Andrea Ann Delaney

21 noviembre , 198113 julio , 2020
 Obituario de Andrea Ann Delaney
Andrea Ann DELANEY, age 38, of Spring, Texas passed away on Monday, July 13, 2020. Andrea was born November 21, 1981. Andrea is survived by Husband Christopher Delaney Grandfather Guadalupe Munoz mother Catherine Santa Iturralde; Aunt Frances Colunga and uncle Ralph Colunga brother Edward Iturralde and sister Erica Perfecto, , nephew Andrew Iturralde, niece Ally Ann Perfecto, niece Becca Perfecto, Father-in-law EJ Delaney, Mother-in-law Jennifer Delaney Brother-in-law Ben Delaney niece Kiana Delaney, nephew Tyler Delaney, nephew Ben Delaney and nephew Brandon Delaney.

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  • Christopher Delaney Husand
  • Guadalupe Munoz Grandfather
  • CatherineSanta Iturralde Mother
  • Frances Colunga Aunt
  • Ralph Colunga Uncle
  • Edward Iturralde Brother
  • Erica Perfecto Sister
  • Andrew Iturralde Nephew
  • Ally Ann Perfecto Niece
  • Becca Perfecto Niece
  • EJ Delaney Father-in-law
  • Jennifer Delaney Mother-in-law
  • Ben Delaney Brother-in-law
  • Kiana Delaney Niece
  • Tyler Delaney Nephew
  • Ben Delaney Nephew
  • Brandon Delaney Nephew

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