Daniel L. Benway

3 febrero , 197122 enero , 2023
 Obituario de Daniel L. Benway
Memorial Gathering Information: Sunday, March 19, 1-4pm Grange Audubon Nature Center 505 W Whittier St, Columbus, OH 43215 (Free parking) Please RSVP: Light appetizers, beer and wine provided. Feel free to bring an item or photo or writing to display or share with others, if you wish. There is no formal program, so you may come and go as fits your schedule. A slideshow will be playing on repeat and some items will be displayed on tables. We are also arranging for an audio recording booth for those who wish to share a memory or eulogy, so that the family and all attendees can listen to the recordings afterward. The event itself will be an open house, and you are free to come and go as you wish. The reason for the recording booth is that we want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to share verbally if they wish to, and that no one misses anything, while also not filling the event with formal remarks that limit the ability of people to mingle, talk and reminisce freely. We look forward to seeing you in celebration. Daniel’s specific written wishes were that everyone should be fully self-expressed in their appearance. Wear your piercings. Uncover your tattoos. Wear clothing that is authentic to you, whether that be professional, sexy, outdoorsy, goth or something else. This is not an occasion for anyone to feel they have to put on “funeral home clothes.” Be yourself. That is what he wanted. (For those who cannot attend in person, please RSVP : with a 0 for number of guests. We will send a link to some sort of virtual experience, or at least an opportunity to record your thoughts and later receive the recordings of others.) Daniel's Legacy Daniel Lawrence Benway, 51, was a beautiful man who cared greatly about excellence and compassion. He was committed to the people in his life thriving and doing their best. He was meticulous about himself, his space and his work. He was a lover of birds and all living things. During fall drives on country roads, he would frequently slam on the brakes to save wooly bear caterpillars—jumping out of the car, scooping them up and delivering them safely to the edge of the road. He could pick out tiny spiders on nature hikes and spot hawks sitting motionless on light poles. His favorite trip was to a remote area of Montana, where he could hear only the rustle of the wind and smell only the alfalfa. He was so sensitive to noise, litter, and pollution that he could taste preservatives in food and often stopped on walks to pick up the tiniest shreds of plastic. It may come as no surprise then, that this flawed world could never meet his high standards, and he died by his own hand on January 22, 2023, finally ending his years of struggle with depression and anxiety. Daniel was a graduate of Binghamton University, and was accomplished in his career of Information Technology and Information Security, having achieved a number of advanced certifications including MCSE and CISSP. What brought him joy more than anything else in his work was learning deeply and then sharing what he learned in a clear and concise manner with his colleagues. If he could make the path easier for someone coming behind him, that’s what he did. He is preceded in death by his parents, Robert Benway and Betty Jane Perkins Benway. He is survived by his legal partner/wife, Alice Foeller, and her children, Noah and Michael; his sister, Kathleen Beardsell, and her children, Allyn and Pamela; his family-by-choice, the Kings (John and Helen King, their children Paul and Charlie King, and their spouses and their children, whom Daniel also considered his nieces and nephews). He also lives on in the memories of his many friends from college, life and work; his Men’s Group; his dear neighbor; Linda Scarbrough, his extended family; and all of the people in his favorite shops and restaurants who knew his gentle nature. Daniel’s wishes were for his ashes to be scattered in nature, and to have a social gathering in a beautiful setting, which will be announced at a future date. Donations can be made in Daniel’s name to Friends of the Metro Parks in Columbus and Franklin County ( or to Alice’s community project, Elevate Northland ( “This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.” – from the song “Vincent”

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