21 diciembre , 197226 enero , 2021

It is with great sadness, and pain in our hearts we want to let you know that on Tuesday, January 26, 2021, in Red Deer Alberta, Paul Anthony Pietrangelo, passed away at the age of 48 due to complications from diabetes.

Paul was born on December 21, 1972, in Toronto, ON. After attending Chinguacousy Secondary School Paul received his B.A. at York University and following in the footsteps of his father was an accomplished Electrician. Paul moved to work in the oil fields of Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Those who knew Paul, know he loved to have an audience which made him an avid storyteller. Smart and quick with a joke, Paul will be missed for his tales of growing up in Toronto and Brampton. An avid traveler he regaled all with his many trips abroad, Europe, Wales, Florida and countless trips to warmer climates. Paul was a social butterfly and could make friends anywhere he went.

Like the complex equipment he worked with, and more than the sum of its parts, Paul was more than the hobbies and passions we knew him for, music, automotive tinkering, rugby, love of animals and travel; a few lines on this page will never do justice to the brother we lost. He had a kind and compassionate soul and would always put others' needs first.

Paul was preceded in death by his father Michael. He is survived by his mother Nicki, sisters Maria and Loretta, nephews Joshua, Damian and Justin. He will be dearly missed by his Uncles, Aunts, and many loving cousins and relatives. His friends and colleagues, in Alberta were his extended family; and Paul's Family and Friends in Ontario, and around the world have expressed an ever growing list of kind words and sympathy that truly shows he was loved by all.

A Celebration of Life will follow at a later date when it is safe to have family and friends together. Please email to be included on a notification list.


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Wayne Dickens

5 febrero , 2021

I cant beleive Paul has passed .
So sorry to here of this .
Paul and I were both from southern ontario . We worked together in Alberta.
And would tell storys about Toronto.
Paul was very smart .
Having a university degree and being a electrician.
Paul had a contagious laugh
He was always telling funny storys .
Paul loved this joke I would tell about him .
"What is the difference between a scumbag and a douchbag."
"A scumbag picks up a couple douchebags and does not call me".
One night in alberta paul and I were going to a bar . The was a huge line up. Paul said you wait I will go for a drink at Hooters. And meet you after . Well he met 2 girls and never met me . Haha .
So I teased him about this .
I loved Paul.
He was 2nd generation union guy like myself .
Paul was a loud crazy guy .
Like all us construction workers from toronto . He would do anything to get the job done . Fight the fight . Best he could .
That's how we were trained. Get it done no matter what .
I know paul health has not been the greatest for some time. Guess the fight was to much . I miss my dear friend .
God bless you paul .

Kevin Lehoux

3 febrero , 2021

I first met Paul at Kinnikinnick, he was the electrician for the plant. We started chatting one day when he was working in the area I worked in and we discovered we had alot in common. From sports to magic the gathering to just sitting around, sharing a drink and shooting the shit for hours on end, Paul quickly became my brother! R.I.P brother, til we meet again!

Cheyenne Lanouette

3 febrero , 2021

Paul was an incredible friend, I loved hearing about stories about his family or his travels. He was a real friend someone I could count on, willing to listen and be there in a moments notice. He was like family to me here and he knew it. He watched my cat Puss when I wasn’t able to keep him with me and they loved each other. I made sure as best as I could he wasn’t alone on holidays, and tried to visit regularly. We had a couple road trips together. It was always enjoyable to be around him. It’s hard to hear you’re gone my dear friend, it would have been great for you to have watched my daughter grow up with me an her have an amazing uncle like you in her life. Really wish you still were here. I’m sorry you’re gone.

Jean Westergard

1 febrero , 2021

Paul loved his family and was always the first to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. Was an amazing electrician and often my Friday night date for karaoke. .. as Clint hated karaoke. He will be missed by our family. He always had a story to tell and was very proud of his Italian heritage. Even tho we always liked to tease him that he was too white to be Italian. Clint and Paul met while working in Regina... Clint is a terrible driver and had terrible eyesight was on the list for cornea transplants, really wanted to come home and see his boys they were around 2 years old at the time. Paul offered to drive him home even tho it was just for a weekend... they became great friends after that. And we had many fun times at football games, BBQ’s, and just hanging out at home watching hockey games on tv. Paul was was one of kind. Could make, fix and build almost anything and always the first to volunteer to help for any sort of project. Our prayers go out to your family. Paul, May you find peace!

Crystal Martel

31 enero , 2021

I am going to miss our talks, well where I would just talk and you would listen. You would always tell me how it was, no matter how hard it would be to hear. I am so thankful that you were in my life, you made me believe in myself again, Thank you.
You weren't supposed to leave, it wasn't your time. We had everything planned for when you got your surgery. I am going to miss you so much Paul, you will always and forever be in my heart. I will always love you.

Love always and forever Bella xoxo

Chris Humphries

31 enero , 2021

While the circumstances and geography have separated us over time, you have left an indelible mark in my life. You had an infectious enthusiasm for life and simple pleasures. Truly one of the few people I've encountered who would give you the shirt off your back. There is a hole in this world now you have left us. Rest in Peace my old friend

Frank & Pina Attatdo

30 enero , 2021

Pina and I are Lucy Consiglio's sister and brother-in-law. Pina is Nick's sister.
We send our sincerest condolences on Anthony's passing. Too young a life to lose.

Melissa Fierro

30 enero , 2021

It is heartbreaking and sad looking at your picture here. It should not be. You were too young to leave this life behind. You will always be a part of us - never forgotten and always in our hearts. The memories of our childhood are many and wonderful. Even though you made your life out west, your huge presence when you came home were filled with laughter, smiles and kindness. You always came home when we needed you and made yourself available for our family. ❤️🙏

Emma Cracknell

30 enero , 2021

Paul, was such a kind spirited person with such a contagious smile, every room he walked into lite up, he has touched so many lives through the years, Paul will truly be missed but never forgotten.

Emma Cracknell

Crystal McCoy

29 enero , 2021

Paul is a Chinguacousy S.S. alumni #TeamChing
We shared many a spirited debate about politics, religion, race, etc... he loved a challenge as much as I did..... haha
Knowing of his health journey, and most recent challenges, I was saddened to hear of his passing - equally so, relieved that he is no longer is suffering.
The body grew weak, but your spirit continues to soar.

Godspeed Paul XO