Ruth LouthanWife of 61 years

Tommy Louthan (Darlene)Son

Tammy Louthan (Jerry Rouse)Daughter

Kim Runions (Tim)Daughter

Julie Combs (Daniel)Daughter

Brittany LouthanGrandchild

Trey LouthanGrandchild

Rachel RouseGrandchild

Jacob RunionsGrandchild

Bailey WilsonGrandchild

Thomas CombsGrandchild

Noah CombsGrandchild

Chloe CuppGreat Grandchild

Caleb CuppGreat Grandchild

Rylan SonsGreat Grandchild

Callen Robert SharpGreat Grandchild on the way.

Julie SolomonSister

Douglas LouthanSon (deceased)

Lloyd and Reenie LouthanParents (deceased)

Kason CuppGreat Grandson (deceased)

Carlos LouthanBrother (deceased)

Nelda LoopSister (deceased)

Edith HallSister (deceased)

Phyllis SandsSister (deceased)

Linda PriestSister (deceased)


Trey LouthanActive Pallbearer

Jacob RunionsActive Pallbearer

Thomas CombsActive Pallbearer

Noah CombsActive Pallbearer

Caleb CuppActive Pallbearer

Craig SharpActive Pallbearer

Tim RunionsHonorary Pallbearer

Daniel CombsHonorary Pallbearer

Jerry RouseHonorary Pallbearer


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