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Dr. B. N. Narahari Achar

5 enero , 193923 abril , 2021

Dr. B. N. Narahari Achar, age 82, of Memphis, Tennessee passed away on Friday, April 23, 2021. Dr. Achar was born January 5, 1939 in Chikmagalur, Karnataka State, India. He was a physics professor at the University of Memphis.

Dr. Achar is survived by his beloved wife, Kusuma Achar; son Pramod Achar; and daughter Chandrika Achar.

Services will be private.

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Dr. B. N. Narahari Achar


Joanne Rhodes

8 mayo , 2021

Here is a link to a slide show tribute I made from photos I had.
I hope you enjoy seeing it.

Brannon Parker

30 abril , 2021

I was truly saddened to hear of Dr Achar's passing. I met him several times from the mid 90s till the late 2000s at several Vedic historical conferences. My favorite memory of Dr Achar was when we participated in a conference in Saltillo, Mexico. I had arranged for the funding of his journey from Memphis to Saltillo via Monterey.

His presentation on the historicity of the Mahabharata was an eye-opener to say the least. However it was during the lunch buffet that several of us sat around him discussing his research. Beyond the insights he shared, there was a sense of joy, that could not express itself in the formal lecture setting. His eyes beamed as he pointed out key astronomical evidences confirming the traditional indigenous timelines of the Mahabharata.

And enjoying delicious Mexican as he spoke added an unforgettable beautiful moment during my interactions with Prof Narahari Achar.

His work has inspired countless other researchers including myself. Perhaps he is physically no longer with us, but the legacy of his work will undoubtedly and positively impact future generations and the ongoing search in the true history of the world. Harih Om Acharji.
Koti Koti Pranams Noble Soul
Vrndavan Brannon Parker

Manish Pandit

27 abril , 2021

I am extremely sorry to hear about Dr Achar’s passing. I was fortunate enough to meet him in India where he kindly consented to be filmed for his interview in my film “Krishna: History or Myth”. He was responsible for bringing Mahabharata astronomy to the forefront of world consciousness. I am very grateful to receive so much knowledge from him on the subject of Mahabharata astronomy and the dating of Gautam Buddha. A great scholar, a wonderful human and a very humble soul, his presence will of course be missed sorely.
Sri Rama

Bruce Crawford

26 abril , 2021

I was very sorry to learn of Dr Achar's passing. I had the good fortune of having him as an instructor for several courses as an undergraduate, and he sat on the panel for my thesis defense. He was always very patient and kind, regardless of how many times I might ask the same question, and his smile when something would click was very encouraging. My sincere condolences.

Firouzeh Sabri

26 abril , 2021

Professor Narahari Achar was a beloved and highly respected colleague, mentor, educator, scholar, and physicist. He came to visit a couple of times this past year and it was always wonderful to see him. He shared news of his publications (a book at the time that I saw him) and was very pleased with the outcome. Dr Achar always had a sense of calm and peace about him and it was contagious. He will be greatly missed. He left his mark on the world and he will never be forgotten.

Joanne Rhodes

25 abril , 2021

Dr. Achar was a beloved physics professor at the University of Memphis, and I had the pleasure of being his student and, many years later, his colleague before he retired. I sat in on his astronomy course before I started teaching astronomy, and I have always been so grateful for that. He told me about his efforts to find ancient astronomy software that would help him determine the date of the Mahabharata war in India. It would eventually turn into a book in 2018, and I told him I wanted an autographed copy. One day he stopped by and left one on my desk. :-) He was so excited to be able to solve the mystery of the date by using astronomy! He was authentic and genuinely so nice, and he had a wonderful sense of humor. I feel very fortunate to have known him for so long. I enjoyed hearing about Indian astronomers and their ancient texts. We enjoyed talking about the total solar eclipse in 2017. I was practicing for my public talk about it when he happened to see me in the auditorium with total eclipse slides projected everywhere. I was recording my lecture and had my ipad set up for that, so I invited him to take a photo with me, and with all of the eclipse photos I had projected behind me. It is one of my favorite photos with him. He was excited to hear about the Voyage Solar System Model that our department is trying to bring to campus, and he recently made a contribution toward it. Less than a week later he was gone. Shortly after I heard the sad news I made a contribution to the same fund in his memory. I treasure how much we got to speak about astronomy, and I also feel so lucky to have known him.
The photo I have chosen to share is the first faculty group photo I arranged for our department and it was in 2012, the year he retired.
To all his family, please know that I am holding you in the light.