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21 junio , 193713 abril , 2019

Meiklejohn, John on April 13, 2019.

He leaves behind Mara Kurtz, Alison and Richard Stewart, and their children Amanda and Gregory, Sasha and David Koren, and their daughter Oona,Kathleen and Paul Ushko and their children Joseph, Dawn, Heather and Maria. He will be missed by all.


  • Funeral Service

    domingo, 14 abril , 2019




Linda Kilcullen

10 junio , 2019

It was such a surprise, to see last night at the end of this year’s Tony Awards, the memorial salute to John Meiklejohn. I had the unique pleasure of working with him in the mid-90s on a PBS childrern’s game show called Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? He was the premiere cameraman sought by many. John was always quickly identifiable with his trademark fishing vest, his quick wit and fascinating storytelling. Staff and crew members alike would gravitate to him as he shared his thoughtfulness and kindness to others. Over the years, I would think of him often and be thankful for those little moments he had touched in my life. I am sorry to have missed his April service, but he is truly one of those magical people, who enter your life and will never be forgotten. My best to his family for a man whose life was well lived. The photo includes Kristine, John and myself at the 1995 wrap party of "Carmen".

Phyllis Bishop

9 junio , 2019

I knew him from NABET.

Jill Wynn

5 mayo , 2019

An absolutely delicious human being....
So loving & kind...always a smile on that cherub. Love to him, and his adoring family.

rich rosen

26 abril , 2019

After decades of losing touch with John, I popped out of nowhere to ask a favor for my 70th birthday, but more importantly, my daughter's 25th. Could he get us Colbert tickets. Of course he did and we had a ball.

I always looked to John as a mentor because he was so willing to teach me camera and let me play even without a union card. He even shot a spec pilot for me without pay. But what I'll miss most is hearing him say to me, directors and other crew members, "You got it babe." He was so smooth. There was nothing he couldn't do to perfection behind a camera. We exchanged emails about two weeks before his passing and for that I am grateful. See ya Johnny.

Jim (Jimbo) Pozzuoli

14 abril , 2019

John and I worked together many times years ago. He was camera and I was audio. We traveled all around the City on jobs together and had many good times. Even after we stopped working regularly we kept in touch every so often. I was just thinking about him two weeks ago but didn’t pick up my phone to call. I’m sorry about that. He was a GREAT guy and we had a lot of laughs together. I’ll always remember him! And I’m so very sorry for your loss.

jayne gottschalk

14 abril , 2019

I remember -- laughter -- loud and raucous whenever Uncle Johnny was around. I remember Sunday dinners with everyone talking at once and pool parties where Johnny had a hysterical one piece bathing suit and would do incredible dives to everyone's amazement. I remember love and kindness and that amazing voice. I will miss him so very much.

Meredith Bennett

14 abril , 2019

So many fond memories of working with JMJ for 10 years...

The world is less bright and less kind without you in it - may you roam forever in your favorite places and know that your many friends carry your gentle, warm soul with them.


Judy Willinger

13 abril , 2019

I knew John through the tv biz. We would always talk about our Labrador Retrievers and share photos of them. His yellow, mine chocolate. But somewhere in the conversation he would bring up Mara. I never had the pleasure of meeting her but he adored her. So sorry for your loss.