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Raymond and Mildred Ward

Five days after Feb. 2, the anniversary of the 78th year of marriage, we sadly announce that Raymond Milton Ward (Sept. 23, 1920 – Jan. 23, 2020) and Mildred Elizabeth Ward (April 11, 1921 - Jan. 28, 2020) passed away at The Residence In Mission, and the Christine Memorial Hospice, respectively. Their long and lovely life together included Dad’s military service in the New Brunswick Rangers, the 1st Canadian Paratroop Battalion (including the Normandy Invasion), the Royal Canadian Air Force, B.C.’s Sherriff Service and Consumer Affairs, and many days hunting, fishing, building boats, visiting family and travelling, and telling wonderful stories. A mother of 5, she was a homemaker and sales manager at several jewellery outlets and Simpson Sears until retirement, and many happy days travelling and enjoying family. They are survived by their 3 sons and their families, including 7 grandchildren, 11 great grandchildren, and 3 great great grandchildren, 2 brothers, and many nieces and nephews. They were predeceased by their daughter Rhonda at age 11, and eldest son Robert, age 43. A Memorial Service will be held Saturday May 16, 2020 at 1:00 PM, at Woodlawn Mission Funeral Home 7386 Horne Street, Mission. Their companion urn will travel to Sydney, N.S., where they first met.


16 mayo

Memorial Service

1:00 pm


Raymond and Mildred Ward


Michele Anthony

2 marzo , 2020

I had the honour and privilege of spending time with this absolutely incredible couple for the last four years. I met Millie and Ray in my role as a volunteer driver with Community Services and we spent time visiting outside of this role. I am amazed at the love and tenacity I found in the gentle yet firm spirit of Millie and how committed she was to her husband and life partner. Ray was a gentleman beyond any measure and it is sad for me to know that there will be no more visits. It amazes me but not shocks me to know that they passed into eternity together...for I know beyond any doubt that these two lovebirds were soulmates and that not even death would separate them from the love they shared. Rest In Peace Millie & Ray...until we meet again.
Love Michele

Crystal Ward

1 marzo , 2020

Lemon meringue pies, ice skates at Christmas, playing dominoes in the camper at Monck Lake park.

Jennifer Ward

27 febrero , 2020

My grandparents were remarkable people. There are many happy memories I have as their Granddaughter.

I remember how Grammie would knit us beautiful sweaters, and always getting dolls at Christmas. It was exciting to go visit them when they lived in Kamloops and she would make us ice cream floats, it always made me feel so special. I will remember the aroma of her kitchen, especially at Christmas time when she would make rum pudding for dessert. I had the priveledge of seeing my Grandmother hold my own granddaughter, her Great Great. Not too many people are so lucky to witness that sort of thing.

I remember when my Grampie almost caught Santa Claus with traps he made every Christmas eve. He had a way of making things magical. The smell of wood will always remind me of him, he would be workingaway in his workshop and always took the time to explain what he was working on or how a tool worked. It wasn’t unusual for him to take his bugle down from its place on their wall and play his best reveille. When we would see eachother we would say HowdyDoodie and do an elaborate clapping routine that was added on to so many times we were eventually hitting elbows at the end. He looked at me with immeasurable love. I adored him.

These memories will always bring me good feelings and I thank them both for being wonderful Grandparents.

Together Always.

Love Jennie

Judy Robson

14 febrero , 2020

Ray and Millie touched many with their love, no more than me, Millie’s brother’s daughter. From a very young age, really all my life, I’ve felt they wrapped their arms around me.
Ray’s stories, humour, music, quick smile, twinkling eyes, seriousness - with love - make me laugh. We had fun.
Millie, a compliment to this handsome man, her devotion, infectious laugh, eyes full of love, beautiful inside and out, how I enjoyed being buddies. Truly I miss our times together. Oh, the stories that could be told. Yes, we had fun. “Love you more!”
They leave a legacy for which I am so proud. Both are alive in my heart and memory. “Together Always.”

Barry & Gail Merritt

9 febrero , 2020

We’ve had the privilege of Ray and Millie’s company at many family dinners and family gatherings over the last 30 plus years. It was alway inspiring to witness the love and laughter that was shared over the three, then four, generations of this family. What a privilege to have been included as part of the “extended family”. We know very well how much Ray and Millie will be missed. We extend our most heartfelt condolences to all the Wards. Love to you all, Barry and Gail.

Jackie Ward

6 febrero , 2020

I will miss you both very much😘 You both were the best father and mother-in-law a daughter in-law could ever hope for🥰 our memories and stories will live on and be passed to your grandchildren and their children who were so lucky to have known you. RIP. We all love you.

Judy (Watson) Robson

5 febrero , 2020

L to R: Ray Ward, VIP Millie (Watson) Ward, Jane (Watson) Ernst, Jo Anne (Watson) Noblett, Judy (Watson) Robson.
June 2014 Sydney, N.S. 🥰

Gerald Ward

4 febrero , 2020

Dear Sweet Millie, always had a soft spot in her heart for me.
She would often talk about the first time we met, a little mischievous blue eyed boy looking up at her with his hands in his pockets, something she never forgot and shared with my wife
JoAnne. Also, she was a wonderful, loving wife to my brother.
She enjoyed the company of another wonderful lady my
mother-in-law Mae and her beloved little dog Benji, who had a very limited fan club but loved to cuddle with Millie. Even after Benji came to live with us he always remembered Millie when they came
to visit. Rest In Peace Millie, a life well lived, with your Soul Mate,
The Love Of Your Life and Your Precious Children.
God Bless
Jake & JoAnne

Bruce Ward

3 febrero , 2020

Clearly an honour to call myself your son. I try to write this but no words seem adequate.
Your heart was broken when you realized the love of your life was soon to pass.
I loved you so and will cherish great memories of the good times and love we shared. With greatest respect, to Mother and to you, I find it is time to say goodbye.

Lynda Ward

3 febrero , 2020

Uncle Ray may you rest in peace. You were a brave man that many people in your family admired and respected. Your legacy of courage, love and strength will live on through your children and grandchildren. God Bless you all.