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Armando Remonte Rivera

27 enero , 194011 marzo , 2020

Armando Remonte Rivera nació el 27 de enero de 1940 y falleció el 11 de marzo de 2020 y está bajo el cuidado de GLENDALE FUNERAL HOME.

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Armando Remonte Rivera


Sandy and Jim Martineau

18 abril , 2020

From Sandra
Dear Mandy and Carmelita,
You are in my prayers and my love

From Jim
Dear Mandy and Carmelita,
We love you both so so much and trust Mandy is headed upward quickly, knowing him to be a good soldier for Christ and a very loving and joyful spiritual companion.

A sweet memory...
I always would sit next to my pal Mandy in choir. He would look at me straight faced, but I could always see the ever so slight sense of humor, when he would lift up his closed hand for our usual fist bump greeting! His humor was so subtle, but he always seemed to carry it with him!... He had this knack for being joyful, yet he kept a straight face. Hahaha. I was mercifully placed next to him because he alway new the melody, so I just followed him. I never remember a day in choir with him that I didn't somehow feel uplifted by him. That is just how Mandy is, he uplifts us. He somehow always brought joy to my heart. He was a hidden soldier of joy for me and I can barely wait to spend eternity in heaven with him and his better half, Carmelita!

Anna Weilbacher

11 abril , 2020

Dear Carmelita,

Mandy was such a generous and happy man that I always looked forward to seeing at church. My youngest memories that I have at Queen of Angels are going to your gift shop and spending so much time before or after Mass, looking at all the Holy Cards, and exchanging some small talk, even as shy as I was. When I was around 5 or 6 years old, there was a card that I absolutely fell in love with, and all I had were pennies to pay for it. I sat on the little steps to the library trying to count, and recount them numerous times, to reach the ~$1 that it cost, but was getting so frustrated. Mandy just chuckled and gave me the Holy Card. It was a small act of kindness, but touched me in such a way that will stay with me forever. I always looked forward to seeing you both after church because you are just the sweetest couple. Everyone should try to be more like you and Mandy, and surely the world would be such a peaceful, caring place.

Betty Wilmore

9 abril , 2020

Armando “Mandy” Rivera: How can I begin to express this gentle and gracious giant of a man in character. He exemplified the very essence of a Christian. He was always kind, considerate, and generous in his undertakings: He was a live, walking example of humility. He was a teacher in a very silent way to all of us who had the pleasure of being in his company. He was always a joy to be around and when he was not feeling well, you knew because his beautiful smile that was like a burning fire giving warmth to your body was somewhat extinguished; but he never complained. He only let his wife know his troubles and he knew the “love of his life,” Carmelita would be there and tend him. She was his comfort, his joy. Together they prayed; they took care of each other, you never saw one without the other. They were the consummate couple. Mandy was an extremely intelligent and accomplished man … He could talk on any subject but he would never enforce his opinion on anyone. Few people ever saw in him in this light. He was a real jokester at least with me ... sometimes I got it and sometimes I didn’t, I never heard him say a harsh or unkind word to anyone or about anything. We had a special friendship developed by our illnesses and having to take anticoagulants. We would share the results of the blood draws by the number that was given to us as to how well the anticoagulants were working. For instance, on a Sunday morning, he would greet me with a big smile . . . “Hi (pause) 2.2” and I would answer what my result was and we would burst into laughter and converse if there was concern; but his smile always persisted. I will always remember our Wednesday night rosaries . . . when it was his turn to lead a mystery, he said it faster than I had ever heard anyone speak. I would think “whew “did I miss something? I miss you my friend. May you rest in peace.

Carmelita Rivera

8 abril , 2020

David Algarme

8 abril , 2020

I was a co-worker of Armando for several years. I am of Filipino heritage so I used to ask him questions from time to time. My favorite memory of him is when I asked him what the "black" and "purple" dishes were at the Filipino restaurant next door. He didn't look up from his desk but he just said "It's good, just eat it". I still laugh to this day about that. (Reminded me of my grandfather). In any case he was a pleasure as a co-worker and I think of him often.

Julie Mason

7 abril , 2020

Mandy was the kind of person that you could always count on to be cheerful and kind. He was so approachable and even-tempered that you knew he would give you a friendly greeting every single time he saw you. He was a faithful choir member at Queen of Angels for well over twenty years. He had a mellow, pleasing voice and was the humble patriarch of the men's section. At the end of choir practice, he would often lead the choir in a "Hail Mary" before we went into church to sing. When my son was a young lad and new at being an altar server, he often served at Mass with Mandy, who took him under his wing.

Carmelita, we are so used to saying "Mandy-and-Carmelita," as if it were one name. Your tender care of Mandy as his health declined and Mandy's meek acceptance of his sufferings were an inspiration to us. St. John Chrysostom wrote these words for a husband to say to his wife: "... For the present life is nothing, and my most ardent dream is to spend it with you in such a way that we may be assured of not being separated in the life reserved for us."

karen weilbacher

6 abril , 2020

Dear Carmelita,
It's hard to know where to start on recalling all the wonderful memories I have of Mandy and you at Queen of Angels. I will never forget how friendly and kind both of you were back in October 1993 when Ed & I first attended Mass at Queen of Angels. I fell in love with your little gift shop and all the wonderful treasures that were there. Mandy was always so friendly and kindhearted whenever we talked. He always was so very helpful when I was trying to find a particular book or item in the gift shop.
My most honored and treasured memory of you and Mandy were when you renewed your 25th wedding vows and Ed & I participated in your ceremony. I remember when Anna was very little and Mandy always smiling and waving at her and trying to get her to talk to him. She was so shy but I believe she loved his attention.
Mandy was always there to help Fr. Radecki in any way he could. I loved seeing him help my son Peter become a good Altar server and seeing them serve together was a great joy ! Mandy & you always helped with all the processions and other functions of our parish.
Truly Mandy was a man of Christ with a very strong devotion to The Mother of God !!!!
I will truly miss Mandy until God willing I see him in the next life. I will continue to pray for the repose of his soul and for your comfort in this your most grievous sorrow in our daily rosary. J.M.J. +

Ed Weilbacher

6 abril , 2020

Dear Carmelita, it was God’s Divine Providence that you and Mandy came into our lives at Queen of Angels. I will always remember Mandy as a kind and gentle servant of Our Lord. He always put his hand out to greet me every time that we met. I will remember him and you at the gift shop with so many beautiful religious articles. He was always there at all of our parish functions, smiling and ready to capture pictures with his camera. In conversation he always wanted to know what I thought about things. Although I am sure he loved all of my family, Anna held a special place in his heart, as also you did. I always used Mandy as a reality check on the most important things as I recognized him as one of the most intelligent and wisest members of our Church. I will surely miss Mandy, however, I hope to be with him one day in heaven. Thank you so much Carmelita, for your and Mandy’s presence in our lives. May God’s Blessings be upon you, and God Rest Mandy’s soul.

Most personal condolences - Ed Weilbacher

Sister Maria Kazimiera

6 abril , 2020

Dear Carmelita,
I will always cherish my fond memories of Mandy and you. (I really can't think of him as separate from you.) He was always so respectful and so thoughtful.
Did he ever miss an opportunity to take the Sisters out to eat? I sure can't think of any. And he always wanted to go to a good place, not just any place.
We always sang tenor together. This would have been the first time I was there that that wasn't going to happen, but then our visit got cancelled. There won't be that chance this year of seeing that empty hole in the choir at Queen of Angels.
God bless you!
Sister Maria Kazimiera

John Vines

6 abril , 2020

Dear Carmelita
I am so sad to hear about Armando's passing. He was such a gentle soul. When we pray "Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make our hearts like unto thine", I can picture no one else more than your husband!
I had not heard of this until I read your email last night...
I am truly grateful for having known you both and miss joking around with him and you.
The Saturday evening rosary at your house was a huge blessing for me and especially for Joe, Sophia and Anna, as we were brand new to traditional Catholicism and it really helped them to see what a traditional Catholic home looked and felt like..and how important prayer, and especially the rosary ,is in our daily lives!
We all sometimes talk about that together and we all cherish those evenings with you..
Especially since Mandy was also Joe's sponsor for confirmation!
You are both in our prayers forever!

John Vines


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