Howard Even GOUZ

27 diciembre , 195626 octubre , 2020

Howard Even GOUZ nació el 27 de diciembre de 1956 y falleció el 26 de octubre de 2020 y está bajo el cuidado de Caballero Rivero Little Havana.

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Howard Even GOUZ


Larry and Susie Gouz

13 noviembre , 2020

Oh Laura , We just learned of Howard's sudden passing and were shocked and deeply saddened from the news. In a world that needs as many kind and gentle souls as it can get, Howard was by far in the top 10. Our memories of Howard are of his smile and unassuming ways. He felt that the 2 of you were a kindred spirit to the 2 of us as we too met and married young. We know that you and the family you created were his greatest joys. Our hearts are with you and your family. May Howard's memory be of a blessing. B'Shalom v ahavah,(with love and peace) Larry, Susie and family

Audrey Nevins

29 octubre , 2020

Howard has been my friend for the last 57 years. As children we played basketball, rode bikes, built tree houses and went swimming together. I would climb up and sit behind the basketball hoop at Beth David where I would wait for him with my brother while he was having Hebrew lessons. We would climb the big banyan trees near Simpson Park and swing on the vines over oncoming traffic. We would walk to the Museum of Science. I was with Howard when the museum had the Moon Rock Exhibit. We spent time with his neighbor, Mr. Watkins, someone very eccentric, who always called him Joe. Growing up with Howard was very special to me.
Howard was my friend during the summers when we would hang outside all day and come back home after dark. I remember sitting with him in the living room and listening to the Sgt. Pepper album that they just got. I was blessed to light the candle for his friends when Howard had his Bar Mitzvah. I kissed him on the cheek.
In middle school we would walk home together and often stop by the coin shop. His interest in coin collecting developed into an interest for me as well.
I watched Howard as he grew up and fell in love. We were in high school together. He in the band, and I was a Flagette. His father played tuba, his brother, Louie also played the tuba, and Howard kept the family legacy. He had the most beautiful eyes and eyelashes, like his father. I would be with him and people would comment on them all the time.
I shared so much of my life with Howard. My heart is forever broken by Howard’s passing. There will always be a light in my heart for my forever friend. Until we meet again. I will love you always.

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