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Mark Geary

12 septiembre , 194716 febrero , 2020
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Mark Geary of Southlake, TX passed away February 16, 2020. He was born on September 12, 1947, in Norristown, PA to the late Paul A. Geary and Monica McKernan. He was preceded in death by his brother Paul A. He is survived by his wife of 50 years Christine Geary, his daughter Shannon, his sons Shane M., Brian Patrick, sister Monica Simpson, grandchildren Raquel Garcia-Geary, Aden and numerous nieces and nephews. Mark graduated from St. James H.S. in 1965 and received his B.A. in Economics from the University of Notre Dame in 1969. Mark started his career in finance at The Associates in Chicago. Throughout his 40 years with The Associates he lived in Minneapolis, St. Louis, South Bend, Akron, London, England, Houston and Louisville. He later worked for Citigroup, and G.E. before retiring from Truck Center. Mark enjoyed attending mass at his parish Good Shepherd Catholic Church as well as being an active volunteer at Meals on Wheels, where he brightened the lives of so many. He was known as the pacesetter by his rowing team at the gym. He was a true adventurer, having visited over 30 countries. He also loved reading, cooking and spending time with his family. He was an avid sports fan, but by far his heart belonged to college football and his beloved Notre Dame. Visitation will be 6:00-8:00pm Friday, February 28, 2020 at Foust and Son Funeral Home, 523 S. Main St., Grapevine, TX 76051. Memorial Mass will be at 9:30, Saturday, February 29, 2020 at Good Shepherd Catholic Church, 1000 Tinker Rd, Colleyville, TX 760341 Donations in lieu of flowers can be sent in honor or memory of the deceased to Meals on Wheels or the Alzheimer's association.


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Mark Geary


Tara Day

12 marzo , 2020

My Uncle Mark...when I think about him, I smile. I smile when I remember him blessing me one summer as I was able to go with them on their family vacation to PADRE ISLAND!!! I smile when I remember him asking me to come visit for a week or so during my summer vacation. I smile when I think about him hanging out with my Grandpa and Marilyn during Notre Dame football season. I smile when I picture my Uncle Mark driving his corvette, picking up Aden from school and just looking OH SO COOL!!! I smile when I think of the excitement he had watching college football, texting Marilyn before, during and after the games. I smile when I think about Uncle Mark taking Brian on a cruise, to spend time and make memories. I smile when I think about him taking Aden and Q to Disney World, to spend time and make memories. I smile when I think about Uncle Mark taking Aunt Tina on so many vacations, excursions, cruises, safaris', spending time and making memories. I smile when I think about Uncle Mark taking a road trip with Aden, making many stops to educate, spend time and make memories. I smile when I think about him talking to Shannon on a weekly basis while she worked in Japan, staying connected, spending time, making memories. I smile when I think about Uncle Mark taking Aunt Tina, Shane and Mindy on a cruise to celebrate, spend time and make memories. I smile when I think about Uncle Mark talking about his kids and his grand kids, he puffed up with pride, joy and happiness. I smile when I think about being invited to spend some time away from military training, San Antonia, during an Easter break. I smile when I think about Uncle Mark, after each trip, looking at all the pictures he took and creating a picture collage to remember his time making memories with family and friends. I will always smile when I think about my Uncle Mark! Love you more! Tara Day

Marilyn Miller-Ortiz

12 marzo , 2020

My memories of Mark start with his first introduction to the Ortiz family around the year 1967 on a trip to Chicago with Tina her father Joe and me on a Norwegian ship party where we were all introduced to a drink called aquavit. It was deadly. Anyway we were not in any condition to drive back to South bend so we spent the night at Joe's sister Lydia's place. Mark had the honor of sleeping with Joe that night only to be awakened by Joe's feet rubbing up and down Marks legs. Needless to say Mark was somewhat alarmed. Later that morning he also had the honor of meeting Joe's father who was a former prizefighter. He comes in shakes Mark's hand and gives him a head butt that made Mark see stars the rest of the day. Mark survived and married Tina.
When we moved back to Indiana in 1999, Mark & Tina would visit us in the fall during Notre Dame season and we would visit them in Southlake, Texas for Christmas on our way to San Diego. That's when Mark and Joe really became close. When we were together it was always Mark and Joe playing gin rummy arguing about who's cheating and who owes who what. From what I understand there was a $15 debt that Joe owed Mark when Joe died so I hope that Mark has finally been able to collect that debt.
Mark and I had one thing very much in common we both loved college football particularly Notre Dame. I truly enjoyed talking about football with Mark and I was always happy when he had some extra tickets for the game which I was honored to attend.
I also have him to thank for the time I was able to make a trip to Italy for 3 weeks in 2015. I was not about to go and leave Joe but Joe was insisting that I go and Mark stepped up and said yes you must go because he and Tina would come and stay with Joe. He even helped me make my reservations to make sure that I did not back out from going. I have so many wonderful memories of Mark and I will certainly miss him. Soar with the angels Mark Geary. Love you my friend.

Shannon Geary

10 marzo , 2020

Some of the words that come to mind when describing Mark, my dad, are hard-working, honest, and caring. He had a tremendous love of life and family.
He knew the importance of character and demonstrated it throughout his entire life. He would always tell me that character requires discipline, and self-control. In addition, honesty and integrity are two of the most important virtues that my dad truly valued. As I wrote to him last Father’s day “ I have always admired your honesty and integrity and I try to model that with myself and others. You have shown me that being honest with ourselves and others are the cornerstone of having character and being the best version of ourselves. Thank you for always being honest and truthful. You have the biggest heart and care so much for others. Thank you for always being there for me. You are the true meaning of Dad.” Being honest and fair were core values that my dad lived and breathed every day. These values are what I base my life on and have made me the person I am today.
My dad had such a wonderful love for life. He loved travelling having visited over 30 countries. He wrote me an email for my 50th birthday and in it he said “You've reached a milestone in your timeline - 50 years old is to be celebrated in grand fashion. I celebrated mine in Ireland, you in Japan, that in itself tells a story about us. Living life to the fullest and with a sense of adventure. The photos that you have been sending proves the point. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Raise a glass for me. All my love, Dad.
Dad I hope you have found peace knowing how much of an influence and impact you have had on the lives of so many and your legacy will live on through the lives of your family and friends. Dad I love you, I miss you and you won’t be forgotten.

Christen Gingerich

2 marzo , 2020

I remember how much he loves his family with all his heart and soul. They were his everything. I shared with Aden that he didn’t know me very well but I knew him real well. Uncle Mark was so proud of Aiden and Q. And when he spoke of his wonderful, special, kind, smart etc etc etc children and grand children you could feel the love! His eyes would light up and a smile so big.... Oh how he loves his family! I remember the last time I saw him and aunt Tina. It was in the morning and they were getting ready to go to a vacation home in Michigan. My all time favorite memory as I watched him help Aunt Tina with anything and everything and the way they talked to each other was kind, gentle and loving.... it was so peaceful that morning. I felt the love. I’m grateful for that memory. Uncle Mark I love you. I look forward to seeing you in heaven!

Q Garcia Geary

29 febrero , 2020

When I was little and we would come over to my grandad’s house he would always pick me up and say “there's my favorite grandchild”!! And I would say but grandad I’m your only grandkid (this was before Aden was born to be fair) and we would laugh and he would say well you’re still my favorite

And though he is my only grandad
He is most certainly my favorite!

It would sometimes be hard for me and, I’m sure my other family members, to meet his never-ending high expectations, but I know in my heart he was proud of all of us. Proud of us for trying our best. Proud of us for loving him and working towards loving others. And I know he had a deep love for his family, his friends, his church, and his community, that could never be truly explained through words alone.

Thank you all for coming tonight to honor him and I want to ask each of you to keep his memory alive by spreading joy in all you do.

Bob Campanella

26 febrero , 2020

One of the GREATEST guys I ever worked with. My relationship with Mark grew even greater when he and Tina moved into the neighborhood Lisa and I were living in. His porch backed up to the lake and the walking path, and we use to see him when we walked our dogs. He always asked when I was going to retire! Someday soon, Mark! He was a very very giving person. I remember when Lisa and I only had one car and I was bumming rides to work when Lisa needed the car. He and Tina let me use their car for a week when they went out of town. He was good a friend and cared about people. I am a big Steeler fan. Mark had a picture of Jerome Bettis when he played for Notre Dame. He gave it to me. I told him I was going to get Bettis to autograph it. Mark said if I did, he wanted it back! I did get Bettis to sign it and I told him he wasn't getting it back. He just laughed! Mark was very close to my brother, Don, who passed away on 9-26-2011. I know my brother's passing effected Mark greatly. He missed Don. Mark always had a great attitude at work and always had a warm greeting. He was one of a kind! We miss having people like him working here! We pray for Tina and the rest of the family, May God bless.

Sharon Flutsch

26 febrero , 2020

Recently, Mark sent us a card that we keep as a reminder of the truly wonderful time we had together when he came to visit. Knowing the difficulties we currently face, his ‘thank you’ was, of course, a Notre Dame card with a quote of encouragement from Lou Holtz. “It’s not the load that breaks you down; it’s the way you carry it.”

Inside the card Mark wrote, “I believe this quote from Lou can help put your troubles into perspective”

I share Mark’s own words in essence taking a page from Mark’s playbook. May we all carry ‘the load’ and keep our troubles in perspective the way that Mark did; with profound grace, unconditional love, a positive attitude and an endearing smile.

Mark’s friendship has remained a constant through the years and leaves an indelible impression on my heart and soul.

Sharon & Juan Flutsch

Jon Rupp

23 febrero , 2020

Although we had not known Mark for a long period of time, he was like an old, good friend to Jean and me. Heartfelt sympathies are extended to his family.

Lydia Granados

22 febrero , 2020

To the Geary family, Tina I am so sorry to hear about Mark. My heart and prayers are with you and family. I remember how Mark loved his cigars. May he Rest In Peace.

Tracey Jackson

22 febrero , 2020

I enjoyed seeing Mark at our Stalag 17b reunions. He always made me smile.


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