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Mary Ingle West

18 agosto , 194813 mayo , 2019

Mary Ingle West passed away on May13, 2019 at the age of 70. She was a strong willed advocate for human rights who valued her family first, unselfishly helped people in need and worked relentlessly to better her corner of the world. Mary made strong lasting friendships and maintained contact, some continuing for more than 50 years. She provided benefit to everyone she touched. She raised her children to be thoughtful, self-reliant and considerate of all others, instilling in them honesty, good citizenship and love for their fellow man. She believed that if something was right it should be done. Mary was an artist. Her house represented the creativity within her. Her paintings, sculptures and living space designs adorn the residences of the people she loved. They were the gifts she gave in addition to her friendship. She was a true believer in the human spirit. Mary is preceded in death by her father, Quentin "Bob" Ingle, mother, Jean (Miller), sister, Martha Lowery and brother, James Ingle. She is survived by her husband, Jon, her daughters, Martha Hannah Reznicek and Leah Naomi West and her son, Jason Robert West and her grandchildren, with whom she maintained continuous contact and treated as the most important people in her life. They are Emily Reznicek, Sydney Rezicek, Miller Reznicek, Quentin Thullen and Wyatt Thullen. She is also survived by her brother-in-law, Robert Allen West and two sons-in-law, Matt Reznicek and Tim Thullen.

Mary's departure leaves a huge void in the lives of us all. Mary, we love you.


  • Service to be held at a later date

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