14 julio , 195628 julio , 2021

Beth R. GREENWALD, age 65, of New York, New York passed away on Wednesday, July 28, 2021. Beth was born July 14, 1956.

A memorial service for Beth will be held Friday, July 30, 2021 from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Riverside Memorial Chapel, 180 West 76th Street, New York, NY 10023. A committal service will occur Sunday, August 1, 2021 from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM at Garden State Crematory, 4101 Kennedy Blvd, North Bergen, NJ 07047.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at for the GREENWALD family.


  • Memorial Service

    viernes, 30 julio , 2021

  • Committal Service

    domingo, 1 agosto , 2021




Michele Pasqualina

17 septiembre , 2021

Beth would call me out of the blue and we’d get right into it, as if we were simply continuing an ongoing conversation. I am sure anyone overhearing us would hardly be able to keep up. It was rapid fire, wild and loud, and then soft and serious, broken by fits of laughter. We spanned the globe of topics and emotions. She always remembered my birthday, just after hers, and so we’d always speak at least twice in July. Like Norma’s, she ended each and every email with ‘Love, Beth’ or ‘Love and joy’ during the holidays!

She always wanted to know what my son was up to, and no matter what I told her, she thought it was simply fantastic…and would explain why! She’d share memories from her childhood and reassure me that I was doing it all right when it came to motherhood. She always mentioned my wonderful Aunt Donna and how delighted she was that we were family.

She filled me to the brim each and every time we spoke. She was ethereal, beautiful, brilliant- thoughtful and kind.

I picked up the phone to call her after not hearing back and, again there was no answer. I soon realized we’d need to find another way to check in and I am so very heartbroken. What an incredible woman to know and to have in your corner!

Beth, I cherish our sweet friendship always.

Love, Michele

Norma Allegra

30 agosto , 2021

Beth would email me all the time just to say hello to keep in touch. Every email ended with, Love Beth. She was a very thoughtful person…always worried about everyone else. How I miss hearing from her. She recently sent me an article from The NY Times regarding the old Metropolitan Opera because we and our families shared the love of opera.
We worked together for many years at New Spectrum Realty where we were all a happy family… still cannot believe you’re gone…but your lively upbeat spirit lives on.
Rest well my dear friend…. Until we meet again, rest in heavenly peace! Love, Norma

Jonathan Krivine

30 agosto , 2021

The expression that comes to mind is “Sui Generus” . There is simply no one I have ever met who came close to Beth in kindness and generosity. Here’s an example. Every few weeks she would mail me a magazine or newspaper article on retail tenants doing well around the country or world. She would underline the name and insert the phone number if she found it. Think about her intense loyalty -cutting out the article, highlighting it, then going to a post office and mailing it. Not an e- mail, call or fax which would have been infinitely easier, Not our Bethy!! All by hand. Who else on the face of this earth was so thoughtful and giving. No one in my life.
I miss her so much.

Howard Aaron

30 agosto , 2021

Beth, I met working at New Spectrum Real Estate.
Beth was an angel from above. She was fun and had a fabulous personality.
It truly is a major loss for all who knew her. She passed too young.
I had nicknamed her "Bethy Baby".
We lost an incredible human being this summer.
I hope Beth rests in Peace.
She fought to the very end, always positive.

Beth, we will always love your sweet gentle smile and the kindest person ever.


Howard S. Aaron xox

carol navin

7 agosto , 2021

I met Beth the 2nd year of my moving to New york from Virgina. We worked together at Henri Bendels shoe department, "Shoe Biz". " We were part of a friend group much like a sorority . The two of us would flit around the first floor every chance we got to shop and play in the other boutiques. They said we were like the mice from Beatrice Potter books. We loved our job selling and loved shopping even more. She kept in touch with all of the girls over the last 40 years. Never missed an opportunity to reconnect, by phone, text, or ,her now infamous post cards. I have learned so much about the human spirit through her life and now that she is gone. I cant put that in place. She was the most energetic, curious, open, positive person i have ever known. Beth, you are missed I don't know how this city will go on without you. You are all around us now. You are so Loved. xo Carol Navin

Cheryl Bailey

6 agosto , 2021

It has now been one week since we all gathered to honor Beth at Riverside Memorial. Such a beautiful ceremony. I know that Beth would have loved it...she would have loved the majestic Neo-French Rennaisance-style chapel because Beth loved beauty and history and design and was a Francophile at heart, having been born on Bastille Day!

Beth was my tennis partner and best friend for more than 25 years. When describing her to others, I would always say "Beth would give you the shirt off her back...and then some." She always amazed me. She had so much much joie de vivre! Everyday was an adventure to her. A routine journey on the crosstown bus or a cup of tea at her favorite coffee shop would inevitably result in Beth meeting someone fascinating...almost always, that stranger was actually connected to some person, place or thing in Beth's life. She would call and tell me about her journey and would be so excited and I will miss hearing her delightful stories SO much.

Beth loved so many things...the simple pleasures of life, which she embraced with such gusto! The New York Times (which she read every single day and it had to be the paper version!), The New Yorker Magazine, a really chewy bagel, a walk in Central Park, the skyline of our great City and all the nooks and crannies and side streets she knew like the back of her hand, cheap but delicious Chinese food at The Cottage, and fashion--from high-end stuff we would admire but couldn't afford, to the amazing bargains she would find at Housing Works.

Beth--with beautiful procelain skin like her mother's--shunned the sun. We'd be hitting tennis balls at 7 am, and she'd be slathered with sunscreen. I believe Beth did not need the sun, because everywhere she went SHE BROUGHT LIGHT! A brilliance that guided her on her adventures, and brought people to her like flies to a flame.

Beth, I will never forget your light. Thank you for being such an important part of my life. Love u always..

Ernest Londa

4 agosto , 2021

8-4-21: I am deeply saddened to learn of her passing….simply too young. I immediately was able to call forth memories of her from so long ago and distinctly remember her wide, bright smiles. And her kindness to me in conversations and passing throughout high school years. My deepest condolences and may she Rest In Peace and her memories live on in the hearts of her family and friends.

Melissa Rossow

4 agosto , 2021

Beth and Mitch at a performance of Sam Shepard's "HEARTLESS" in NYC September, 1st, 2012 at the Signature Theatre.

Melissa Rossow

4 agosto , 2021

I knew Beth for about 10 years, but it seems longer…
She was one of those timeless old souls who was a joy to be around. We met for about five years sporadically on special occasions - double dates in NYC with our other halves Mitch & Michael. We met for dinners and even took in a show.

However, even after we all no longer met, when her relationship changed, she was one to always keep in touch. Never a birthday, holiday, or season went by without a sweet note from Beth.

She had such a great sense of humor, and a refreshing yet eccentric & clever way about her - she was a delight and a gift to this world. I can’t begin to explain how sad I am that she left way too early taking a little light this world so needs to lift it’s spirits. You are Loved & will be missed dear Friend!

Melissa Rossow

4 agosto , 2021