3 diciembre , 194711 octubre , 2021

John BLOOMGARDEN, age 73, of New York, New York passed away on Monday, October 11, 2021. John was born December 3, 1947.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at for the BLOOMGARDEN family.


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peter waelsch

25 octubre , 2021

Riverdale vs. Hackley (or Horace Mann), 1964 or '65

Louise Hamagami

21 octubre , 2021

A short poem to our friend, John, with the deepest soul and the shyest smile:

Alba and John met in the eighties
A most beautiful couple they made.
He, quiet and gentle, she full of grace and fire.
Together they lived atop the beautiful Park and grew a beautiful garden,
But not before growing two magical beauties of human form, Gabriella and Nina, who carry on all the good stuff that matters. The depth of your love and your character lives in them. And when a little rabble-rouser pops up in them, or from them😘, we will all be thinking - there you are.
Journey well dearest John.
We love you
Louise, Marc, Luke and Hiro

Robert Ziegler

19 octubre , 2021

John was in the centre of a great group of friends and family that we've known for many, many years. From knowing Alba from the time she'd moved to New York City and met a very friendly and kind guy in her building, through the birth of all of our children, to the summer we spent together in Tanglewood, canoeing and listening to music; to our chats on the phone recently as John tried to get a publishing project off the ground; to the surprise meeting with Nina at London's South Bank Centre when she was studying in Cardiff; to Alba and John's visit to stay with us in our home in South London and our many trips to stay at their delightful and welcoming home high above Central Park West. These are just some of the wonderful memories that are now flooding back to Nicky and me. We're so grateful to have known such a kind and generous man - all our thoughts and love are sent to him and to the great circle of family and friends around him. John - we'll miss you!! xxxx

David Bloomgarden

17 octubre , 2021

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Recollections of John and Alba’s wedding In East Hampton when Jane and I had our three kids: Noah then 6, Zach 3 and Josh 3 months old.Lots of fond memories.When Gabyand Nina came along we used to love getting together then as a family. We shared family get togethers at Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur,Hanukah, and Passoveras well as birthdays; laterHanukah was usually celebrated at my mother’s and Simon’s apartment where Simon would take great joy in handing his grandchildren silver dollars.John was a kind and gentle person with great love, warmthand affection for Alba, Gaby and Nina..... and always the dogs.Gaby and Nina......John was a loving, kind father and I am sure you will miss himdearlybut he will always be in your hearts with his warmth, kindness and love for each of you.I too will miss John. He was a dear and deeply caring person. Much love to you all -David

David Bloomgarden

17 octubre , 2021

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October 11, 2021Heartfelt emotions on this day as I learned of John’s passing. So many thoughts and feelings that I have for too long buried within.I cannot redo what I did not do but I can share my belief that family matters. Maintaining and fostering a relationship is important.Much that I could’ve, should’ve,would’ve said to John. I had begun to share some of those feelings on the few occasions we got together during his decline.His death has caused me to reflect on much that we shared and some things that we struggledwith. Living together growing up as kids at 1185 Park and going to Dalton has caused me to reflect on many of those childhood experiences. Though Jewish and always celebrating Hanukah, John and I would go with Flo Flo to pick out a Christmas tree to placein our family roomin our apartment.Iwas always jealous of John because it seemed that he had a much easier time at school than I had. Somehow it seemed that he could always write a paper or memorize lines in a flash. I seemed always to be struggling.We shared a room growing up with a wonderful train set on a platformthat could be lowered into the middle of the room. Who would have the train controls was often an issue.I always enjoyed going with John and Kermit to sit in the empty theatre to watch a rehearsal or a run-thru of some of Kermit’s shows. One of my wonderful memories was going to watch the The Music Man in an out of town rehearsal in Philadelphia.I also recall sitting with John and our mother as Meredith Wilson and Rini played the score of Music Man for the first time to our family on an upright piano in our living room.

Naomi Kerest

17 octubre , 2021

John was a wonderful friend to my family no matter the time or place.We were grateful for his empathy and compassion and he never stopped loving. He was genuine and incredibly generous with feelings for those he cared about rarely expecting anything in return. I knew John when he and my brother were in high school and now so many years later, having created rich memories it is unbelievable that we can not make any more but rather must explore and treasure those from the past.I send love and hugs to Alba, Gaby and Nina and will always cherish and be thankful for our friendship.

Jeanina Quezada

17 octubre , 2021

My brother in law John passed away last Monday and left a hole in so many hearts that knew him. My sister Alba was and has been an inspiration to me for many years in her support of her husband. News of his illness stunned me and I watched as his daughters, Nina and Gabriela, as well as their mom, gravitate to him more and more in their care for him & their need to be close to him. He was truly fortunate for having such an incredibly loving family. That being said, I will always be indebted to John for his support and care of my daughter, Mikhaila, during her college years in NY. I was in California, distressed, when she was in need of medical care but John was always at her side each time: unquestioning and 100% focused on her needs. I know they were close because of that but they shared a special bond in literature, art, and cinema as well. For ALL that I am eternally grateful to him.
I think my favorite memory of him took place on Block Island, where he was truly happy, relaxed, and so de-stressed; I felt fortunate to bear witness to his zany side! It was interesting that I recalled the same exact memory with my daughter as we were talking of John the other day. I was in the family van with the girls, John, and his close friend Peter. We were driving from our house into town. We had to go through meadows of a private dirt road before we reached the main street and John left the van's side doors ajar so the girls would have the thrill of the open air. John and Peter were in the front seats joking as they were taking on their alter ego personas as "Dieter and Werner" bantering with each other in their crazy German accents. Gaby, Nina, Mikhaila, and I were insane with laughter listening to them as we bumped our way to the main road. Once there, the van doors closed but Werner and Dieter persevered in their Teutonic repartee all the way into town to the delight of everyone in the van. I will miss you John... Dieter/Werner... which ever one you were!

Patty Short (Waelsch)

17 octubre , 2021

I have known John since just before I married Peter in 1984 and one of John’s greatest moments and decisions for us was to marry Alba and have two beautiful girls, Gabby and Nina, so our families could build so many memories together. We spent close to 30 summers vacationing together on Block Island (yes, even before the girls were born! and well after our older kids had grown and we’re on their own), renting a house together, swimming, bicycling and cooking together. I particularly remember one summer evening when Alba cooked paella outside on the grill for all of us so we could enjoy a wonderful meal on the back porch of Coast Guard Road house on Block Island with our two families and invite Peter‘s nephew Kolo and Susannah and their two children Lena and Lewis. It was always about family, family, family with John and Alba. And as so many have reflected here on this page, it was John’s role as a parent -as a constant, loving, nurturing father to Gabby and Nina and a fun “uncle” to our two children Chris and Talia, that I most admired about him— along with that quiet presence and his appreciation of Peter‘s irreverent jokes. So many memories too numerous to go on about. But as my husband Peter has said “We will always be comforted by the knowledge that the three of you, Alba, Gabby and Nina, will continue to be part of our lives, strengthened by the spiritual presence of John.” Chris, Talia, Peter and I send all our love to Alba, Nina and Gabby and cannot wait to give you all some warm hugs.

Aura Vela

16 octubre , 2021

John was a person very appreciated by my parents, Güicho and Chita and they always commented on him as a very good and loving person. When they talked about John and Alba as a couple, they always said "Alba won the lottery with John" he is a great man with immense charisma and worm heart. But they also said, you can tell how much he loves her too.

Once they came to Guatemala to visit and my parents wanting to be as good as possible with Alba and John, they lent them their Chrysler station Wagon and during the drive through the interior of the republic, the station wagon broke down, they had good adventures to return. What my parents admired was John's calm demeanor and taking it as an adventure.

Now, God and this pair of Angels (Güicho & Chita) receive you with open arms and will
take care of you, so that Alba, Gaby and Nina, are calm because John is in very good company.

The Vela Gil Family will always hold John in their hearts as an excellent, honest, and loving Father, husband and friend !! May the eternal Light shine and illuminate your path and may you rest in Peace John Bloomgarden !! I always called you "Jardín Floreciente" and that always brought a smile to your face!

Debbie Dardon

16 octubre , 2021

Dad (Marco Dardón),

This is the picture from your house where John & Alba celebrated their Anniversary 😍😍

I can see that everyone has similar thoughts of John. Whether you lived near or far on opposite coasts and abroad, saw him a few or many times, John made a huge impact on so many people.

What a joy to read these tributes. I know these will warm my cousin Alba, Gaby and Nina’s hearts. ❤️❤️❤️ God bless you all!🙏😇

Debbie Dardón
San Diego, CA