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180 West 76Th Street, New York, NY


Alexander WEIL

31 julio , 195117 abril , 2019

Alexander WEIL nació el 31 julio , 1951 en New York, NY y facellió el 17 abril , 2019.


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Alexander WEIL


Giselle Comissiong

5 agosto , 2019

Dear Marion:
I was just thinking of your father today. It just be almost 15 years since I last saw him but he remains aa fresh in my memory as if it was much more recently. I don’t know him or you well but when I found out that my aunt had multiple sclerosis, Alex referred us to the best doctor in nyc and got us the appointment. You all stand out in my mind as very special and unique people. Love. Giselle

Christi Work

31 julio , 2019

Dear Marion and Joe,

I was just searching on line a way to say happy birthday to Alex today. I found the saddest of news, the last we spoke a few years ago is going to be the last time I laugh with him. I am so sorry for your loss he was a quite an amazing human being. One that will always have a piece of my heart. I can look for some old photos and post here if you like.

Love to you both, Christi

Rocco Greco

3 mayo , 2019

Dear Joe and Marion
I am saddened to hear of Alex’s passing. My deepest and sincerest condolences.

Alex and I met in 1992 . I became his personal trainer and I could not have met a better man. Alex was kind, generous and a gentleman. I learned much from Alex and his wisdom, business acumen and insight have remained with me to this day. The world has lost a great person. May he Rest In Peace.

Björn Steinmetzler

2 mayo , 2019

Dear Marion, dear Joe,

I heard that Alex left us. I still feel shocked and can hardly imagine how you have to feel. I was in 2006 with your grand cousin Katha at Alex house. He did not know me but took me as if I were part of your family. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life, and even though Alex did not know it, his life, his art and his creativity were a great inspiration to me and ultimately brought me to where I am now, working as a creative. I had always hoped to be able to tell Alex someday personally ... unfortunately, this option is no longer available :(

I wish you all the strength in this sad time and I remain in the most beautiful memories of Alex.

He was someone very special ... not just for me... :(

Kisses, hugs and love from...

Björn Steinmetzler
Cologne – Germany

Manuel Pelágio

20 abril , 2019

Dear Marion and Joe
What a terrible loss for all our family.
Receive from your entire portuguese family our condolences.
I will miss him a lot.
So sad.

Luis Nogueira

19 abril , 2019

Dear Marion and Joe,
I just heard the sad news of Alex’s departure... What a terrible loss... I have no words... I guess we always thought some people would never leave us, and your Father was one of those persons... I am sure that having joined “titi” Soya (as we used to call your Grand-Mother), they will both look out for you...
Hugs and kisses, from this side of the Atlantic... 😢

Vera Pelágio

19 abril , 2019

Dear cousins, Marion and Joe, those we care about never pass the way.
We will always live from the memories and the incredible strength of your father at all levels. The greatest strength, of being able to join our family separated by continents but united by the heart and by all that we love this cousin. We are going to miss him a lot ... a big kiss from Ana Pelágio and António, Vera, sons and João Pedro.

Tareka Pelágio

18 abril , 2019

Dear cousins,
I just eared about that your dear Father, my dear cousin is no longer with us, I did not even know he was sick ....
Dear Marion, and dear Joe, I have no words to tell you, because at this point all i can say would be very little in this hour of pain and suffering.
I can tell you, yes, that your Father was a nephew very cherished by Uncles (Johnny and Paris) and cousins, we were all very proud of him, and of all his progress in his professional career.
I will remember him always with a lot of love and affection, he was a wonderful human being, always worried about our family and with a huge heart.
At this moment, I would very much like to be at your side, but I have already know that Cousin Serginho is at this moment with you representing the entire Pelágio family.
I will always remember him like in this picture above.

A very big kiss

Joana Nogueira

18 abril , 2019

Dear Marion and Joe, We heard your beloved father passed away. accept our condolences, we send healing prayers and comforting hugs. He was a brother to Ophelia. May he rest in peace. Joana