Eleanor Charlotte Maynerick

30 marzo , 193727 abril , 2021

Eleanor Maynerick was born March 30, 1937 in Loveland, Ohio to Charles Roger and Henriette Spaulding Nisbet. She passed away at age 84 on April 27, 2021 in Austin, Texas.

Ellie will be remembered above all for her abundant heart - her generosity, kindness, compassion, patience and service to others. She moved through life with calming grace. Her every action, gesture and word were filled with humility and an intuitive consideration for others.

Ellie was intelligent, sensitive and beautiful inside and out. She passionately valued family, philanthropy and education and was very well read. She was erudite, spiritual and deep. Her hobbies over the years included piano, dancing, horseback riding, watercolor painting, knitting, floral arrangement, interior design/decor, gardening, landscape design, poetry and writing.

Ellie truly understood the art of living. She was astute at cultivating small pleasures in her daily life and in the lives of others. She kept a stylish, warm home where anyone was welcome. She set a beautiful table for every meal, she hosted fantastic dinner parties and she made birthdays and holidays particularly special. She loved surprises and spontaneity.

As a child, Ellie loved spending time at her dad’s farm with her sisters Rosemary and Martha. In high school, she excelled academically, was a cheerleader, and played clarinet in the band.

At Denison University, Ellie was yearbook editor, a member of Kappa Alpha Theta and participated in track and field. She also studied abroad in Mexico. She graduated with a BA in English and later completed a Master’s in English.

Ellie had five children and she was happiest when surrounded by her family. When her children were little, she loved singing, reading, playing games, going on picnics and exploring nature with them. As they grew older, she introduced them to museums, theater, ballet, the symphony, and travel. She took many memorable trips with her family.

Ellie was an English teacher for most of her career. She later owned and operated a Pier 1 Imports for 10 years until she retired.

She paid attention to global issues and was charitable with her time and money. During the 70s, she and her family hosted Vietnamese refugees for about a year. Later in her life she anonymously paid for several high school students to attend university. Ellie volunteered with Hospice as well as various family services organizations and museums. Additionally, she donated to many causes dear to her including educational programs, environmental organizations, an audiology group that provided hearing aids to children, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s foundations, and more.

Though she esteemed the small town mores with which she was raised, she also desired change and adventure. After over 30 years in the Greater Cincinnati area, she and her family moved to Toronto, Ontario for 11 years. In 1982, they moved to Fort Collins, Colorado where she lived for over 28 years. In 2010, Ellie moved to the Palm Springs area of California. In 2018 she moved to Austin, Texas.

Throughout her life she sought the company and perspectives of people from other countries and of different cultures and religions. Through teaching English as a Second Language, she made many international friends. She planned imaginative trips all over the U.S and the world, including attending the Beijing Women's Conference in 1995.

Ellie always enjoyed long philosophical discussions about the meaning of life, and she was always there to lend support for friends who were going through hard times. Anyone who knew Ellie remembers that she loved a good conversation!

Ellie is survived by her children Marshall, Julie, Tom, Monica and Michelle, her grandchildren Alicia, Kazimir, Zarek, Ivyee, Gabriella and Avery, and her great grandchildren Tristan, Ella, Greyson and Arthur.


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Eleanor Charlotte Maynerick


Jody H. P.

31 mayo , 2021

I'm shocked and saddened that Ellie sleeps in death. It truly is a painful sting. You all are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Ellie was full of love and laughter ❤. I believe in a resurrection Acts 24:15. To her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, my heart ❤ goes out to you and I am so very sorry for your loss. I know NOTHING was more important to her than her children.
Much love and empathy

Helena Dimitrakoudis

30 mayo , 2021

Ellie was a second mother to me, as I grew up from age 4 spending half of my childhood in the Maynerick house of my best friend Monica. Ellie was so gracious and welcoming. She was the “cool mom,” always up for an adventure, always full of joy and laughter. Ellie was young at heart, but had wisdom beyond her years and invariably saw the best in everyone and every situation. She was a champion of living life to its fullest, and gave Monica and I the freedom to do the same. I remember her and Ed trying to discipline us on several occasions for our mischievous( yet hilarious )pranks, but could see the smiles breaking through the serious parental façade.
My parents had many good times with Ellie, and thoroughly enjoyed her company, and her beautiful handwritten letters that she would religiously send after they moved away from Toronto.
I have so many fond memories of Ellie, and the times spent in all of her houses- Walmer Road, Willowdale house, Conrad road house with the Dice statue, Hawaii beach house and the house in Fort Collins. I see so much of Ellie in my BFF, Monica, and know her beautiful attributes will live eternal in her children, and her spirit will be remembered by all whose lives she touched. Wishing peace and sending love to Monica & James, Mischa, Julie, Tom and Marshall.
My parents, Jim and Tuulikki, are the last of their friends still living, but hope to see you, Ellie, again one day in heaven- for drinks like the good old days…. with lots of laughing, dancing and singing.

Harland Ranney

30 mayo , 2021

I met Ellie shortly after she and Ed moved to Fort Collins and opened Pier I imports downtown near the (now) Armstrong Hotel. We became closer when her husband died suddenly and Ellie was truly stressed out, running a business single handedly and being a mother. But Ellie was resolute and managed both.
Over the years we stayed friends, she got to know my wife too. We kept in touch but when she moved to CA it was just a card now and then.
Ellie was skillful at adapting to life's changes, minor and drastic. She was a great mother as attested by how her adult children desired to be near her. Ellie always had an insightful comment and was clearly very bright. She will be missed.

John Nisbet

29 mayo , 2021

We were all saddened to learn of Ellie's passing. I'm sending my sympathy to you as you celebrate Ellie's wonderful life. There are no words that can express the depth of sorrow the family experiences. My heart goes out to you and my prayers up for you.

I have very fond memories. Having gown up together as cousins in the same home town of Loveland, Ohio. We spent many fun times together at picnics, holidays, and special family gatherings.

Ellie leaves a tremendous legacy. She was one of the most kind and loving people I have ever known. As everyone who knew her found, these positive traits spoke volumes. I have personally benefited from them and her gracious and caring character.

She possessed an ability to really enjoy life, to give a lot to others, and to have an innate goodness about her. Ellie will be missed by many, and I am among them. May her loving memory take deep root in us all.

Kristine Bowen

25 mayo , 2021

Ellie was the cool mom - it was her house I'd run away to when I wanted to be away from my own. She was also my first boss, trusting me with a job at Pier 1, though I had no prior experience. She somehow saw and brought out the best in me, as she did to everyone who had the privilege of entering her orbit. Ellie had a wicked sense of humor, an innate sense of style, a fascinating intellect, a curious mind with an acute knowledge of literature and culture, a graceful demeanor, an iron spine, and a kind and generous heart. She was completely captivating, and entirely original, living by her own rules, and serving as a remarkable role model for those of us who looked up to her, of whom there are many. She touched the lives of us all, and will remain forever in our hearts.

John Hahn

20 mayo , 2021

Ellie and I were married but such a short time in life. It was a time that was filled with love and excitement, adventure and travel. Camping in Colorado, The Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, France, Mexico, and Jamaica were some of the places that bring fond memories.

Ellie . . . Your intellect was always a fascination to me. I miss you more than words can say. I will always love you!

Until we meet again..... Rest in Peace.

Ron Plese

15 mayo , 2021

I first met Ellie when she married my Uncle Ed and came to Toronto in the early 70s. Accompanying her were my 4 instant cousins who I still treasure to this day. Then along came Michelle to make 5 and though we're separated by the border, I still feel close and am so thankful for all of the wonderful memories we've shared over the years.
Ellie was always fun to be with and added so much to our family. She was truly a remarkable writer and I was constantly in awe of the beautiful and heartfelt letters she would write to me and my mother.
Thoughts from your Canadian family are with you.

Lyn Huber

14 mayo , 2021

I met Ellie at Monica and James wedding weekend. Monica became my daughter-in-law that day. I remember Ellie's sweet smile, and how she was so friendly to me and made me feel so welcome. Later we exchanged "mom" notes and said we were so happy for our "kids" on their new life together. We exchanged cards and notes each Christmas thereafter. I wish peace and comfort to Monica and James and their family members at this time.
R.I.P. Ellie.

James Miller

13 mayo , 2021

Before she was"Mumsy", she was my friend Ellie. With a wonderful ease, we truly became close friends while Monica & I dated. She was stronger than most, but her gentle demeanor would blind most folks to knowing just how strong of a person she was. Always first with handwritten birthday and holiday cards. She kept her letter and card writing supplies near her favorite seat in her home.
By the time Monica & I married, Ellie had become much more than a mother in law to me, so I call her "Mumsy".

Mumsy was genuinely thoughtful, considerate, and appreciative, of all she met and knew. She knew how to make you feel special.

Mumsy was Love;
1 Corinthians 13, kind of love.

Until we laugh together again Mumsy, I miss you.

Sherry Mattes-Jansen

13 mayo , 2021

To: Ellie's Kids and Family

It broke my heart to hear of your precious mother's passing. Ellie was one of the most imaginative and creative people I have ever known. We were, as you probably know, kindred spirits during some of the toughest years of our lives. We loved all the same things: music, theater, reading, and dancing!! We were "Dancing Queens" made of the same cloth!! We would schedule an occasional "girl's night out" to hear the amazing Dee Felice Jazz Quartet and laugh and dance until we dropped! We spent most of our time together just talking and sharing, while our kids played for hours! My memories with Ellie run deep and will "never" be forgotten!! I am dedicating this song to her life here on Earth & now in Heaven!! She truly was and is still... a Butterfly