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Melissa Mae Newton

5 noviembre , 198230 mayo , 2019
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Melissa Mae Newton nació el 5 noviembre , 1982 en Bremerton, Washington y falleció el 30 mayo , 2019 en Las Vegas, Nevada.


  • Memorial Service sábado, 8 junio , 2019
  • Celebration of Life sábado, 8 junio , 2019


Melissa Mae Newton


Mary Durdahl

11 julio , 2019

Keli, Alan, and family....my hearts goes out to all of you in this time of sorrow. There are NO words that one can say to ease your pain. We have been friends for a very long time....experienced much joy and sorrow.....but this is the most unexpected and devastating loss yet. As a mom to a mom.....my heart is broken for you...Melissa was a shining star that was dimmed far to early. Just know that I hold you all close in my heart and I am always here for you.........Love, Mary

Brenda Wilkinson

9 junio , 2019

Melissa, my little Sunday school Student and Good News Bear, you will be greatly missed in my heart. I have never forgotten the funny and delightful times we had in class and especially your patience because I could not carry a tune. You will always be remembered as precious, smily and smart. I pray as you are with Jesus now, you will look down and see your "old" Sunday school teacher remembering the great times with you and Anna and the rest of the children making homemade taffy and make your own sundaes.

Christopher & Wendy Newton

8 junio , 2019

You will never really be gone because you will always have a cherished place in our hearts.
You will always be remembered for your kindness and love that you shared, and for the happiness you brought to us.

Mary Durdahl

8 junio , 2019

I am heartbroken of the news of Melissa. Her mom and I have been friends for 50 years....we have been thru much together....but nothing as horrible as losing a child. I remember when Melissa was born, my daughter and her were friends at a very early age....life took them to different places, but we stayed in contact. Heaven has gained a special angel to watch over all of you....especially her beautiful girls....I hope in time the pain you feel today will lesson and you will be left with special memories of a life taken too soon...
Love, Mary

Nicole Kosloski

8 junio , 2019

The world has lost such a beautiful person. I will forever cherish the memories we created during our childhood when you lived down the road, through adulthood in distance. You always lit up the room with your infectious smile. The love for your parents, daughters and family was shown through every action in your life. I’m sorry that we have lost you so soon, but your legacy will continue to live on. We were lucky to have you in our lives, even during this short time. Love you Missa!

Niki Esparza-Lopez

7 junio , 2019

I new Melissa only in passing. I saw her every year at our office Christmas parties and a handful of times at other work events. The thing that I remember is her smile. It lit up her whole face and the room she was in! I don't ever remember seeing her without it. What a legacy she leaves behind! Reading her obituary and the other messages of condolence I am just blown away by how many people she touched just by being herself. As a mother of young daughters my heart breaks for her babies as they face a world without their Sunshine of a Momma in it but, there is a Star in the sky now that burns bright and beautiful just for them! God bless everyone who knew her, especially her daughters, family and friends. I pray you find peace and comfort.

kirk walker

7 junio , 2019

I never knew melissa but i am very sad for her loss to her daughters and our community. I was born in 1981, year before melissa. From all these messages, she seemed to have wonderful friends. That is a nice thing to leave this earth with, you were genuinely liked by your fellow person. Sounds like melissa made an impact in many ways.

Marne Buchanan

7 junio , 2019

To the parents, children, and family of Melissa Newton. Please receive our deepest sympathy. We are Melissa's parent's neighbors. Thinking of you during this time of sadness.
Richard and Marne

Owen Calvin

6 junio , 2019

I can’t believe you are gone. It’s looking like I was the last person you texted....

This is extremely difficult for me and I don’t know how to process your death. I am angry. I am sad. I am waiting to wake up from this nightmare. You have been so much more than a business relationship. You were a best friend who I could tell anything to and you genuinely cared. You were an amazing person, a great mom, coworker and more. This world will not be the same without you. I will do whatever I can to be of service to those impacted by your loss. I will miss you beyond measure. RIP 🙏🏻❤️

Christina Nasr

5 junio , 2019

My heart is so broken as we lost such an angel. Melissa is going to be so greatly and sorely missed. She was so cool to be around, always had good vibes. She had such a beautiful spirit. You could talk to her about anything. My best memory is the day we all went boating at the lake together last year. I was so looking forward to doing it again this summer. The award events we got to dance and hang out. The tears are flowing heavy and my prayers are with you and your family for strength and healing. May you Rest In Peace in God’s great kingdom. Love you!



“The greatest of these is love.” Through a life filled with enthusiasm, drive and an overall jest for life, Melissa knew that God’s greatest gift is love. Melissa means “honey bee” or “sweet spirit” and seems to have suited her perfectly. She enjoyed being around people where her outgoing personality and ready smile made people feel valued and brightened many a day. Her thankful heart naturally displayed gratitude for all that she received from others.

Life began for Melissa on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington State near her mother’s family on November 5, 1982 at Naval Hospital, Bremerton Washington. Melissa as a first and only child brought great joy and much laughter to her parents, Alan, a career submarine sailor and Keli, who spent Melissa’s early years as a stay at home mom. Early on she enjoyed being the center of attention and entertaining whomever she could find. However, she also loved playing with her many dolls and stuffed animals, hosting tea parties to which she’d invite her mother who woefully sat on the floor as all the small chairs were taken by critters and dolls. The favorite, she never failed to be “Carlene Gretchen,” a Cabbage Patch doll who even had her own car seat. Routinely, her mom and friends would get together with their young daughters providing Melissa with her first friends, Terra Trumper and Lauren Durdahl. But her really first and best friend was “Aunt Maurine” Shohoney who lived next door on Rocky Point. Aunt Maurine provided lots of individual time for dolls, stickers and nail painting while Uncle Howard always had a jar of jelly beans at his table and was delighted to share.

As a young girl, Melissa jumped with both feet into new adventures, starting kindergarten at four, where she had about 30 pairs of left handed scissors to herself, and joining the boys T-ball team in San Diego. While she enjoyed playing with the boys, she never let the game interfere with taking a break to watch the Marines run by in their shorts, even while at bat. The team captain lamented that he wished he could play like her as she always got to first base. The truth is that he usually hit a pop fly that got caught, while Melissa’s ball would fall to the ground slightly inside the foul line. While the other team waited to see if her ball would be called foul, Melissa skipped to first base.

After first grade, Melissa and her family moved to western New York’s Rochester area, near her father’s family, where she grew up as a six to sixteen year old student in Gates Chili Schools. Anna (Gatti) Serrato, who became her first and then lifelong best and most sister-like friend lived across the street on Fisher Road. Rochester Foursquare Gospel church, also across the street, but kitty-corner from her gracious suburban ’50’s era ranch style home, became the center of many activities as she tagged along with and attempted to keep her mom’s ministry activities in check. When mom became Vacation Bible School director, Melissa firmly informed her that if she expected anyone to come, the name needed to be changed because no one was going to spend their summer going to school if they didn’t have to. Her mom wisely listened, and the program became Vacation Bible Fun. The theme was “Love” and adult volunteer and neighborhood attendance broke records that year.

In Chili she continued with dance lessons which she loved. At the recital her parents and grandparents discovered that she prided herself in finishing her routine far ahead of her class…(not the point), but what she lacked in rhythm she made up in enthusiasm or drive! She later discovered that she was supposed to dance with the beat, which learning to play the flute helped resolve. The best beat understanding, however came with cheerleading. The first year with the Chili Lions Pop Warner team, she socialized and had fun…until they went to the local competition. All of a sudden, she understood what cheer was all about. She returned the next season with drive and resolve to win. As the team improved over the years, they did make it to State competition where they won second place.

In the last part of her sophomore year, the Millers moved to Rocklin, California with Melissa’s full agreement where her love of photography and videography and behind the scene’s theatre and set construction took flight. Immediately after graduating from Rocklin High School six months early, Melissa enrolled in Sierra Community College in Rocklin and was graduated after a year and a half of studies earning her a general associates degree where Shannon Girling came alongside as a wonderful friend. Adventure Christian Church, which her future husband dubbed “mini Arco Arena", became her a totally different worship experience for Melissa’s mom. They met Cindy Cowley and her family there who became wonderful family friends. Her mom’s teaching position with Community Christian School in Lincoln offered Melissa the opportunity to practice her photography as she took the official school pictures for all of the students one year. Later, she became a professional photographer in a Sears Portrait Studio. She was always thankful for the love and support of family and friends, especially in these three states, but Las Vegas became Melissa’s home. She called it a “small town” as her love for people brought her many wonderful friends here.

Melissa and her young family, including then husband, John Newton, moved to the Las Vegas area in 2004 from Arizona. For the past ten years she has had the pleasure of working in the tight-knit Las Vegas office of Prologis, a publicly traded international real estate trust, the last several years as an industrial property manager. She loved everyone in the office with whom she worked, but became especially close to her boss, Christie Cobbet, during the down-turn when it was just the two of them in the office. She was grateful for the employment opportunity and the Prologis ethic of giving back to the community. Through these opportunities, Melissa volunteered with multiple organizations from Nevada Ballet Theatre Academy, to Pinecrest Academy St. Rose, to Habitat for Humanity, to general clean-up projects just picking up trash on public lands, and working charity golf events. Her work took her all over the valley from spanking new and upscale areas to the backroads where she came to recognize and pray silently for those out there without much.

Throughout her years in Las Vegas Melissa and her family have made many close and dear friends who have given of themselves. In the early years their family became intertwined with the Nelson family through Melissa’s work relationship with Candace and their daughters also became friends as the families swapped childcare and car pooling. The relationship became so close that we coined the name the “Neon family.” During the cheer phase of the girls’ lives, Maria Deweerdt and her daughter Bianca came along side Melissa and the girls with love and support and as traveling companions. Brittney McNamara and her family, connected through her daughter, Brooklynn also became family friends and traveling companions through the children’s activities.

Liberty University’s online studies allowed Melissa to work full-time and raise three children as she earned first her bachelors degree and immediately thereafter her masters of business administration with an emphasis on public administration—because, as she said, she wanted to give back to the community where she lived. That ever-present drive pushed her to excel again. Around this time, Melissa’s mom began exploring the possibility of pioneering King of Kings Ministries, International in Surprise, Arizona. Melissa became her greatest cheerleader encouraging her from what Melissa had already learned at Liberty about Baby Boomers and non-profits and even donating faithfully as God led even though she no longer lived in Arizona.

Through her jest for life and wanting to make fun family vacations, Melissa was determined to pack as many Disney and other travel experiences as she could into her and her children’s lives. She encouraged, delighted in, and supported her children’s interests, talents and activities in dance, cheer, swim, choir, and theatre as well as the importance of good character and an excellent education. She enjoyed sporting events and following her favorite teams which included, as it does for many here, the Vegas Golden Knights. She attended the first night of Highway 91 and was deeply affected by 1 October where John was in attendance on that horrific, life changing and community shifting night.

Melissa loved animals and most seemed to love her, too. Her first, Charlie (1), a senior black lab waited for her to chase him as she toddled and taught her to carry her toys in her mouth as she crawled. Charli (2) became her pal. Melissa hosted a birthday party for her and invited the neighborhood dogs. When Anna’s dad brought home ducks for his kids one Easter, Melissa quickly adopted their care and insisted on interviewing their prospective new owners before she would allow them to go to an unfit home. Her great Aunt Marjorie had a little mixed-breed dog named Pal. Whenever she visited them, she would spend hours outside holding him and carting him around like a doll. Ducks at the park would eat out of Melissa’s hand and a deer approached and nuzzled her at an animal park when she was about three. She was often teased about her zoo while as an adult she and her family at one time or another had 3 cats, Gracie, Sheldon, and Talulah; two dogs, Casey, a chocolate lab, Tiffany, a small fluffy rescue, and an assortment of fish and frogs. She mulled the possibility of being a veterinarian at one time, but couldn’t manage the schooling along with raising a family.

Melissa passed away on May 30, 2019 at Las Vegas, Nevada. She is survived by her three children Addison, Katelyn, and Lauren, their father, John, and her parents, Alan and Keli Miller, all of Las Vegas; a step-daughter, Jennifer Newton of Union City, California, godparents, Bonnie and Terry Nau of Churchville, New York, and her god-sister, Anna and godson Miguel Serrato both of Geneva, Illinois, plus many wonderful and loving aunts, uncles, cousins and nieces who she adored. Melissa will be laid to rest in Palm Eastern Cemetery, Las Vegas.

Throughout her lifetime, Melissa’s love of people, especially her friends and family never failed. Her bright smile, bubbly disposition, positive attitude and drive served her well as she searched for the next challenge and adventure.


Melissa always struggled with the fact that those beautiful flowers faded so quickly. Therefore, in lieu of flowers, her family believes that giving back to the community/paying it forward is also a wonderful tribute and respect to her memory.