Ruben D Ruiz

4 septiembre , 197818 febrero , 2019

Ruben Ruiz was born and raised in Cali, Colombia and moved to the United States in 2005. He attended classes at Georgia State University where he met his wife, Brenna. They were married in 2007 and moved to Dayton, Ohio in 2009. He became a United States Citizen in November of 2018. Ruben studied for the priesthood before completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from the Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia. He deeply loved his work as an arborist and production manager at Arbor Experts in Dayton, Ohio. His deep, personal Christian faith was lived out in his pure devotion to his family and to others, never wavering in the way he lived it out. His wonderful sense of humor brought joy to everyone who knew him. He is survived by his wife, Brenna Seifried Ruiz and their four children; his parents, Marco Antonio Ruiz and Martha Zúñiga Portocarrero; brother, Marco Antonio Ruiz Zúñiga; sister, Nazly Julieth Ruiz Zúñiga; grandparents and extended family in Colombia; parents-in-law, David and Jill Seifried; brothers and sister-in-law, Jeremy (Jessica) Seifried, Ethan (Lauren) Seifried and Ari (Benjamin) Allen and numerous nieces and nephews. A memorial mass will take place at 10:30am on Friday, March 1st, 2019 at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, 2300 Smithville Road, Dayton, OH 45420. In lieu of flowers memorial contributions may be sent to The Arbor Day Foundation by visiting


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    viernes, 1 marzo , 2019


Ruben D Ruiz


Erin Caldwell

1 marzo , 2019

Shortly after we met Brenna & Ruben, Brenna was in the hospital for a night or so and Mark & I offered to watch Addie & Eki at our house so that Ruben could go and be with Brenna. We had the kids tucked into bed before he left and Eki wasn't very happy about his dad leaving but Ruben did something that I've thought about ever since I heard about his death. He kissed both of them, assured them that all was well, and then made the sign of the cross on both of their bodies. It was a simple gesture but to me it represented his absolute love for his kids and his strong faith in the protection of his God. May his memory be eternal.

Harry+ Mathis

28 febrero , 2019

We were so privileged to worship with Rubén & Brenna, Addie, Eki, Soren & Zoe for several years. They brought such beautiful life to our parish as a family, and individually! We have so many precious memories of them, but one of the dearest is of how Rubén and Brenna so loved the youth, and so cared about their spiritual well-being. They held a meeting for the parents in their home, and from the concerns shared there, they, together, planned, organized and led the most amazing Youth Retreat! It blessed, encouraged and strengthened so many young people from our parish, and our sister parish - I truly believe with eternal benefits for each one. It also blessed and encouraged many adults, as well. We will always remember with amazement the high school aged youth crowded around Rubén and Brenna, hanging on their every word! Thank you, Rubén for loving so well with the Light and Love of Jesus Christ!

Tony Almazan

27 febrero , 2019

Dear Brenna and family,

Erin, Adam, Jude, and I are so very sorry for your loss. I only met Ruben a few times. He was quiet but you could always sense his gentleness and kindness. I remember him at Eki's and Adam's birthday party climbing up to help hang the decorations. Please know we are thinking of you.

Ann Duncan

26 febrero , 2019

I only knew Ruben in the context of being a client of Arbor Experts.....but from the first time he came out, I was so impressed in all ways that from then on I'd ask for Ruben to be the one to do my tree shaping. It wasn't simply that he did an amazing job, although he did. I was impressed by his professionalism and his strong work ethic but also by how incredibly nice he was. He was one of the most genuine people I'd ever met, and I felt like he truly cared about his work and about treating the people he dealt with, with authentic kindness.

I only 'knew' Ruben very superficially, but I'm so terribly sorry for all the people who really knew him and love(d) him.....because if he was as kind and as decent a man to total strangers, how phenomenal a husband, father, friend and co-worker he must have been.

Linna Marquez

25 febrero , 2019

Rubencho gracias por tanto! Gracias por tantas risas, por compartir de tu familia, tus historias, testimonios, gracias por tu confianza y por dejar huellas en nuestros corazones.... Gracias por los libros y por el café pendiente ...🙏✨❤️ Dios bendiga tu hermosa familia y los llene de salud, fortaleza y sabiduría para seguir adelante.

Sharon Tjaden-Glass

24 febrero , 2019

When we moved into our first home in 2014, we had an enormous ash tree in the front yard that had been a kind of "landmark" tree for the neighborhood because our house was on the end of the street. (When we counted the tree rings, it was at least 100 years old.)

Unfortunately, it was dying, a victim of the emerald ash borer.

One day at work, I mentioned to my colleague, Brenna, that we needed to have this tree taken down and she mentioned that Ruben was an arborist and would be happy to give a second opinion. Sure enough, the tree was dying and couldn't be saved. Best to take it down before a major storm blew it over onto our roof.

My husband, Doug, was home with our 2 1/2 year daughter on the day that they took it down in the spring of 2016. He was beyond impressed with Ruben's understanding of the tree. He could point out to Doug which branches were problematic and was able to explain what they would need to do to safely take down each part. ("And that dude is CUT!" Doug added. "He's got some serious muscles on him.")

Although we didn't have many interactions with Ruben, it was easy to tell that he was a man of excellent character, discipline, strength, courage, adaptability, and good humor. To move to a new country, learn the language, marry, start a family, and pursue your passion--all of it bears a strong testament to what kind of man he was. And it was clear to all those who knew him even for a short time.

Andrea Céspedes

24 febrero , 2019

Gracias por darme la oportunidad de crecer contigo, aprender de ti, por compartir un poco de tu sabiduría y de siempre haber estado aquí.
Gracias por guiarme, por tu apoyo incondicional, regaños y correcciones. Por darme fortaleza cuando la necesitaba... será duro sin ti.
Soy feliz de haber tenido el privilegio de ser tu amiga, te quiero y te querré a montones. Eras una gran persona; lo sé, no solo por como fuiste conmigo, sino por como fuiste con todos y con todo. Simplemente tus palabras, tus acciones, tus hijos, tu esposa, tu vida... tu entorno hablaban, te delataban... Y mi corazón te leyó.
Gracias Pasito Bello, los árboles y yo, lloramos por ti.
Bendiciones para tu bella esposa e hijos.

Edison De Jesús

23 febrero , 2019

Gracias a Dios, conocí este hombre excepcional, la vida de fe profesó, nos llevó tantas veces a la misión evangelizadora, un de tantos días, mientras participamos de la Eucaristía, representamos el evangelio, del públicano y el fariseo, el problema fue que tomamos nombres de miembros de la comunidad, sin saberlo mientras lo representamos.
Lo que siempre me llevó a pensar que el Evangelio se escribe a diario en nuestra vida, para uno y los demás.
Ahora sé, que escribiste bien tu página de Evangelio. Descansa en Dios Ruben Dario.

Virtudes Munoz and family

22 febrero , 2019

Cómo es posible no conocer a alguien y sentir dolor?

Cómo es posible transmitir tu dulzura y paz a través de una llamada telefónica?

Cómo es posible saber lo buen padre que fuiste, solo con ver tus fotos con tus hijos?

Cómo es posible saber que fuiste excelente esposo a través de la sonrisa de tu esposa?

Cómo es posible ver todo el amor que diste a través de los mensajes de tus familiares ?

Solo Dios sabe, sin conocerte te extrañare... cómo es posible? Solo Dios sabe.

Nazly Julieht Ruiz

22 febrero , 2019

Grande Rubén, Grande Mencho, con tu partida se perdió la esperanza de abrazarte y con este abrazo demostrate los mucho que te amo mi hermano. Tu bello y hermoso recuerdo estarán en mi vida por siempre por todas mis generaciones se que fuiste intensamente feliz !!!! Me hiciste tanta falta Rubéncho!!!