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Melinda DORSEY

11 junio , 195216 octubre , 2019

Melinda DORSEY nació el 11 junio , 1952 y falleció el 16 octubre , 2019.


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Melinda DORSEY


Maureen Dorsey Wilkum

3 noviembre , 2019

Lennie your memorial was amazing! I believe that you know the people that were affected by your advice and your love for them; but there were people that you may not of known that admired your determination and drive and that lives have been changed because of you. On behalf of everyone that attended; the family thanks you and we are sure Melinda does as well.

Maureen Dorsey Wilkum

2 noviembre , 2019

Lennie, your memorial is tomorrow continue to give me the strength that you have been giving me since our last time together on this earth. I trust that you will; just like you trusted me.. Thank you for changing my life and showing me my worth. I love you Lennie.

Lori Toleu

1 noviembre , 2019

Melinda you will always be remembered for the kindness, compassion, and love you extended to Scott, Maureen, myself and to my family during the time of our loss. I feel blessed to have known you.

Maureen Dorsey Wilkum

30 octubre , 2019

Lennie, Tomorrow I will be traveling to your memorial and I was just remembering what you said for me to always do,"stay focused and know my worth." Thank you for that, it will always be in my thoughts and actions. Love you.

Belinda Grajeda Dorsey

30 octubre , 2019

Our conversations with my mom, Kordell, & myself that we had within the last few months will forever be treasured. We appreciate you trusting our honest opinion on certain life circumstances. Until we meet again sister, those special memories of you will forever remain in our hearts.

Jasmine Henry

25 octubre , 2019

The thought of never hearing your voice again or laughing with you hurts my soul. Thank you for what you brought into my life and being one of my very best friends. You are forever loved and always missed.

Maureen Dorsey Wilkum

20 octubre , 2019

Melinda not only taught me about herself, but by doing that,she also taught me about myself. The lessons on life that I learned from her in the last months of her life, I will cherish until
the end of mine. I love you Lennie!
(Only brothers and sisters can call her that).