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Benoit Janvier Sr.

5 febrero , 19493 junio , 2021

Benoit Janvier Sr. was born February 5th, 1949, the 3rd child to Etilia Julot and Dieseul Janvier.

Benoit migrated from Jeremie, Haiti to New York, USA. With only an elementary grasp of English, he worked various jobs to earn a living. He drove a taxi at one point and later worked as a janitor at Coney Island hospital. He worked very hard to master the English language and saved most of his earnings for his family still in Haiti. He dutifully sent money “back home” and eventually, saved up enough to arrange travel for his mother, 3 brothers, and 3 sisters. He helped his entire family make a new start in America. While working a challenging schedule, he started taking college classes. He decided to become a nurse and soon graduated from the program. His coworkers were surprised to see him go from janitor to nurse in a few short years.

During his time in New York, he became father to Berdine Janvier-Miller, Adrien Janvier, and Steve Janvier.

Later, he moved to Baltimore Maryland and continued working as a nurse for the Johns Hopkins Healthcare System. He originally had planned to continue his education to become a medical doctor. But, his priorities in life were changing.

While working at the hospital, he met Primrose (Penny). As they courted, they also studied the Bible together. He was moved to dedicate his life to Jehovah and symbolized it with water baptism as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses on April 4, 1981.

They married July 18, 1981 and later gave birth to 3 children: Benoit Jr., and twins Jenelle and Jeanette.

While he ended his formal education by graduating as a Registered Nurse in 1983 from Coppin University, his spiritual training was far from over.

Benoit loved serving as a Christian Minister of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the White Marsh Congregation for some 40 years. He loved raising his family in the warmth of the loving congregation environment. He enjoyed studying the Bible with his family and participating in the public ministry with them.

Over the years, he was able to serve the congregation in different ways. In the early 1990s he served as a Ministerial Servant in the congregation, assisting it’s function in practical ways. Later, he was appointed to serve as an Elder in the congregation, taking the lead in teaching, counselling, and the ministry. For over 20 years and until his last breath, he served as the Coordinator of the Body of Elders. In that capacity he’s helped to encourage, motivate, and guide many to grow as spiritual people. He also enjoyed additional assignments such helping to oversee Circuit Events where thousands would gather for special spiritual programs.

Consistent with his nature to care for others, Benoit founded the National Association of Chemical Dependency Nurses (NACDN) in 2005, whose mission is to provide and maintain quality nursing care for individuals and families with Substance Use Disorders. They achieved this via education, training and research--promoting a superior level of knowledge in the field of Chemical Dependency Nursing. He was proud to serve as President for 16 years.

Benoit will be remembered for his ability to show calmness in a crisis, his reasonableness, his love, his kindness, and the way he loved to laugh. He loved his family and loved the congregation. Without a doubt, he will be remembered for the way that he took care of people.

He was the first from his family to come to the United States from Haiti and he took care to see that all his siblings and family came over and were able to succeed.

He took care of his wife and children, striving to care for their unique spiritual, emotional, and material needs.

He took care of the dear friends in the congregation, treating the younger men like sons and younger women like daughters. He served as a father figure to many many more than his 6 biological children.

He often encouraged others to Trust in the God of All Comfort, which was his favorite talk to give.

He freely shared sage, practical advice to anyone who was wise enough to listen:

“Take one day at a time”

“ Keep it simple”

“don’t be anxious”

“be thankful”

“expect nothing”

“appreciate everything”

He lived the words he preached. The ripple effects of his example, love, direction, and support, will stretch on into eternity.

Benoit is survived by his wife, Primrose; children, Berdine Janvier, Adrien Janvier, Steve Janvier and spouse Brenda Janvier, Benoit Janvier Jr. and spouse Megan Janvier, Jenelle Janvier, and Jeanette Janvier. Grandchildren Brea, Duran, Aaron, Eva, Angelina, Maya, and Sophie. Brother Jean Gerard “Na” Bonnet, Sister Viola Janvier, and Luce Bonnet- Augustin. Nieces Monique Gaston and Gabby Bonnet-Joseph, many more nieces and nephews, close cousins Abel Augustin and Prenel Anelas. And a host of other family and friends.


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Benoit Janvier Sr.


LaTia Rivers

12 junio , 2021

Brother Janvier will always be remembered by my family as my spiritual dad. When Brian and I first started at White Marsh Congregation, the Janvier’s were one the first to take us in. I remember my dad coming to visit us at the hall after giving a talk and he turned to Brother Janvier saying “ I am not worried about my daughter being here because I know she is in good hands” as he shook Brother Janvier’s hand. His calm and welcoming spirit will be missed. At every meeting he would say “How are you doing, my daughter?” Can’t wait until he is awakened to hear him say it again.

John Moore

12 junio , 2021

Was disheartened to read of your Father's passing in the Baltimore Sun papers. Although I did not know him personally I appreciate the work ethic and dedication to professional excellence he passed to his children. I share the experience of losing parents and though the passage of time will soften the blow it only reminds us to cherish each day with loved ones. Condolences to you and your family.

Emeka and Ebere Okoronkwo

12 junio , 2021

Brother Benoit Janvier was a dear father to us. We will really miss him . He shared so many nuggets of wisdom with us and always reminded us in so many ways of the need to be humble, stay calm, and most importantly rely on Jehovah. We never saw him angry or fazed by anything. We’re really looking forward to the time when he will rise again.

Jeff and Terry Eason

12 junio , 2021

Penny, we were so saddend to hear of Ben's passing. While we have not had the privilege of spending time with you all through the passing of all these many years, know that you have always remained a cherished part of happy memories. We reflect on your past, when you started working at Hopkins and met Ben and the dating and marriage and all the good that followed. What we rejoice in the most though is the manner in which you as a family stayed close to the God of our salvation, Jehovah. Continue to do that my dear sister and how we look forward to that grand reunion when Ben returns and we will rejoice with you and and for you.
With all our love Penny,
Jeff and Terry Eason

Elizabeth Crovo

12 junio , 2021

I remember Ben as my supervisor in our office, The Chemical Dependency Unit at Hopkins Bayview. Ben worked very hard to establish the flow of admissions for the unit, maintained a good working rapport with all the disciplines in the hospital and the patients and helped to remedy situations as they arose. I know how important his family was to him and how proud he was of his children and loved his wife. I also know his faith as a Witness kept him sound and gave him inner strength to carry on. I know his presence will be missed by so very many. I learned many things from this man and grateful to have worked with him.

Naomi Smith

12 junio , 2021

I was in John Hopkins hospital and I was very sick. I was also so depressed and didn't want to go on. I remember Brother Janvier coming and encouraging me often. And I was able to find my connection to Jehovah again. I will always remember the kindness he showed as an elder and a friend.

Joya White

12 junio , 2021

Janvier Family,
My deepest sympathies go out to your family. You have suffered great loss. I remember Bro. Janvier Sr coming to visit Benny and Megan in Statesboro one year, and he really lit up the room with his amazing stories and laughter. He will be missed. But Jehovah will give you peace right now, and restore our brother to us in paradise! Hold on "just a little while longer".

Jose Briscoe

12 junio , 2021

To the Janvier Family,

My family and I share warmest memories of our Brother Janvier and extend our condolences to all the members of the family. We experienced the love he had for people when we first came to the congregation and joined his field service group. He always was encouraging to be around. Always was positive! I pondered one day, “how could he (or anyone) ALWAYS be like that?” It was because of his deep spirituality and his relationship with Jehovah. By faith, even in dark days, we can have and maintain our joy. Brother Janvier was living proof of that. Safe in Jehovah’s memory. We look forward to seeing him again in the paradise.

Daniel Patton, Jr.

12 junio , 2021

It's so hard to know where to start. So many great memories racing thru my mind. When you think of Ben words that come to mind are humble, God-fearing, loving, caring and rock solid. To me he was the wisest person I ever knew. Perhaps it was his humble beginning that gave him perspective on life and the truth about Jehovah that helped him convey it. We had things in common. I learned a lot from Ben. I remember one time in particular after the WT study Ben asked me to come to the back of the Hall to talk. After giving me a little assignment he put his hand on my shoulder and said, "There is one more thing I want you to do for me - do something today for fun." At first I thought, "Is it that obvious?" but he knew. It struck me as odd but from then on I observed him more closely and noticed that he really knew the pulse of the congregation. He could always tell what the friends needed. Truly a beautiful elder and a wonderful human being. Ben was a feel-good person. You just needed to be near him and you felt good too. Always positive, always upbuilding. The entire family is that way. What a blessing to know them all! My heart is heavy. He will be missed until we meet again. Ben was my friend, my brother, a dear elder. Truly a gift in men. Love, Daniel

Deborah Scott

11 junio , 2021

My, My, My, where do I begin? There isn't enough space on a piece of paper front or back to bear the expression of the many ways Bro Ben influenced my life. He touched the lives of so many people, members, and nonmembers of the congregation. He loved people, he loved assisting and encouraging them to develop a strong relationship with Jehovah. Why? Because he yearned for them to cherish life, for them to experience the ”peace of God”, and he wanted them to know that they could ”always rejoice” regardless of the difficult moments. He hoped for them to understand what it means to follow in Jesus's footsteps closely. Why? Because that's the way our beloved Brother lived, until the last breath of his life.

Brother Ben was smooth, mellow, calm, and collected. A breath of fresh air when he enjoyed his comical remark more than we did. Yes, we're going to miss those joyous times. My mother often mentioned as she chuckled about the way Brother Janvier ”tipped” down the aisle onto the platform. As I think about it, I have never seen Bro Ben walk briskly. Have you? I'll have to ask him about that when we're together again.

My beloved family, unfortunately, we all have felt the sting of death, we have all lost a loved one, but it doesn't soften the blow. I am so sorry for your loss. Cherish the memories, never let go, continue strengthening one another because soon ”we'll be welcoming our loved ones, and we can't believe our eyes, yes this earthly Paradise is just around the corner.” I love you