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John L. Hill Jr.

13 junio , 196326 diciembre , 2019
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John Larry Hill, Jr.

Birthdate: June 16, 1963

Death: December 26, 2019 (56 years old at time of passing)

Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas

John spent almost 50 years of his life as a resident of Colorado Spring, Colorado. His entire working career was in public service with his life long dream of becoming a police officer.

In July of 1997 he realized that dream and was sworn onto the Colorado Springs police force where he served faithfully for approximately 10 years.

John fought a real battle with Celiac disease all the while maintaining a positive “I can’t complain” attitude. His peaceful easy-going presence and spirit will be greatly missed by many.

He is survived by his mother Yolanda Hill, step-father Richard DuBose, brother Gary Hill, step-sister Patti Fenton, step-brother Don DuBose and father John Larry Hill


  • John Larry Hill, Father
  • Yolanda Hill, Mother
  • Richard DuBose, Step-Father
  • Gary Hill (Susan), Brother
  • Don DuBose (Hester), Step-Brother
  • Patti Fenton (Bob), Step-Sister


  • Celebration of Life viernes, 17 enero , 2020


John L. Hill Jr.


Jennene Scott

17 enero , 2020

I was lucky to be a classmate of John's in the Police Academy in 1997, then we both were at Falcon for training and stayed on the same shift for many years. John and I worked many calls together. As noted by Lieutenant Koch John did not go over fences he moved them to the side or took them on more then one occasion and the next day in line up he would be teased, but everyone knew if you needed him he would there.

John always seemed to be the back containment and would come charging in to help me get control of someone who was not cooperating. It was always wonderful knowing he was on your call, because he was amazing strong but never had to prove it to anyone but you know once he got hold the fight would be over soon.

I remember going to court with him on cases and John always dressed to the nines for court or any time he was in a professional capacity. John reminded me of the mob guys when he dressed up and I would tease him that if we did not know he was a cop I would think he was an a mob kingpin. Later when he was a detective he always looked sharp.

John would share his easy smile and calming manner. John had a confidence in himself and never needed to prove he was stronger or tougher then people we would encounter and that helped so many times to calm the situation. John and I shared many laughs at the worlds we encountered. John would call on me to pat down his female prisoners and we would end up in some bigger cases then when he started because he would ask questions and uncover stuff other folks might have overlooked. I was lucky to consider my friend, my colleague and my classmate; he will be missed, but remembered with great fondness and we will share wonderful stories about a wonderful man.

John Hill

17 enero , 2020

For My Son, John;
Your early departure from this eternal life 'station' again reminds me that 'Old Souls' still have a mission to complete. I've always felt that you were wise beyond your years while understanding the knowledge of the 'prophets'. You were, it seemed, on a designated "Mission". What is presently unknown to us, - is now, again, known to you.
My hope and prayer for you is that your eternal mission is complete and you are now at peace in the hands of our 'Creator', - while having been greeted at "Heavens Gate" as described in the following passage from Matthew 25:23 (KJV) in which I find solace in this time of wonderment. " His lord said unto him, Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.
With Much Love,

Dave and Marianna Iverson

13 enero , 2020

Dear, sweet John. We remember how hard you worked to become a member of the Colorado Springs Police Department and how excited you were when your hard work paid off. And how proud we were for you, along with your family and a host of friends. You are deeply loved and will be desperately missed.

Cris Frias

12 enero , 2020

I remember the years as you grew up. But, the most memorable would have to be the day I visited your mom and Dick, and you asked if I would go with while you were on duty on patrol , that indeed was an experience I will never forget. May God receive you in his arms and be at peace.
Our sincere condolences to the family from Susan and myself.
Love you Yo ,Dick & Gary.

Uncle Cris.



I know most of you but for those whom I have not met, my name is Patti Fenton and I am John’s stepsister. Before I begin to eulogize my precious stepbrother, I know I speak for my entire family when I express a sincere thank you for being here today. The loss of a loved one is never easy…but having the support of family and friends during this difficult time is priceless.

I looked up the word eulogy before I used it and was happy to discover that it is a verb that means to praise highly in speech and writing. That’s exactly what I am going to do today….to praise highly the life of John Hill Jr.

John Hill Jr. was born June 13, 1963 in San Antonio, Texas (we share the same birthplace). He was the oldest of two boys born to John Hill Sr. and Yolanda Hill. He grew up in an Air Force family which meant some moving around but Colorado Springs was home and has been for almost 50 years.

John and I met because we were neighbors… we lived in Pine Valley and our houses were connected by a shared carport. He was 9 years old and I was 12 years old. Our relationship began as neighbors, progressed to babysitter/”babysittee” but we will soon become family. Just six short years later, in 1978, my father, Richard DuBose married John’s mother Yolanda Hill. Her two sons (John and Gary) plus my Dad’s two kids (me and my brother Don) made for four teenagers all living under one roof!

The shenanigans that went on are too plentiful to tell but suffice it to say that we had FUN! We had nicknames for one another and there was no shortage of joke playing on each other. As the only girl among these three crazy guys, I learned a lot about sports, cars, girls, food AND I experienced some of THE weirdest smells and sounds. As one of John’s siblings, I, like many of you, likely recall him talking ALOT about two things: his love for the gym and working out and his desire to become a police officer. John was laser focused on becoming a police officer.

My brother Don and I eventually both moved to California and married but we came home to COS several times a year. Our family thoroughly enjoyed getting together and John was always there.

• While John was in his mid 20’s, he worked at the Citadel as a security guard. He was quite the storyteller, so we were fascinated by his recollection of some of the crazy things that went on at the mall.
• In his late 20’s and early 30’s John drove to Florence (which is considered the Alcatraz of the Rockies) to work as a prison guard. The stories from his time there far surpassed any mall stories…all the while he continued to prepare to be a police officer.
• In his mid 30’s, after several attempts…John was officially sworn in to the CSPD on July 11, 1997.

As a police officer, I recall stories of John’s calming presence. He did not get rattled easily and seemed to have a natural way of bringing peace to almost any situation. Whether he was chasing a perp thru several backyards scaling fences OR responding to a domestic violence call (his least favorite), I can still hear his voice as he told us stories about his night on patrol. He loved the night shift. John said things were just simpler at night. I recall him pulling over young men who had clearly broken some kind of traffic law but if they were respectful, he calmly offered them a chance to call home and suggested that they tell their parents what happened rather than hearing from Officer Hill. He even went so far as to try and talk a few hookers on North Nevada out of their traditional way of making a living by encouraging them to make better choices. He was a BIG guy, with a BIG heart and he wanted nothing more than to make a BIG difference. I believe he did just that as he served the city of Colorado Springs for approx. 10 years.

Unfortunately, during his time as a police officer, John struggled with some health issues. We are not 100% sure but we believe that two minor surgeries coupled with the stress of being a police officer brought upon a very intense struggle with celiac disease. John’s health slowly became more and more challenging forcing him to end his police career much earlier than he would have liked. He was in his mid 40’s.

The past 10 years were not easy for him. I think each one of us who knew him well knew that he did not feel good, most of the time. However, each time I would see him at a family gathering, I would give him a big hug and ask him how he was doing, and he would respond, “I can’t complain.” But honestly, he could have…..he could have complained about A LOT. He simply did not. That particular quality, the “I can’t complain” quality, is one of the greatest ways that his life impacted mine and no doubt many of yours.

In closing, I am going to take a play from a former late-night talk show host who used to include a top ten list as a part of his nightly monologue. The following are the top ten things I loved most about John:

1. His love for jazz….especially David Koz which was playing when you arrived today
2. His love for chicken and cheesecake (which you will find both at the reception immediately following the service)
3. His love for his dogs….Lobo (who was part wolf) and Starbuck (golden Labrador)
4. His perpetual quest for knowledge…..he had recall that was almost scary…..and on a wide range of topics….politics and pop culture to name a few. He read a lot and retained a lot and he was fun to talk to!
5. He was sensitive and curious about other cultures, other religions….Eastern practices were particularly fascinating to him…. He knew a lot about yoga and meditation. He and I talked often about the benefits of both.
6. Superheroes…..being with him felt like you were with one so it is not surprising that he has quite the collection of comic books and superheroes: Batman, Superman and Captain America to name a few.
7. John drove a car as BIG as he was….an H2 Hummer with license plate that read SLOWMVR. SLOWMVR was a reference to his easy-going nature that was simply never in a hurry, never pressed for time…always moving slow and easy.
8. When John was not in uniform, you would likely find him in a floral print Hawaiian type shirt….that made perfect sense as it captured his “island time” nature. My Dad, his brother, my brother and my husband are wearing those types of shirts today to honor John.
9. John was famous for his awesome and always growing collection of Oakley sunglasses. I will carry a mental image with me forever of him walking up to the front door with a smile in his face and a pair of “bad ass” sunglasses on his head. When they were not on his face, they were hanging off the back of his shirt.
10. And finally, John was all about peace. Finding it and bringing it to any/every situation. How ironic that as a young boy, I can still hear him talking about becoming a police officer…. which often sounded like he was saying “peace officer.”

John will be missed terribly. My hope is that we will all honor his life by emulating some of the many qualities that he possessed so beautifully:

• Patient
• Easy-going
• Reconciler
• Comforter
• Calm presence
• Receptive
• Able to see various points of view
• Diplomatic
• Objective
• Peacemaker

Thank you again for being here today. We want to provide an opportunity for others to take a few minutes and share a memory, a funny story or perhaps a way in which John’s life impacted yours so please feel free to come up and share.