Richard Paul FRECK

19 noviembre , 194612 julio , 2021

Richard Paul FRECK nació el 19 de noviembre de 1946 y falleció el 12 de julio de 2021 y está bajo el cuidado de Lemon Bay Funeral Home & Cremation Services.

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Richard Paul FRECK


KateLynn Noble-Miller

23 julio , 2021

I just turned 19 and my mom and everyone went up to New York so I was left alone.
Richard decided to plan a motorcycle ride and he took me to our favorite breakfast place Cracker Barrel.
After we finish he took me to 3 different beaches and looked at wealthy homes.

Even tho it wasn't something I would planned for myself, we had fun and enjoy our ride and ended with a couple of glasses of water.

The one thing I'll never forget is the way he took care of my mom. He loved her dearly .
Not only that he took care of my mom, he also took care of me. This man was 63years old when he came into our life, I was 7.
He should have started living his retirement but he stopped everything to be with my mom and me.
He has done more then I could ask him.
Even tho we have never shared a last name or have the same blood but I can truly say that Richard has been more of a father then anyone else I know.