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James D. Sirigotis

30 julio , 193326 junio , 2020

James D. Sirigotis, 86 of Jupiter, FL passed away on June 26, 2020 at his residence. He was born in Samos, Greece on July 30, 1933; the son of the late George and Christina Sirigotis.

James married Louise on June 24, 1956 and together they shared 64 years of marriage. He was the owner/operator of J. James Painting Company for 38 years before his retirement. James enjoyed, working out, reading, working with charities, visitation of shut ins, bible studies, World Vision, World Challenge, and served on seven different charity boards.

He is survived by his loving wife, Louise Sirigotis; two children, George and Margarita and six grandchildren, Chelsea, Taylor, James, Lauren, Rachael and Aaron.

In addition to his parents, he is predeceased by three brothers, John, Kostos and Peter.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to WorldChallenge.org.


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    martes, 30 junio , 2020

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    miércoles, 1 julio , 2020

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    miércoles, 1 julio , 2020


James D. Sirigotis



18 julio , 2020

Margarita and I met Jim back in 1995, he came to many of our church conventions here in Warren Ohio. He was a friend and a blessed brother in Christ. He encouraged us to build our church that we have today; we used the Assemblies of God church building for our conventions and he said why don't you build your own church to have our conventions there. Lately he wanted to come to see us but his health did not allow it. We will miss him, but we have the promise that we will see him again in heaven and be together with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for ever.

Peter Bono

16 julio , 2020

I met Jimmy in 1992, he invited me to a men's bible study in Palm Beach, which I still attend the same bible study each Wednesday morning. We would often get together for lunch and on occasions for dinner with our wives. I always looked forward to getting together with him, it was a very special relationship. I remember how he truly loved the Lord. I am very grateful for knowing him, he and Louise will always have a special place in my heart and never be forgotten. I look forward to the day of seeing him again in heaven. God Bless!

Peter Freund

14 julio , 2020

I can certainly testify that James Sirigotis must have been a wonderful man and a very dedicated father, because he developed a wonderful son and person in George Sirigotis who I have been friends with and admired for many years.
I wish to send sincere condolences to all James Sirigotis family on the loss of a very fine man.

james sirigotis

8 julio , 2020

Grandpa Jimmy showed me, through his daily life and actions, how to care.

I mean this is in two ways. First, Grandpa showed me how to care about the world, the less fortunate, the suffering - to care about what was going on around me and try to have a positive impact. Grandpa never looked away from the pain and hardship persistently brought upon the most vulnerable in our society - and it was critical to who he was as a man to extend a hand of care to those cast aside or left behind. From reaching out to a complete stranger on the side of the road offering them new shoes to visiting elders and the sick, to working with Christian and humanitarian organizations - Grandpa taught me that caring about - and for - the world was of the greatest importance. This has had a profound effect on me and it will always play a definitive role in my understanding of Grandpa Jimmy. Grandpa worked hard to care for others because it was the right thing to do - not to make money for money’s sake, or for social status, but to uplift those in need.

Grandpa also showed me how to care in a second way - how to show care in our everyday familial and personal relationships. Grandpa was our patriarch - the solid foundation our family rested on. Not only was Grandpa able to provide that foundation, but he managed to do so with a level of grace, compassion, and humility that is far too rare in our world today. Grandpa showed me that being a man wasn’t only about being tough, working hard, and fighting for what you believe in - he showed me that a real man places just as much value on caring for those around you: your partner, family, community, and even strangers.

Thank you, Grandpa. Thank you for the million-dollar pancakes, for hiding our vegetables under the table when we didn’t want to eat them. Thank you for the conversations and wisdom, thank you for your embrace, thank you for showing me how to live a humble and caring life. Thank you for being a model I could never live up to.

Christine (Loulee) Mavrantza

8 julio , 2020

My dearest uncle Jimmy, my father's brother Peter, with whom you were really closed and loved each other. I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to come and see you and enjoy each other. Uncle, I can't accept it, it doesn't fit my head that you left. I still believe that one day you will come to Greece, we will go to Samos, we will make Greek food that you liked so much and we will drink ouzo. Though I am sure that now you will be with your greatest love, our Lord.
I am very proud to have had an uncle like you, who also stood by me like a father. You had greatness of soul, goodness for the whole world, dignity, justice and modesty.
Uncle Jimmy, people really die when we forget them. You will live in my heart and my thought as long as I live. I will always love you, your niece Christina.

My sweet aunt Louise, there are no words to ease your pain. I know how much you cared for him and you loved him, and so did he. May God gives you the strength to handle the pain in your soul. I love you, your niece Loulee.

Kathleen Hauck

7 julio , 2020

On behalf of my parents Janet and George Hauck, (recently deceased) as well as myself, Kathleen Hauck, we wish to send sincere condolences on behalf of the loss of a fine man. As a family we have been more familiar with his son George, however after reading the outpouring of love and affection, and knowing the good man and friend George is, it is abundantly apparent he is a man worthy of a place in our hearts and prayers forever.

george Sirigotis

6 julio , 2020

George Sirigotis

6 julio , 2020

James Sirigotis

First let me tell you about my father, James Demetrious Sirigotis, the one most of you knew. He was born on July 30th, 1933 on the Greek Island of Samos. He was the youngest of four boys, his brothers being John, Kostas, and Peter all deceased.

He came from humble beginnings. His father George worked in a leather factory and his mother Christina worked as a maid cleaning houses when possible. At the young age of seven he witnessed his father die of starvation during WWII. He told me that he remembered his father lying in bed asking for a piece of bread and there was none. After his father died, he remembered seeing German soldiers come into their one room house and carry his father’s dead body away, to be dropped into a mass grave…memories that I imagine haunted him for most of his life.

After his father’s passing, life became even more difficult. Being the youngest (that is most dependent) of four boys, my father was placed in an orphanage because his mother had to work to support his three older, more independent brothers. While at the orphanage my father had to studied and worked hard. I remember him telling me that one of his favorite memories was receiving care packages from The United States of America filled with toiletries and candy. Candy was his favorite snack. My father stayed at the orphanage until he was 17. In 1951, my Dad enlisted in the Greek Navy. He was stationed on the submarine Delfin II as a Morse code operator, by the way, the Delfin I was the first submarine in history to launch a torpedo against a warship - and ended up traveling the world during his 3 years in the Greek Navy.

After his time in the Greek navy, with his navy experience, my Dad sought employment on a Greek commercial vessel. He worked on that ship for 2 years, before it eventually docked in the ports of New York, where another new chapter in my dad’s life began…you see my dad did what is commonly referred to as "Jumping Ship"…and mind you he did so not speaking a word of English.

So with little to no possessions, unable to speak the language, and only knowing that he had two uncle's living in America, he courageously took a leap of faith to begin this new chapter of his life. One of his uncles was the presiding minister at The Church of the Living God in Newark NJ. One thing lead to another as my dad became more involved in the church, and as fate would have it, he was introduced to a beautiful, young women in the church by the name of Louise Summa. Little did they know at the time that that introduction would blossom into a lifelong partnership with the love of his life, my mother. After a year courtship, my dad and mom were married on June 24, 1956 - he was 22 and she was 20 years young.

My dad’s first employment in the US was a minimum wage factory job, but after a limited time there he decided he needed to do more to support his new bride, so he decided to take a risk and branch out on his own by attempting to paint houses. My mom would drive him all around on Sundays, and they would go from house to house where my father would ring the doorbell, and say, in broken English "I paint your house..you like you pay, you no like you no pay"…this was the beginning of J James Painting & Sandblasting.

Due to his skilled business savvy and insatiable drive to succeed, my father took J James painting from a tiny residential painting company into a developed commercial/industrial, well know painting and sandblasting company in the tri-state area. Over time his list of repeat clients read like the Who's Who of business in the northeast, they included BASF, Exxon, Johnson & Johnson, Nabisco, Merck, Nestle, Hess, Hoffman LaRoach, CR Bard, Marriott Hotels, Mobil, Hilton Hotels, Short Hills Mall, Newark Board of Education, NJ State Turnpike, Pabst Brewery, Smithklein Beachium, Brystal Meyers, Union Carbine, Port Authority of NY & NJ and many others…not bad for an Greek orphan, huh!?!? And my dad loved to work…and teach, and solve problems, and most of all to help others. He was a teacher to his employees, a problem solver whenever needed, he brought his brothers from Greece to work with him, and employed almost any other person who knocked on the door of James Painting looking for work, even if they could not speak English .

As time passed he would simultaneously have several crews running different jobs. If he ever pull up to a job and observed something not being done right, there was no hesitation, he would jump right in, weather it involved climbing a latter or fire escape, grabbing a spray gun, fixing a piece of machinery. My father took pride in working along side his employees. There was no regard for whatever clothes he was wearing or car he was driving...you see he deeply invested in James Painting - the business, yes, but also the relationships it created. My mother would complain about how he would ruin expensive apparel or his cars would suffer damage from being on the job site, but this didn't matter to him.

In addition to building the business, my mom and dad began building our family. I was born in May of 1957, and my sister Margie was born in January of 1959. As if that wasn’t enough to manage, my father also became a dedicated student of English, and on January 4, 1964, my father, James Demetrious Sirigotis was officially recognized as a citizen of the United States of America. He loved this country, and was sooo proud to be an American. He often referred to America as the greatest place on earth - largely because he saw it as one of the most generous countries - remember those gifts he received as a child?! All of this hard work and dedication paid off for my father.

In addition to J James Painting & Sandblasting, my father also dabbled in real estate. In 1967 he built and operated Athenian Gardens in Belmar, NJ, which eventually led to him acquiring several other investment properties over his life time. All of this to say my father’s successes in life placed him in a position to do what was so important to him, helping others succeed in their lives. There are so many people my father helped…so many attained US citizenship, homes, cars and a better quality of life in part because of my father’s care and guidance. And although all of this was an important priority in my father’s life, nothing could compare to his love, dedication, and desire to provide his family with the best life possible.

My mom and dad were inseparable, she was his queen and was treated as such. There was nothing that he wouldn't do for her. And she supported him both at home and in the work place. She was the office manager, accountant, and receptionist on its all in one at J James Painting. And as the years moved on and time permitted, they enjoyed extensive traveling, and were often referred to as the best dressed couple where ever they went, including church, restaurants, shopping or just visiting friends.

In addition to me and my sister Margie, my father was blessed with six grandchildren, Chelsea, Taylor, James, Lauren, Rachael and Aaron, all special to him in their own way, and all of whom he loved unconditionally. He cherished the shared memories and special trips he had with each and every one of them. Trips to Jamaica, two trips to Greece, Alaska, Disney World, days at the Bronx Zoo all while taking every opportunity he could to impart words of wisdom, and most importantly give them big hugs and kisses.

Now, if you really knew my father, you would know that aside from his family, his biggest passion in life was Jesus Christ. He firmly believed that all he had accomplished, and all of his blessings came from the Lord. He was the spiritual leader of our family, and led by example.

No matter what, my father could be found in church every Sunday morning and evening, and every Wednesday night. He was involved with and served on several boards in different capacities for organizations such as Teen Challenge, World Vision, Alpha and Omega Christian Ministries, World Outreach Orphanage's, Harbinger's Ministry in Africa and so many others too numerous to discuss.

As a young child I went to work with my father during the summers. We would rise at 5:30 in the morning, and since my bedroom was next to his, I would peak in his room on my way to breakfast and see him on his knees praying before the start of the day. And boy did he love to read the bible! If you were to open his bible it would be the color of a rainbow with highlighted scriptures from hours of studying and praying.

I was fortunate to have a very unique and special relationship with my father…he taught me about responsibility, accountability, and hard work, and I saw what it took to succeed. I watched him keep his business going, be committed to his faith, be on boards, etc. maintain his circle of friends, and most of all, to stay humble, that is, no one would ever know about all his success if they met him. One of my most vivid memories of my father’s dedication to the Lord was in the winter of 1962. My father took me and my mother to Greece, his first time back there after his departure. I was 5 years old at the time and this memory is burned in my mind like it was yesterday. We were at a marina and it was cold, I was wearing a hat, gloves and winter coat and there was snow on the ground. We came across a young Greek boy walking with no shoes or socks on his feet. My father stopped him and began speaking with him, I witnessed my father taking this boy to a store where he bought him boots and socks for his feet and gave him some money. This experience would, for me, exemplify the life of my father, James Sirigotis.

What is a measure of a man? Is it the amount of money he has? The possessions he owns and the power he holds? Is it the professional success he's achieved over the years?

I don't believe it's any of these things. The true measure of a man is how much love he gives, how selflessly he shares whatever he can to help others.

One of his favorite scriptures is 2nd Timothy 2:15
Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of God.

I have witnessed, first hand, his uncompromising loyalty to Jesus Christ, through his actions, concern, compassion, generous donations to many organizations and finally creating a Charitable Remainder Trust with the proceeds of his life's work. He demonstrated a genuine concern and willingness to help as many people as he could. He never forgot his roots and all while maintaining a spirit of humbleness and humility. In his retirement years after building a home on the island of Palm Beach, Florida his main pastime was visitation of shut-ins, people who were sick in hospitals, nursing homes, and senior facilities where he would read to them from the bible and befriend them. On holidays he would have me go pick up people who didn’t have anywhere to go or were alone and bring them to dinner so they could engage in fellowship…that’s who he was. He was tirelessly committed to helping others.

There is a quote by Jerry… that sums up my father’s journey, “My father didn’t build his treasures on earth, he built them in heaven….crown of jewels” RIP Dad, I know you’ll be wearing a crown adorned with many, many jewels. I will miss you dad, I will miss your smile, your eyes, your wisdom and most of all your touch.;;.until we meet again.

All my love


5 julio , 2020

My sweet uncle Jimmy is gone! And that is a significant loss for each and every one of us who knew him. Uncle Jimmy was a great man, full of dignity, self-respect, wisdom, good heart and good thinking. A man who started out very poor and accomplished many important things in his life. He lived in both poverty and prosperity, but he still remained the simplest and most honest man in the world! A great intact character, that I have always been admiring! For me, uncle Jimmy is "a winner of life", because he never gave up and because he lived his life like few people in the world, always doing good.
What I will always remember is that, among others, he was a great teaser and his laughter. A laugh coming out of his good soul!
May your soul rest in peace, my sweet uncle Jimmy! I will always remember you with love!

Margarita Leach

5 julio , 2020

My Father

I was blessed with an amazing father. A man of integrity, a man of love and compassion, a man who gave his all. His drive , passion and commitment were unmatched as was his love for his wife and children.

In every decision he made, his goal was always to put God first. Dad was an incredibly strong man who never gave up. At the center of all he did was his deep love for Jesus Christ.

For a daughter, her first love is usually always her father, and this was undeniably the case for me.

Dad was my hero. The connection that we shared as Father and daughter, his love for Jesus, and His many lessons he taught, will forever be embedded into my mind and heart.

James Sirigotis was not only my father , he was my best friend.

Margarita Leach


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