James Lloyd TUCKER

4 mayo , 192720 diciembre , 2020

James Lloyd Tucker passed to his eternal heavenly home on December 20, 2020. He was born in Arkansas, raised a family in Tennessee and enjoyed his sunset years in Colorado. Well educated, much loved and highly successful, he made this world a better place. A book would be insufficient to capture and condense the highlights and accolades of Lloyd’s 93 years. Having moved to a new city, walking into church at 16 years old, Lloyd saw the love of his life with beautiful long, black wavy hair in a pew near the front. He stopped in the doorway to check his wallet for something to write on. All he had was his Social Security card. At the bottom, he recorded the date as he knew he had just set eyes on the woman he would marry. They inscribed “RAI loves JLT” in the wet cement sidewalk of the Pine Bluff Arsenal housing. Lloyd’s mother would not sign for him to marry at 16, so as soon as he had his 17th birthday, he married Ruth Ann Irwin. They continued their love in epic proportions throughout their 60 years with his love never fading in the 16 years after God called her to their heavenly home for rest. Lloyd worked numerous jobs as a young man including delivering groceries on a bicycle, car sales, mechanical work on a train, certified mechanic and professional photographer owning a studio and taking pictures in dinner clubs. After serving in the Army Air Corps of the U.S. Army Air Force, Lloyd began his career in Government Supply. Having worked every government position from supply clerk to Warranted Contracting Officer to Property Disposal Expert and Surveillance from the bottom to the top, Lloyd earned countless awards. He was the world’s top expert in Demilitarization and wrote the government regulations including staging and photographing the methods he developed. He traveled extensively inspecting military installations, sometimes undercover, and teaching classes to active duty and civilians. Over the course of time, Lloyd was an active member of numerous organizations, always serving in a leadership role, usually because the other members vocally requested his leadership. These include but are not limited to the Masonic Lodge; the Order of the Eastern Star, Worthy Patron; Wally Bynam Airstream Club, President; Go-Win Camper Club, Chaplain, Club President and Trail Master; National Campers & Hikers Association Memphis Queen Chapter, Chaplain, Club President, Environmental Club President, Teen Club Advisor and Trail Master; Woodrun Home Owners Association, President and Chaplain; Colonial Baptist Church, Chairman of the Deacons and Adult Mens’ Sunday School Teacher as well as many other roles; Memphis Federal Defense Credit Union, Loan Officer; Range Master Club Memphis and Ft. Carson Colorado, Range Master; Little League, Coach and Umpire for the team Pontiac. Lloyd was baptized in Old River Lake at Wright, Arkansas. His passions included his service to God, Biblical research, his family, history, guns and cars. When he was about 10, he was permitted on Sunday to drive the family’s Model A from where it was kept behind the house to the front of the house so they could go to church. He could identify older car models and years by their sound before even seeing them. He traded his bicycle and watch for his first car, a 1936 Ford 2-door. At age 15, he bought a 1928 Oldsmobile, one of his favorite cars, but also owned cars by Hudson, Kaiser, Nash, Mercury, Ford, Pontiac, GMC, Cadillac and Toyota. Two of Lloyd’s greatest gifts were his devotion and constant service to God and to his family. He not only cherished Ruth Ann with an indescribable love, but was a devoted, loving father and grandfather. He played with his children, teaching them and others to waterski, skateboard, operate remote control cars and planes, fly kites, build snow forts, ride bicycles, drive cars and boats and play games. As a family, we played cards (lots of canasta), board games, badminton, kickball, softball, precursor to flag football, croquet, swimming and engaged in countless other games and activities, such as metal detecting and motorcycle riding. Lloyd didn’t just coach and watch, he actively played with his children, even engaging in snowball fights while still dressed in his suit on returning from work. He would do anything for anyone in need. And he passionately loved and supported his family. Lloyd Tucker is survived by his children, John Lloyd Tucker (Becky) in Georgia, James Ronald Tucker (Miriam) in Michigan, Harold Lynn Tucker (Marylin) in Kansas and Rita Ann Frugé (Anthony “Tony”) in Colorado. He is also survived by 10 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren and 6 great-great-grandchildren. Yes, that makes 32 grand to great-great grandchildren, all much loved. Due to the pandemic, Lloyd’s funeral service with Military Honor Guard will be held on-line through Facebook at First Baptist Church of Pine Bluff on Friday, January 22, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. Central Time. He will be laid to rest with his beloved wife, Ruth Ann, with graveside prayer and 23rd Psalm at Memorial Park Cemetery in Pine Bluff Arkansas. A link will be provided for his on-line memorial service through Dignity Memorial Griffin Leggett Healey Roth. Lloyd’s full obituary is at Lloyd financially supported many charities, giving to churches, the Salvation Army, St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Samaritan’s Purse, Mission Dignity, the Springs Rescue Mission and many others. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Springs Rescue Mission. He had a heart for their service. They have set up a Memorial Fund in the name of James L. Tucker. You may mail donations to: Springs Rescue Mission, Attn: Finance Dept., 5 W. Las Vegas St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903 or online at or call (719) 314-2373. They are Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) Accredited, Excellence in Giving Certified Transparent, El Pomar Accredited and Pikes Peak United Way Award for Collaboration.



James Lloyd TUCKER


Georgette Chekiri

24 enero , 2021

I had the privilege of being Mr. Tucker's physician during his later years of life. I remember him as a kind, gentle man who was always upbeat no matter what the circumstance. His visits always brightened up my day, and our staff loved him. We will miss him terribly!

Dr. Georgette Chekiri

Rick Murrow

22 enero , 2021

When I moved to our home eleven years ago, the first person to greet me and welcome me with his big smile was Lloyd. Later, he invited me to join his group of retired men who shared similar values that he had. I was unable to join with them for periodic breakfasts at Cracker Barrel because I was always traveling for business. Since he lived right across the street, he would stop his car at the end of the driveway when he saw me working out on the land on Saturdays, and we would have a friendly chat.
Then one summer I really got to know him. Rita and Tony were able to spend some time in Europe. Each day after work I would stop off and see Lloyd before I went to my home. I will always cherish the daily conversations that he and I had. He had so many wonderful stories. I left him each time uplifted with the knowledge that he was a man who had a deep love of God, country, and family. I got to really know and appreciate Lloyd … his history, his sense of humor, his genuine nature, and his love for life. I will miss him… his voice, his smile, and his positive attitude.
I Salute Him,
Rick Murrow

Rita Frugé

22 enero , 2021

There are no words to express how much I love and miss my Daddy. He lived a life of service and embodied greatness. All who knew him, loved him.

Mike & Barbara Sparks

19 enero , 2021

I have fond memories of Uncle Lloyd. I never had occasion to spend much time with him but when I did, he left wonderful memories. I have a video I often watch with him fishing with my wife's father, Duke Irwin. They had so much fun together. His voice was so penetrating I can still recall it. When you first met him, you wished you had known him a lot longer. He was one of God's gifts to the earth. May he rest in eternal peace with our Lord and Savior.

James Tucker

16 enero , 2021

Dad took us fishing all year round. But we would spend 4 weeks each summer at Lake Ouachita near Hot Springs. Water Skiing and Fishing. I could not believe it when he told me he hated fishing he did it for mom. He was a young man and oved to Pine Bluff. Went to church. He saw a pretty girl surrounded by boys. He told himself That's the girl I'm going to marry. She was still in High School at White Hall. When they approached Granddaddy Irwin for permission, they were told she had to graduate first. Classes day and night she did. They were Married over 50 years before mom passed. Raised three boys. Taught each of us how to work on our car. From Oil Change to Engine rebuild, transmission too under the carport. Dad was a Deacon in each church we belonged too. Taught Men's class too. I could go on and on of special memories. But they are just that, Special Memories.

Dawn Tucker

16 enero , 2021

Granddaddy used to have a gold Cadillac, we all know he would work on it himself and took great pride in taking great care of that car. He was never late in changing the shocks or changing the oil, rotating the tires and he loved that car very much.
I was only about nine years old and he had asked me if I’d ever driven a car before. I had stayed at no, I was not old enough. Probably he said well we need to change that. I was too short to reach the pedals so he set me on his lap and I had control over the steering wheel and he control the pedals. I was so nervous my palms were sweating, I didn’t wanna hurt granddaddy‘s car. So literally my knuckles were white from gripping the steering wheel so tight as to make sure I was driving correctly. I got a little too close to the curb and as we say I “curb checked” the car.
I was so upset thinking I was going to be in trouble because I knew how much Granddaddy cherish that car. That’s when granddaddy said “Don’t worry about it, it’s only a car. “, and asked me if I wanted to try it again.
This wonderful man had the patience of a saint, a heart of gold, and always was quick with a smile. As many of us know everything in his mind cost a quarter. We would asked to go to our favorite barbecue joint in Memphis. Granddaddy would say it’ll cost you a quarter. Since I was only nine I didn’t have a quarter and I told him that. He then stated “well it’ll cost you a kiss then”.
I love and miss you so much.

Joy Johnson

13 enero , 2021

One day we were heading probably to dinner but Grandma saw a Stamp sign, so we pulled over. Grandpa casually waited for Grandma to peruse the tables and I remember thinking aren’t we supposed to be somewhere. I asked Grandpa about it and he stated that she wanted to look so we were going to let her look. He wasn’t in a hurry. I know it may seem like a simple thing. But to me that was a bigger statement. He never was upset with her and he waited patiently and we got there when we got there. That still speaks volumes about his love for her and the type of person he is. He called her his sweetheart and I imagine they are holding tightly to each other right now.