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Dora Lee Earls

4 mayo , 195726 enero , 2020

Dora Lee Earls, 62, of Muncie, Indiana, passed away on Sunday, January 26, 2020.

Dora was born in Muncie, Indiana, on Saturday, May 4, 1957, and was the daughter of Thomas and Louella (Warner) Earls. Dora grew up in Muncie and graduated from Cowan High School Class of 1975.

Dora worked in Dining Services for Ball State University. She raised her son, Bradley, as a single parent while working. She loved flowers of all kinds, making dolls to give away, her weiner dog named “Puppy” and part Pit-Bull named “Boss”, she loved old westerns on TCM channel, loved eating Pizza King, raising a garden, scrapbooking, collecting recipes, and poems.

Survivors include one son, Bradley Earls; two brothers, Thomas Earls, and David Earls (wife, Lisa); three sisters, Barbara Earls, Brenda Earls, and Linda Wall; and several nieces and nephews.

Dora was preceded in death by her parents, Thomas and Louella Earls; and a brother-in-law, Kenneth Wall. A memorial service will be held at a later date at True Light Baptist Church, 805 North Country Club Road, Muncie, Indiana 47303, with Pastor Dennis Trimble officiating.

Memorial contributions may be made to: A.R.F., 1209 West Riggin Road, Muncie, Indiana, 47303.

Online condolences to the family may be sent to www.elmridgefuneralhome.com.


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Dora Lee Earls


Linda Wall

13 febrero , 2020

Love you Sis.... xoxox

Linda Wall

8 febrero , 2020

Missing My Big Sister 💔😥☹

Linda Wall

2 febrero , 2020

In loving Memory
I feel like I need to say this about
💙 My sister gave her life to all of her family her whole life all the way till the end of her life she was always there no matter what and she was there for all of her siblings. she always cooked, she loved laying in sun, she loved flowers all kinds, watching or feeding squirrels, birds, swing on the swing, she was there if he needed help with homework, or just to talk, she always took us to school on cold days rainy days, snow days, she always was there to take my dad to work and pick him up and all between that she was raising her son and doing a full time jobs.
I remember we go to school and comes back she would have changed the furniture, kitchen the bedroom the livingroom at our family home and she did it all by herself... She was a very strong woman, compassion she gave her all she deserves the best. She had a heart of gold. She would treat you like family and if you did something wrong she definitely pointed out and tell you know better than that also she would try to lift your spirits even if she was knew you were in a bad day and that she loved animals her precious datsun dog named puppy which came into her life when she needing him the most and he loved car rides with her, boss her sons dog which watch over her every day, and there cat kitty which drive her crazy but she still loved...She loved looking at Country Magazine of all different Beautiful places in world, and animals too, and she loved every picture I would send from where we lived she loved Washington, I will always send her 3 black licorices from Seabeck every so often which she loved she also loved writing down sayings, quotes ,things that made her happy, she would radom save pictures. Now just recently found out one of her favorite songs was Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole, I let her listen to it through my iPad to my phone over the talk we did one night and she listened to it 3 times she said it gave her peace

Shondia Dossett

29 enero , 2020

My sweet friend DORA EARLS I miss you already I'm so sad I Loved you ❤️,you are one of the most caring , loving person I've ever met we had so much fun working together at B.S.U. I had to get on to you when you wanted to eat all those Little Debbie Cake's .I have so many things you have made me and my babies you will always been remember in my heart I love you girlfriend I hope you're singing in heaven ❤️🌷🌹🌷🌹🌷🌹🌷🌹🌷

Linda Wall

28 enero , 2020

...to my Big Sister never forget
Your Beautiful!!! ( when I took this photo of her years ago she said she wasnt Beautiful I said you are too Beautiful)
She was Beautiful but not like the girls in magazines. She was Beautiful, for the way she thought. She was Beautiful, for the sparkle in her blues eyes when she talked about something she loved. She was Beautiful, for the ability to make other people smile, even if she was sad. She was beautiful, Deep down in her soul. You will forever be Beautiful in my eyes...Sis
She is Beautiful 💞 and she always will be...

Linda Wall

28 enero , 2020

She got to see this Beautiful Snoqualmie Water Fall in Washington when she came to visit us... She was over whelmed how Beautiful it was she love it.

Linda Wall

28 enero , 2020

Im so lost without you...
I have wanted to call multiple times since you passed... I enjoy our long talks each day we talked I know it help you too and also enjoy them.
My mind has not accepted you that are gone. My heart is broken into tiny pieces when I found out you had passed a part of me die with you.
You are my big sister and always will be.... an I thank you for everything you did for in my life and the comfort you gave me when I needed it the most.
I love you with all my heart and treasure every minute we had together and memories we made.
Rest in peace my Beautiful Sister Always and forever your baby sister 💞😢☹💔 Linda
Love you to the Moon and Back!