Thomas Sorauf

22 febrero , 19413 enero , 2021

Thomas Sorauf nació el 22 de febrero de 1941 y falleció el 3 de enero de 2021 y está bajo el cuidado de Tobias Funeral Home - Beavercreek Chapel.

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Thomas Sorauf


Kathleen Arndts

1 marzo , 2021

Dr. Sorauf was the most amazing Dr! Both of my children saw him for 19 years. Our first child Meghan had been a difficult pregnancy. I was flat on my back b/c of pregnancy complications. For 6 1/2 months. After she was born she spent 5 days in Children’s medical center. Dr Sorauf was our salvation,l Meghan had severe colic, then ear infection and finally started to get better at age 2.
Fast forward to Meghan in college. Dr Sorauf told her it was time to choose an adult .He agreed to see her thru college because of her asthma. During her last year of college for a Sports Medicine Major she did a 6 week externship at the office with him!
She was then accepted into medical school at Ohio University School of Osteopathic Medicine and of course she hadn’t got a new physician and needed to see someone, ”Now Meghan he said I told you to get a new Dr lined up and she retorted “ But you told me you would see me til I got out of school”!
Two years later when she was to get her white coat she asked him if she could get someone to stand in for him to present her the white coat if she could have it done in his name.
He stunned all of us saying he wanted to do it in person! He brought his grand daughter and grandson and was going to take them on a train ride while they were there! They were so sweet and so well behaved! I wish I could remember their names! Your grandfather was the most amazing, kind ........ there are no words to tell you what he meant to our family! Your father was such a tremendous example for my daughter and son. When he came to her white coat ceremony we thanked him for helping raise our children and we meant it!!!!!! We are so sorry for your loss and so sorry we just now found out. He was a hero to us and I am sure to many families!
Kathleen, Steve
Meghan and Nathan Arndts

Jaime Barbieri

5 febrero , 2021

Dr. Sorauf was our family Pediatrician for over 40 years. He was our doctor for multiple generations and made a huge impact on our lives. We are saddened to hear of his passing and are praying for his family. Please know he touched our lives, he will live on as a hero in our hearts, and will never be forgotten.

With love,
The Jones Family

Ann Burke

27 enero , 2021

Dr. Sorauf will be greatly missed at Dayton Children's Hospital. He was a well respected Pediatrician. He always attended Grand Rounds. The patients he needed to admit to our Hospital always spoke so highly of him as a trusted doctor for their families.

Condolences to his family.

Luz Sinha

27 enero , 2021

I knew Dr. Sorauf as a member of the Continuing Medical Education Committee at Dayton Children's Hospital. He was always present in meetings at 7:30 in the morning and he shared valuable ideas. He will surely be missed.

Amanda Koenig

18 enero , 2021

My parents always credited Dr. Sorauf with saving my life when I was an infant. I remember so many doctor visits as a child, and
I have so memories of taking my own children in to see Dr. Sorauf. Some were a little scary, but the visits were mostly fun...listening to Dr. Sorauf talk about my kids' progress, how much they've grown, what to look forward was always something we enjoyed. He was more than a doc visit; he was an annual tradition for each of my children. He would ask about my parents, and we would catch up. He would make me feel like I was doing something right when it came to my children. When he retired, we had trouble filling that void because he set such a high standard. He was a true gem.

With love, respect, and admiration always,

The Gibsons and Koenigs

Miriam Cartmell

11 enero , 2021

I am thankful for the hours and the years we spent together. Your role as Chief of our Pediatrics Section at Kettering Medical Center supported so much growth in our care for newborns that I could never recite them all.
Even in 'retirement' you continued to be involved with providing inservices for nurses and input to the leadership team. Your passion never wavered.
You are remembered by staff as an amazing educator, trail blazer, always seeking new information, and support for new ideas, equipment, and facility, and as a friend to many.
From myself, my team and Women's & Children's Services, you will be greatly missed. Blessings to the family with prayers of comfort.

Molly Stahl

9 enero , 2021

Dr. Sorauf was an amazing and patient doctor. He was our sons’pediatrician and the best doctor for our oldest son who became deathly ill from RSV. As a mom learning and asking questions, he was willing to educate you....and gave you time.
He has left a wonderful impression on our family and the Dayton area. He will be missed. You have our deepest sympathy.

Pamela Earnhart Bowersox

9 enero , 2021

Dear Sorauf family,
I was just talking about your Dad, Grandpa. I so miss him. He was my mentor for over 35 yrs. I fondly called him Boss and he called me Chief. He basically started training us NICU nurses back in the 70’s. He was hired as co-director of the NICU at Kettering Hospital. It was 1972. As a teacher he came in every week on his day off, sat down in the nursery with his white board and we talked about babies. His philosophy was “There is no stupid question except the one you don’t ask”. I was told by him I could call him any time if I needed him. And call I did!!
He took care of my 3 children, my daughter-in -law, and 3 of my grandchildren. My family grieved when he retired. I have so many precious memories of him I can’t share them all. He was my friend and I valued him so much. He made me cry a few times and he dried my tears on his shoulder. I will never forget him or his love for my family. I love and respect him.
God bless you all. Pam
John 3:16

Donelle West

8 enero , 2021

Dr. Sorauf your care and attention to our son has left a remarkable memory on our lives.
The Lord puts us in places for a reason. I hope you were as able to learn about Autism from us, as we were able to learn from you.
May The Lord provide peace and understanding to your Loved ones in this time.

Susan McCloud

8 enero , 2021

My first boss as a young 20 year old nurse. We remained friends until his passing. I truly believed he loved my family which had been long term patients. He was a trusted, excellent physician with a big heart for disabled children. He proudly stood among grandparents during a photo of my niece Cathy’s wedding to Grafton. He graciously hung the framed print on his office wall. I don’t think I ever missed sending him a birthday card up until his retirement. I looked back at my messages to him during November and saw 6 messages that mostly involved thoughts of God. I had no idea he was ill. I pray the messages touched his heart with enormous love and peace. I hope he is among one of the first greeters when I pass away and enter the light of Heaven. I am thankful he was apart of my life. To his family hold fast to your memories they will quiet the loss. Put your trust and hope in the Lord, He will not leave or ever fail you.