Cynthia Clydell Smith

29 abril , 19359 abril , 2019

Cynthia Clydell Smith nació el 29 abril , 1935 y falleció el 9 abril , 2019.


  • Visitation lunes, 22 abril , 2019
  • Funeral Service martes, 23 abril , 2019
  • Committal Service martes, 23 abril , 2019


Cynthia Clydell Smith


Ol' Bango Hemphill

19 abril , 2019

I remember back in college maybe the 1st or 2nd year of knowing Pat, like many other students in college, would sometimes would have issues with registration, the financial aid and registrar's office delaying our entrance to school. This particular semester I was really close to having to go back home because of my issues that I was having. One time Pat was on the phone with Mr. and mrs Smith and before he got off the phone I jumped on a phone just to say hello and Mrs Smith asks me how things were going. I proceeded to tell her that I was having issues and that I was close to not being able to attend school this semester that's when she said oh no, she took the bull by the horn contacted that particular office as if she was my own mom and made arrangements for me to stay long enough until all of my business was in order. That day Pat's stock raised with me. I thought that if he came from a loving, passionate and dedicated household like that, I knew we'd be homies for life. Mrs. Smith barely knew me at that time, but she knew that Pat's friend needed help and she helped me as if I was her own and that meant the world for a young 19 year old from Seattle who's parents were thousands of mile away. Rest well Mrs Smith!