Mr. Colby Alan Knowles Wilson

3 mayo , 198425 enero , 2021

Amazing Son, Brother, Uncle, Friend

We expected to have Colby in our lives forever. We’ve lost an important piece of ourselves and the pain is indescribable. It makes absolutely no sense for life to end at such a young age.

We are so grateful to our friends and neighbours here and right across the country who have reached - offering condolences, and filling our home with beautiful flowers, delicious meals, and heartfelt sympathy cards.

We know that we will get to a point where we can smile and laugh again. But we will never get over losing our incredibly funny, kind, generous, smart, and loving son, brother, and uncle who adored his nieces and nephews. He was the best gift giver ever. He put so much thought into every present on every single occasion.

Colby graduated with a Theatre Major from the University of Victoria, one of the most comprehensive and immersive theatres in Canada. He went on to act on TV, in film, movies and live theatre. During the 2010 Olympics he showed his innate charisma in a Coors commercial which went viral around the world.

We will all carry Colby in our hearts for the rest of our lives. There will never be a day, hour, minute or second that we stop loving and thinking about him. For as long as we breathe, we will grieve and ache and love him for all he was and all that he could have been.

Sister Chelsea: “What matters most is not how Colby's end happened, or that it happened now. What matters is that he loved all of us, his family, and many friends, and that he lived long enough to know that we all loved him back.”

Sister Alana: “Colby was and is forever my protective big brother and our adoring Uncle Lala. He was the epitome of kindness and could make us laugh no matter what we were doing. His 36 years were a gift to this world, and I am forever grateful to have been shaped by his love. Colby was a witty intellectual and had a bursting passion for the Arts. He is forever irreplaceable. “If we wish to change the world, we must all learn to love each other.”

Long-time best friend Katie spoke on behalf of his many friends: “Colby was a force. His charm and brilliant sense of humour would leave you smiling for weeks. He was adventurous and creative in a way that reminded us all to be brave in our choices and fearless in our mistakes. He laughed easily and was always up for a challenge. His magnetic personality made whomever he was with feel special. Colby will be forever loved by his family, friends and his pride and joy, his beloved golden retriever Cypress”.

Our family asks that you remember the good times you had with Colby. Please go to (link) to share memories of him that made you smile, laugh out loud or shake your head.

If you would like to donate to the BCSPCA in his memory. You may also go to:


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Mr. Colby Alan Knowles Wilson


Jill Thomas

7 abril , 2021

My heart breaks for the Wilson family. I have so many great memories of Colby from high school. From travelling to Italy, to practicing lines and choreography for Anything Goes and the Music Man, to just the general shenanigans that we got into on the weekends. He always made me laugh. He was a great friend.

Mark Brown

21 marzo , 2021

Dear Wilson Family. My heart goes out to you. I just heard the news. You know I didn’t see Colby much since high school but of course we played football together and I’ve got a couple memories to share. The last time I saw Colby was several years ago. My wife and I bumped into him at the Pemberton music festival. Full of life with a big smile on my face he gave me a great big hug and we caught up quickly before descending into the party. 6 years ago and I think I can find that photo.

I recall vividly another childhood memory. I think it was Colby’s 6th birthday party. It was a sleepover birthday and Mrs Wilson let the birthday boy pick the movie. Colby picked terminator 2. Probably a little beyond our age but it was a fun night.

I also remember some afternoons at the winter club swimming pool and Colby encouraging me to jump off the high dive platform.

Funny what you remember after 30 years.

Another funny memory was in grade 9 football. Colby dropped out of French (to pursue Spanish as the alternative language requirement). But someone blurted it out at football practice after school and Al’s face went red with anger. It was priceless. Al beamed out “I will discuss this with Mr Wilson after practice”. For some reason we all ran extra laps that day.

Reflecting also made me appreciate just how much Coach Al gave back to us through all those years of football. Thanks coach, you really gave so much, I’m so sorry for your loss.

Rest well Colby.

Gail Mackay

20 marzo , 2021

Dear Robin and Alan,
This loss is a heartbreak for all of you, and we, in the larger community, have lost such a talented young man.
My love to you all,
Gail Mackay

Kate Dion-Richard

11 marzo , 2021

Colby and I were in the same acting class at UVic and I had the thrill of acting in several shows with him. We had a long and hilarious friendship and he was one of our beloved groomsmen for our wedding in 2015. When I moved home to Vancouver after a decade away, he introduced me to my (still current) agent, he was always willing to help me with self-tape auditions, and he was full of useful and supportive industry advice. My most treasured memories of Colby, however, are the quiet chats between us in some random corner of some random party. I will miss these check-ins, his heart and his hugs so so much.

In second year acting, he dubbed me is older sister, even though he was three months older than me, and he even changed his contact info on my phone some 8 years later to Colby (my little brother) Wilson. At some point in our history, we made a vow to each other: to play siblings in a movie with Tom Hanks as our father. Working on it, Colby xo

Kate (formally Andrea) Irwin

7 marzo , 2021

I am absolutely heartbroken to hear the news of Colby's passing.

Even though it's probably been over 20 years since I've seen Colby - he and the Wilson family played such a significant role in my younger life. They felt like family to me.

I used to babysit Colby when I was in 7th grade and he was in 4th. I remember how his friends used to giggle when I'd meet him after school when we'd walk home together...because he was almost double my size. We had the best time together, he always knew how to make me laugh.

It was so beautiful to witness this sweet soul become a young man in high school - when I knew him as a boy. He was filled with so much charisma, humour, lightness and love. I'm not surprised he went on to become an actor - and entertain the hearts of others.

I feel devastated knowing this beautiful soul was taken so young -and the unbearable pain his family & friends are facing. It feels so unfair.

To the Wilson Family - who I will always love so deeply, you are in my heart and prayers. Tears stream down my face as I write this tribute. I am so sorry for your tremendous, unbearable loss. May you find moments of comfort and peace knowing how Colby significantly impacted the lives & hearts of so many. He will always live on in my heart.

All my love,

Kate Irwin (formally known as Andrea)

Chris Cochrane

7 marzo , 2021

I don’t know how to do this. I’ve been friends with Colby for about the last decade. He was always kind to me. He had a way of making you feel lucky. If he liked you then you were worth something. Over the last three years my brother came to town for work a lot. Him and Colby connected over music and dancing. They texted each other at least once a month since and every time my brother came to Van, you better believe they went out and danced and laughed and forgot about their troubles. It was a very stressful time for him and I know how much Colby’s kindness helped him meant a lot to me.. I’ll always miss you Colby. I’m so sorry you’re gone.. So much love to your family and everyone else who loved you. Thanks for liking me and thanks for letting me know you. Bye for now.

Stefanie LeBlanc

2 marzo , 2021

I am so sorry to see this; we are all still young. I spent much of grade 12 with Colby and friends bombing around in the Cherokee and taxis. He used to joke that he might name a child ‘Oscar’ or even get a tattoo of an Oscar when he won it. I knew I saw him in that beer commercial and it was only confirmed just now reading about him here! What a great personality; many will miss him dearly.
Stefanie LeBlanc (Hinz)

Melanie Brown

1 marzo , 2021

If it weren’t for Colby, I never would’ve met the love of my life. And in true Colby fashion, he never let me forget it!

Colby and I went to theatre school at UVic - he was two years ahead of me, and while we were in school, I was always blown away (and a little intimidated) by his talent, energy, and larger-than-life presence.

Colby returned to Vancouver and continued his acting career. He was cast by my future husband, David, in a production of Zastrozzi. Colby and David became fast friends, and he encouraged David to audition for ITSAZOO shows. After graduation, when I moved to Vancouver and reunited with Colby and the ITSAZOO crew, David was firmly in tow. The three of us did a few shows together, where Colby encouraged (along with a lot of Colby-like teasing) the budding romance between David and I.

I have so many great memories of Colby; touring all over BC with Death of a Clown, the summer we spent in the park doing Robin Hood, our *iconic* winning turn on Cash Cab, and his beautiful speech at our wedding (where he rightly took all the matchmaking credit). He was funny, one-of-a-kind, incredibly charming. I’ll never forget his hugs, his voice, and his laugh. He was my friend, my cupid, and my shooting star. I’ll miss him forever.

Devon Taylor

1 marzo , 2021

I met Colby in first year university, we were 18 and were in the same acting class. Colby was an amazing actor... but sometimes he was a pain to act opposite!! He hated memorizing lines! One time we were on stage, Colby was playing a Dr and I was the patient. Colby was talking, feeling my head for lumps or something, when suddenly he squeezed my head tightly, too tightly. I knew this meant he had no clue what his next line was, so it was up to me to feed it to him! This happened often and became a “oh that’s just Colby”-ism!! I’ll miss his larger than life personality, his charisma and his hugs. Sending love to all of Colby’s friends and family. May we get to celebrate Colby once this pandemic is over.

Matt Reznek

27 febrero , 2021

I first met Colby during my first ITSAZOO show, Mojo, in 2012. I shared a dressing room with him and another actor, Chris. I can't remember how it started but backstage throughout the run we would essentially roleplay as a fake family with Colby and Chris acting as a married couple and me acting as their son. Ever since, Colby would address me as "my son" and sign every email/text with "love Dad". While it was an ongoing dumb inside joke that made no sense (like how could a guy six years older than me be my father), the love and care was very real. He was an incredibly caring and fiercely loyal person. He was someone who I could always go to for advice and get a brutally honest answer, often laced with the same mischievous enthusiasm that he brought to just about everything. I will miss him a lot. Sending love and thoughts to his family and friends.

(I was privileged to have him ask me to take portraits of him twice in his career, attaching one of my favourites here)