ll be standing at their casket and all you’ll remember are the bad things you’ve done or the things you may not have done enough of.

Everyone that’s has spouse or significant here today I’d like you to please stand. Please turn to your loved one, as my wife would do, give them a hug, now give them a kiss and tell them you love them. Please sit down and hold their hand.

Tammy loved getting big strong hugs, Tammy loved kisses and Tammy loved holding hands.
Do that often, because one day, they won’t be there to hug, kiss or to tell them you love them.

One day you’ll be at their bedside holding their hand as they take their last breath, praying that they’re now safe, out of pain and wondering if you took the simple things in life for granted. Tell them everyday you love them. Telling them too often, still isn’t enough.

If we can take anything from this horrific tragedy, it’s live life everyday to its fullest as it’s a gift, there’s no guarantee of tomorrow, don’t take life , family or friends for granted tomorrow may never come for any of us or our loved ones.

Tammy Dell Pippin, you mean the world to me, your love for me is unwavering. Sweetheart, until we meet again, I have to take this walk...I love you with all my heart. My beautiful brown eyed baby doll, May you Rest In Peace! God, May Tammy Rest In Peace.

Thank you,

Jesse H. Pippin