Vanessa Esparza

5 abril , 199315 enero , 2023
 Obituario de Vanessa Esparza


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On April 5th, 1993, Vanessa was born in El Paso, Texas, to a big loving family of cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. She learned how to laugh and play with her brother and sister. She learned reliability, maturity, and selflessness from her Mom and Dad. School was fun for Vanessa. She set her mind toward learning everyday and being a best friend. Between books and dancing classes, dreaming of donuts or Disneyland, Vanessa wanted most to share her happiness with all her friends and family. She found her fun within her favorite stories and movies – to escape the serious studying she did to meet her real-life dreams. Vanessa earned her undergraduate degree in Accounting at UTEP. Later, Vanessa would earn her Master’s degree in Accounting from UTSA. To accomplish this, she moved from home. Vanessa saw the whole world as a new place to live. Jungles and ruins, capitals and skyscrapers, stingrays and glaciers – she realized a lifetime of adventures. The world knew her as a senior Accountant for Ernst & Young. For Vanessa, her whole world was her family and the friends that she made. Vanessa’s family grew when she met her new big brother and eventually her niece and nephew – followed by days full of baking, parties and play. Vanessa is a gift made with all the same care she baked into presents for others. Just as much as her friends and family grew around her, Vanessa’s laughter and happiness grew each day. Loved by Parents Patricia and Javier Esparza; Siblings Ruben Esparza, Yvette and Alfonso Ortiz; Nephew and Niece Emmanuel and Iliana Ortiz; Grandparents Raul and Angelina Rivas and Miguel and Isabel Esparza; Aunts and Uncles Evangelina and Joaquin Acosta, Raul and Annette Rivas, Ricardo and Sandra Rivas, Ida and Ralph Brooks, Eusabio Esparza, Miguel and Lisa Esparza, Jorge and Maria Elena Esparza, Eduardo and Christina Esparza Cousins Robert, Veronica (Adrian, Andres, and Abigail), Adrian; Rebecca (Ezequiel and Diego), Angelica (Robert, Juan and Joseph), Raul (Paola, Bruno and Valentina); Ricardo (Martha, Ricardo, Joaquin and Roman), Anna, Clarissa (Andrew, Arabelle, Andrew and Sophia); Matthew and Joshua; Erika (Jon and Rik), Michael (Kaylie, August, Saben and Alyssa), David; Jorge (Marie, Jorge, Tiffany and Joseph), Daniella (Andrew, Alyssa, Laila, and Jacob); Jennifer (Eric, Julian and Isabella), Christopher (Lorraine and Christopher)

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  • Javier Esparza Father
  • Patricia Esparza Mother
  • Yvette Ortiz (Alfonso) Sister
  • Ruben Javier Esparza Brother
  • Raul Rivas Grandfather (deceased)
  • Angelina Rivas Grandmother
  • Miguel Esparza Grandfather (deceased)
  • Isabel Esparza Grandmother (deceased)

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