Eric Henke

14 agosto , 193110 octubre , 2020

The Family of Eric Henke is very sad to announce his passing, but we are celebrating with joy of a life so very well lived!

Eric was 89 years of age when he arrived in Heaven to reunite with the love of his life, Georgena. He had to live without her for 12 years and although he did get by pretty well, not a day went by that he didn’t miss his dearest ‘Georgie Girl!’

Eric worked very hard in his younger married life providing very well for his family in a trade career as plumber & pipe/gas fitter. He and his wife Georgie, who passed away in 2008 just shy of their 50th wedding anniversary, raised five children. Eric and Georgie would do anything for their family. Eric was an amazing Father, wonderful Grandfather and Great Grandfather.

The Henke house on 67th Street in NE Edmonton was always party central with so many gatherings being held there over so many years. As Georgie was always the host with the most, Eric was the life of the party! He was a very fun-loving guy and he truly enjoyed life to the fullest! He did have quite the sarcastic side to his kidding around but he also could turn a frown upside down with his corny jokes and playful teasing. His wife and his kids loved him dearly and his Grandkids always looked forward to playing with their ‘Funny Grampa!’ Eric’s character was quite unique, which made life very interesting and always entertaining! He also had such a gift on the dance floor where he truly mastered the moves of his Rock ‘N Roll idol, the legendary Elvis Presley. Eric became a pretty darn good karaoke singer in his day as music was always a real passion of his.

Eric lived pain free to the end which was such a blessing. His tired body and mind had just had enough of this world. He told his kids many times in the last couple of years that he felt he has lived long enough and he was very ready to move on. As the Lord prepared to take him, Eric fought the odds and lived well past his prognosis: ‘weeks to months’ turned into almost a full year.

Our dear Dad and Grampa will truly be missed. There are no words to describe the appreciation and love that we have for this wonderful Man. We have such fond memories that we hold very near and dear to our hearts. We find peace in knowing that he is now where he really wants to be; reunited and next to his Georgie once again. Until we meet again dearest Dad/Grampa, we love you forever! Please give Mom/Nanny a big hug for all of us. May you truly Rest in Peace.

We are following Eric’s wishes to not hold a funeral service. As Eric lived his life without regret and with tons of love, fun and so much humour, Eric wishes to advise those that he is leaving here on Earth to always find a way to laugh. Eric certainly helped write the book on “Laughter is the Best Medicine!”

Eric was cremated and his cemetery marker will be next to Georgie’s in the Autumn Glory Garden at the South Haven Cemetery. He is joining many other loving family members and great friends that have gone before him.

Besides thanking some very special family members and friends that visited Eric before and then throughout the Covid pandemic, we also wish to thank the Rivercrest Care Centre in Fort Saskatchewan. The very caring staff of doctors, nurses and therapists truly helped make our Dad’s last days of his life so very comfortable.



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Eric Henke

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Wanda Leaf

octubre 18, 2020

I have been thinking about what I would like to say in tribute to my Uncle Eric. But honestly, I think Uncle knows. I think he knows that I am happy that he has left the confines of this earthly body and he is where he wanted to be. He knows that I loved him and that my childhood was enriched by him and Auntie Georgie. So, my writing at this time is more for my cousins who I grew up with and hold dear. I hope this helps you through this time. This is what I believe....people are put into our lives for a reason. To teach us, to support us, to guide us, to challenge us to grow and do better, to be the best we can be. And so Uncle Eric was part of my life. So how did he influence my life? Sometimes the best influence is the one that makes us feel uncomfortable and even hurts our feelings. Uncle Eric make me feel uncomfortable a few times. In doing so he caused me to examine myself and what I believe and to stand up for it. A great lesson that I think I needed.
Along side Auntie Georgie, he always welcomed me into his home with a smile, hug and kiss. At low times in my life, that meant a lot. He was fun, laughing and encouraging us kids at family concerts. He sang karoke with me and if I was off key he let me know. I learned that I can sing off key once in awhile - Its o.k.! We sang "How great thou art" together many times. Sometimes he would get teary eyed thinking of his Mom and I saw his sentimental, soft side. I always think of him when I sing that hymn. I saw him hold Auntie Georgie's hand during her illness. I saw a love that runs deep. I learned to look beyond the exterior of a person, overlook words that maybe could have been better spoke, look at the heart and forgive. And so, I give thanks for my Uncle with his strengths and imperfections for through them he gave so much! And I give thanks for my cousins - 5 people and multiple grandkids - all brought into this world through the life of my Uncle and Auntie. Much love! Wanda

Geri Jakubec

octubre 17, 2020

I was lucky enough to have known my Grandpa for 25 years. I grew up going to Nanny and Grandpa’s house where we had huge family get togethers. Nanny would make unreal dinners and get in her cuddles with all the grandchildren, while grandpa could be found being the life of the party. He would either be beating everyone at shuffleboard, chilling in the hot tub, throwing the football in jackpot, grilling, or performing a karaoke hit for everyone. Grandpa was a jokester and sometimes that caught people off guard. It didn’t take long for everyone to understand that his jokes and teasing are his way of showing his love and care for others. He will definitely be missed and never forgotten. It’s hard losing a loved one but I’m at peace knowing he is reunited with my Nanny! Love you Grandpa! XOXO

Alice Dunkley

octubre 16, 2020

Eric visited me a few times when I had my home In Vaseux Lake, B.C. We had a reunion shortly after my retirement in 2001. I knew Eric would be the karaoke star so I had a shirt made for him which stated just that and, of course, he agreed with the insignia. He was quite the brother-in-law. If you got annoyed at something he said, and that was quite often, he would laugh it off and hoped you would too. He was sarcastic, had a good heart, and a good family man.

Wayne Henke

octubre 15, 2020

My dearest dad
Your hard work and devotion to your family was always number one. The softer side of you was often hidden for the best as you demanded that your kids do well. I was a troubled teen and you sent me a letter that helped change my life. Your loving and caring side was poured out and I always remembered the letter and cried so hard as I read it. You admitted crying as you wrote it. It touched me so dearly and deeply it’s something I never shared with anyone till now. You helped my family with no complaints. you loved my children like your own. You were truly a great man. I followed your lead through the trades and it gave my family the life that we have now. Watching you take your last breath I will always remember as I am so glad you waited for me. The good times will always be in my heart. I will always cherish the memories. Thank you dad for everything!!

Amber Bertling

octubre 14, 2020


I have so much to thank you for.

Thank you for those date nights to the space and science centre when we would eat pizza and watch movies on the huge screen.

Thank you for coming to school field trips with me.

Thank you for always hosting the most amazing family parties.

Thank you for the love of sports that’s clearly in my blood.

Thank you for the years of laughter (most of those years spent getting pruned in the hot tub).

Thank you for always making me feel loved and excepted.

Thank you for those tender moments especially the last couple years when you would openly share your love, compliments, pride. I cherish those times and will forever.

Thank you for helping take care of me while my dad worked hard.

And mostly, thank you for my dad. I know he’s who he is because of you and Nanny.

Xoxoxo. One of a kind. Give Nanny a big hug from me. Love you both.

Russell Henke

octubre 13, 2020

Dearest Funny Grandpa,
Thanks Dad for doing your best!
You worked hard til the end (cleaning ceiling when you “retired”) to provide for your family needs so unselfishly.
Providing for a family of 7 quickly drains bank accounts. You would mention that money was short so I’m happy that your children were able to pool funds to send you and mom to Hawaii for a well deserved and over due holiday.

You taught me the value of humour.
Your sense of humour was great.
Your ability to tell jokes was outstanding.

You taught me to not be afraid to confront the truth, to be strong and confident.
You told as it was and that I respected;
you were fair, honest, and truthful.

You showed your love of music.
Your sense of rhythm was spot on;
when you were dancing or when you were driving and braking in time with the bass notes of a song playing on the radio.
You provide us with a guitar and lessons. I still have and cherish your guitar you purchased in the 70’s and when I play “Devil Woman”, your last song choice, it sounds great!
Your love of sports was deep, thanks for taking us to all those football games, so many good memories! Watching sports on TV with you was the best!

You were a great role model.
You became softer and more sensitive with age and that was great to see.
I appreciate, love, and miss you.
Thanks for everything.

Sherri Lynn

octubre 13, 2020

Eric was a wonderful man. Kind, funny, and loved dearly by his family and friends. In the time I spent with him he enjoyed sports nature and a pretend splash of vodka in his orange juice at breakfast . He was often the best part of my day. I’ll forever remember his mischievous/infectious smile, his big hands and his great/smart ass sense of humour.. I bet there’s hockey and Oh Henry’s in heaven..
Rest Peacefully Bud

Darlene Anstice

octubre 13, 2020

Dad, I'm so glad to have always had you in my life, no moments lost.
Spending the last few years with you was simply amazing!
The last few hours with you were completely incredible!!
I can still feel you squeezing my hand so very intently;
I couldn’t get over the strength you still had at the end.
The little wave of your hand to Brian and I just a few hours before you passed is a vision I will have with me forever.
Love you forever and always!
Love from your daughter, Darlene and Son(in-law), Brian

Doug Henke

octubre 12, 2020

Dad...Our respect was mutual and our Love was
Until we meet agian!
Your #1 Son


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