JoAnn Louise Brownlee

16 agosto , 194026 enero , 2013
She Did Her Best January 30th, 2013 She had her dreams Falling in love, being in love, and living a life of love Having a family of five, house, dogs The singing of birds and doing her artwork Life had seemed fulfilling A family of four, house, dogs, birds singing about Life situation happened, the four turned to three She loved us much She did her best Letting us live life, explore and dream Never casting a shadow on us of living her dreams through us, She did her best Loved us in action, investing herself in us Said the words to reassure She did her best, and God is pleased Facing many a demon, which strived to tare her down She no longer faces these shadows She is enjoying her Father’s love now Doing the artwork she loves Singing with the angels and birds above

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