Steven Raymond Diaz

25 agosto , 198517 abril , 2021
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Steven Raymond Diaz, age 35 passed away on Saturday, April 17, 2021. Steven was born August 25, 1985 in California.

A funeral service for Steven will be held Wednesday, May 5, 2021 at 11:00 AM at Lakewood Memorial Park, 900 Santa Fe Avenue, Hughson, California, followed by a committal service.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at for the Diaz family.


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  • Josiah Mar
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  • Funeral Service

    miércoles, 5 mayo , 2021

  • Committal Service

    miércoles, 5 mayo , 2021


Steven Raymond Diaz


Diaz Diaz

14 mayo , 2021

Nephew Steven,

Remembering how our families were so intwined with each other going over to Decoto to chill making late night Jack in the Box runs to feed the kiddos ( Yes we didn’t forget the special order :) Then moving to Modesto watching , talking wrestling and becoming even a bigger fan then me. You always had a smile on your face no matter what. Bringing laughter to those you touched. It’s sad that you left us at a young age but God was calling and he needed another Raider fan by his side. You will forever be in our hearts, although you are gone, you’re memory lives inside us.
Love you Steven R.I.P.
Tio Ray

Josiah Mar

5 mayo , 2021

To Steven,
Where do I even begin.. Im going to miss you so much. We have so many memories together, from playing xbox to always beating you in basketball. We’d walk to the basketball courts nearby and we would play all day till the sun went down. I wish i could go back to that and relive all the moments I had with you. You’d always want to quit playing the xbox but we used to beg you to keep playing because it was so much fun, i’m never going to forget any of these memories I will forever cherish them in my heart. I will forever look up to you and be proud that you were my uncle. I had a pretty cool uncle if i say so myself. You used to always look out for me and my brothers making sure we were always straight. Not even including everyone in the house as well as other family & friends. You were a very caring person towards everybody. I’m going to miss you so much & love you with all my heart. I hope you save a spot for all of us in heaven. And i know you’re looking over everyone & keeping us all safe. Can’t wait till next time i see you steven!
-Your Nephew Josiah

Jodin Mar

5 mayo , 2021

Uncle Steven ,
Where do I begin ….. We have so many good memories that we shared that I will keep in my heart forever . We pretty much eat the same things so I guess I’m a picky eater just like you. Maybe it’s because I look up to you You are the one who gave me my name . My mom didn’t have a name for me and you are the one who gave me my unique name . Who is going to be my gaming buddy ? All the late nights that we would play Mortal Kombst , NBA, COD Ghost, Final Fantasy and Castle Crashers . I appreciate all the time you spent with me and taking me on rides so we can bump some music . To you trying to play my guitar and you would strum and say “I am Elias “ . I’m going to miss that more than you know .You were the best uncle you could be for me and I will never forget that .You’re in a better place now so rest easy uncle Steven. I love you
Your nephew ,
Jodin (aka Lee)

Carina Anguiano

4 mayo , 2021

Little Steven,

You will always be missed and never forgotten.
You were the craziest guy, always making fun of our 49ers team and always talking bad, but always hanging around with a full house of Niners fans with that crazy laugh you had lol. I still can’t believe your gone. Your at peace now and watching over all of us from above. So many memories share I’m glad I got to know you, you were a great person friend and always had the best attitude ever.

R.I.P Steven

Jerald jdog Martinez

4 mayo , 2021


I met you 17 years ago when you started working at walmart since day one you were my boy. We didn't get no work done we were always clowning on each other. Then our walmart crew started kickin'it in your garage and you would kick our butts at pool I'd pay you back by kicking your butt at madden. I remember someone daring you to pierce your nipples lol you handled it like a G. All the road trips we went on. When me you Ruben and I think J fly went to see George Lopez in Oakland. We stopped at Denny's in tracy on the way home and you were mackn on that waitress I think you got that phone number lol. That one time when me you and Erik went to the giants game and after the game we cought a ride on that bike taxi the guy was huffn and puffn but he got us to our destination lol. When me you bdub and erika went to San Francisco and we ended up at the strip club and me you went in cuz erika wouldn't let bdub go in you paid for my 1sy lap dance lol. The time me you sherri gmoney and Mike were going to Sacramento and we got pulled over in the Taco Bell drive thru me and you were the only ones that got handcuffed and put in the back of the police car lol. You mom and pops came to the rescue and saved our day lol. When went to hit golf balls at the golf course we didn't do very good but it was fun. I have so many more memories that I will never forget. I'm sad your gone but I'm happy you are no longer in pain. See you when I get there. Jerdogg.

Rose Escutia

4 mayo , 2021

As I Sit Here And Cry I Think About All The Memories I Have With You. My Heart Is Shattered There Are No Words To Explain How I Feel All I Can Do Is Just Cherish The Memories And Photos I Have . I Remember Our Phone Conversation You Would Always Say Tia Why Do You Like The Cowboys Your A Diaz Were All Raider Fans lol Crazy Guy You Always Had Something To Say About My Team. You Will Forever Have A Special Place In My Heart . Nephew Even Tho I Wasent A Diaz Anymore You Still Always Called Me Tia.
Steven Diaz You Will Truely Be Missed 💔😭

Patty De La Torre

4 mayo , 2021

My brother my everything the first day I met you I knew you where going to be like a brother the way you always looked out for me the way you gave me advice and the way you protected me. You are my person and the day you left us was the day I lost my person I can’t wait to see you again. I will cherish all the great memories we have together I love you more then words can express.

Jalana Vaughn

3 mayo , 2021


I’m still shook by this. You are and always will be a brother to me. I have many memories that i will cherish, from Kye tattooing you, to you sticking up for me and occasionally telling me when i was wrong. The love you showed for your nephews and nieces and your family as a whole. When I think world’s best uncle you always come to mind. Every time you laugh, every one else would have to laugh too. Thats the energy we all cherish. I love and miss you! All my love to my Diaz fam bam ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love always,

Frankie Diaz

3 mayo , 2021

My uncle Steven,
Man where do I start, throughout these 21 years shared with you have been a blessing. Taking it back from Thomas to Riverette, always trying to sneak into the garage while partying was going on to join the mix. I look up to you, The way you can change the room with your energy. I’ll cherish all the memories we have forever . From going to the golfing range out of nowhere and whiffing the ball 95 percent of the time but still be having a blast. Or even drinking a quick beer in the front yard (only when I was out of my moms sight) . I’ll miss all those game nights playing shadowforce, Zelda, pokemon, etc. not to mention rocket league .or even watching the raiders get their ass kicked the majority of the time, or the warriors winning seasons. I wish this was all one big nightmare but what keeps me going is that you’re at peace now watching over everyone. I’ll miss you there’s no doubt about that, there’s hasn’t been one day I haven’t thought about you , you’ll always be in my heart , I’ll carry your name on forever.
-Love Frankie

Yvette Diaz

3 mayo , 2021


First off, I will say that I love you cousin! We had so many fun and good memories as kids. I’ll talk about a few :)

I always would get so excited when I was little when my Dad would tell me that “we were going to Uncle Bob’s house this weekend!” You know what that meant! Cheese pizzas, video games until late in the night, playing outside with all the neighbor kids even when the streetlights were on. We were staying up late! Ice cream from the ice cream man, and candy :) And your tacos from Jack in the Box with no lettuce and no sauce. Same as Celena!

Even driving to your place in Union City was fun. I loved when my Dad would take the longer way on Mission Boulevard and I would see the beautiful big mansion that I thought was a castle (it’s actually the nursing home) and all the beautiful scenery. Also, I knew we were almost there when we took 880 and I saw the “Decoto Road” exit!

Uncle Bob, my Dad hanging out drinking a few beers and listening to oldies. Celena, Lil Bob and Tina hanging out with their friends in the room playing their music and talking and laughing. Aunt Gloria and my Mom talking in the living room or kitchen and catching up on some things.

And Us...VIDEO GAMES! We were video game nerds LOL! You always had every single new video game and the newest game consoles. Remember when Uncle Bob let us stay up late to finish the Flintstones game on Super Nintendo! :) We knocked that game out in one day and night !!! Haha! Playing at the apartments outside underneath the BART train!

Going to Little Bob’s baseball games at James Logan and playing underneath the bleachers and going to the snack shack to buy some candy and some soda with the money our Dads gave us!

Lots of memories and I wish I would have talked to you more and hung out as we were older. Everyday is a gift and I will cherish every moment spent with you cousin! I know you are at peace now and one day we will meet again!

Love your cousin,

Yvette “Vetty”