Wess Kevin Fulton

12 abril , 195728 abril , 2021

Wess Kevin Fulton nació el 12 de abril de 1957 y falleció el 28 de abril de 2021 y está bajo el cuidado de Gorsline Runciman Funeral Homes.

Celebration of Life tendrá lugar el 16 de mayo de 2021 a las 1:00 pm en Gorsline Runciman Funeral Homes, 205 E. Middle Street, Williamston, Michigan. Time of Sharing tendrá lugar el 16 de mayo de 2021 a las 1:15 pm en Gorsline Runciman Funeral Homes, 205 E. Middle St., Williamston, Michigan.

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  • Celebration of Life

    domingo, 16 mayo , 2021

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    domingo, 16 mayo , 2021


Wess Kevin Fulton


Heather Glucklich

17 mayo , 2021

Wess taught me how to play Euchre. He was a good teacher though I never mastered the game. I remember him playing partners with Uncle Dale and the two of them had a system of signaling each other using a toothpick they'd each be chewing. Needless to say they usually won.

When Scott and Ryan were little, Wess was indoors with us while (I think) Jeff was outside in the snow just before Christmas, and Wess helped convince the boys that it was Santa Claus outside.

One year, our family was invited up to the cabin along with Uncle Merlin's family, and we played a massive game of multiple solitaire, everyone playing off of each other's aces. We had the floor covered in cards and it got pretty violent competing to get your cards down before someone else.

Anna Viecelli

16 mayo , 2021

Wess was proud of his jeep!

Anna Viecelli

16 mayo , 2021

Wess was a great man who had a kind soul. I remember a time we were heading back from dinner and we were enjoying each other company talking and discussing life that we didn't notice cars passing us by and honking! It didn't even dawn on us what was going on until he realized we were going half the speed limit on Grand River! Then we'd laugh and say oh tough let them honk and he'd just drive on because we knew once we got back to his place the night would be ending. I know he's in a better place up in Heaven enjoying all of the beauty with his family and friends who passed before him . Wess has left this side of life where we won't be able to enjoy talks or have interactions with him again, but his spirit will live within each of is us until we meet again. RIP

Lori Odell Morris

16 mayo , 2021

I was saddened to hear of Wess's passing. He was such a great guy and was always incredibly funny and the nicest guy. He was well liked in our class and was fun to hang out with! No matter how much time had passed since we had seen each other it was always easy to pick right up and talk to him! Many great memories from our senior year and our senior trip! He was a good friend. My hubby and Wess also played basketball up to the elementary school after graduation and they always had a great time together. RIP old friend, until we meet again!

Jeannie Thompson

13 mayo , 2021

Wess was a wonderful son-in-law....he loved my daughter & she him....I am forever grateful the LORD brought these two people together.....I remember Dana first time talking about Wess....She was concerned about his illness & was unsure of a relationship, still so raw from the death of her Dad, but she enjoyed his humor & excitement for life “He makes me feel safe”....She could not, not love Wess...They had ups & downs during their time as a couple , but their LOVE was REAL....You are missed SWEET MAN, but anyone who knew you, knows you are with your LORD & SAVIOR.....Thankful to have had you in my life....Love You, Jeannie

Dean Wolverton

13 mayo , 2021

Where do you start when you are a cousin of Wess?!? Every time you are with him and the Fultons it was an adventure... I remember great times snowmobiling, motorcycle rides, outings, fishing, skiing,working on projects at Thayer Lake...I remember spending a whole summer with him eating Aunt Harlene’s awesome food.... Wess and I went on a trip to Washington and California and had a blast! We had great times together. I am grateful for those awesome times and memories with Wess!

Paul Floeter

12 mayo , 2021

Wess and I became friends in the 7th grade, and soon were ( Best of Friends )
Special times was heading up North with his family to the cabin, and then later being able to Hunt with 3 Generations of Fulton's.
( Wess, his Grandpa Roy, his Uncle Dale, and his Dad Merlin ) it was pure joy to be part of that.

Come summertime. Wess would go up to Bayport Mi with my family and as young teenagers we learned to Bowfish for (Carp ) what fun we had.
We would Hunt and Bowfish for many years.

Wess and I had similar interests and we could talk for hour's and we would laugh so hard that our Bellies would hurt.

Wess and i would stay over at each other's houses growing up, and how i would enjoy having supper with his family as he did mine.
Harlene would have a great meal prepared and Merlin would talk of tbe day's events, and speak in the special way that he did. So funny ,and sometimes seriously but Wess and i would listen to every word.

Ginny and I will miss you. I will often think of you, and the many many good times we had Wess.
The Lord willing Till we meet again.

God Bless You , and your Family.

Ur Bud.

Larry Fenner

11 mayo , 2021

Wes will be in my thoughts especially when i am in the woods. A great archer and human being. Happy trails old friend.

Marion Fenner

10 mayo , 2021

So much to Thank this Man for. Big heart, gentle and kind. Always my Friend. He will be missed.
Thoughts and Prayers for his Family.

doris staman

10 mayo , 2021

Loved him, enjoyed his humor, his quirky artistic ability, his way with words and his gentle kindness. It was an honor to be his aunt. What a loss to us all.